Guide to Understand Brand Merchandise for Business – Tips and Benefits

Guide to Understand Brand Merchandise for Business – Tips and Benefits

In today’s every evolving and highly competitive world, businesses can no longer rely on conventional marketing techniques and revenue streams to grow and sustain at the same time. The new decade brings a lot of challenges for businesses along with it and the businesses have finally started to realize the need of taking steps on a bigger level. While branded merchandise is an industry burgeoning at full-steam already, many businesses are considering the idea of tapping into this industry now.

Businesses that focus on smart marketing techniques will hardly defy the importance of branded merchandise as a whole new marketing channel featuring unique strategies for business growth and success. There are many reasons as to why the branded merchandise has attained such a prominent position in the marketing world including the fact that it increases your reach to your audience by using branded merch items as a marketing channel. The simple addition of a logo on your merchandise goes a long way to create turbulence in your relevant industry by developing loyal client base and fetching new leads.

So, if you are considering branded merchandise as your next go-to option for business marketing, here is everything you need to know.

Branded Merch is Gaining Popularity

Did you know that in the U.S the sales of promotional products boosted and hit a high of $24.7 billion in 2018? Such a huge figure is an evidence that Branded Merchandise is not some volatile marketing tactic, instead it is here to stay and serve businesses smartly. The businesses are putting more and more faith to use this strategy to drive more customers to their platform, build a good reputation and generate more direct sales.

Best Time to Invest in Branded Merchandising

Since the branded merchandise is gaining more popularity by day and night, it is the right time for businesses to take interest in it. Although branded merchandising is a great way to support your small business, you need to know how exactly it is beneficial for you before you get started.

Moreover, the artists and graphic designers can use he branded merchandising services to make money by selling their art.

Let’s learn more about the benefits of branded merchandise for businesses, shall we?

What Is Branded Merchandise? All You Need to Know

Merchandise is an old term which is used to describe any item that is created and displayed with an intension of selling it. Branded merchandise is a refined and marketing-specific version of conventional merchandise as it is targeted to establish a business identity by printing logos, company-slogans and messages on different merchandise items.

The marketers and entrepreneurs linked to branded merchandise tend to choose best quality materials and items for the category of their choice, display an authentic company logo and print a company slogan optionally on the branded merchandise items. Mostly, the daily use items are used for branded merchandising as these items cross the eye of the end customer almost every day.

Thus, marketers conduct a thorough research and fish out daily use items such as drinkware, clothing, accessories, home items etc. for brand merchandising needs. Branded merchandising which is intended for brand promotion is also done in the form of gifts, discount hampers and giveaways.

Keep in mind that the products which can be used for branded merchandising purposes do not need to belong to the main company goal. In fact, the more creative you can get while staying relevant with your brand is a good way to get brand merchandising up and running for your business.

Attract People towards your Business

Out of the many big and small marketing tactics used by marketers, the branded merchandise stays a heart-favorite option to immediately grab the audience’s attention and drive them towards the brand. You can easily label merchandise branding as a surefire method of luring customers into a company’s business. Once a customer buys a branded item that has a company logo, message, slogan or artistic illustration imprinted on it, the customer will automatically tend to become curious and learn more about your company’s business.

Promote Company’s Products and Services

Another function of the branded merchandise is that it promotes a company’s services and products for which the efforts are intended for. Thus, you can label branded merchandising as a promotional product which is given away by businesses for free or in exchange of small sums of money to raise brand awareness and promote the services/products in the customers.

What Are the Different Types of Merchandise?

Are you planning to sell branded merchandise items with your designs on them? Before you head straight into the designing and selling aspect, let us tell you that there are different types of branded merchandise and you can choose your items from a wide range of categories. Just like every other marketing strategy, the branded merchandising also needs preliminary market research. If you fail to research and understand the market trends, there are high chance that your branded merchandise plans will go down the drain and you will have to start everything from scratch. Conduct market research and analyze your plans to get the most profit.

Here are some of the common and popular types of branded merchandise used by designers and artists:

Household Merchandise

Household merchandise comprises upon costly items like home electronics, applications and other utility items such as furniture, electric equipment, smartphones etc. Customers of this category like to do extensive market research to find the right item with the right price. Keep in mind that the customers of this category have a limited budget and the prices of home merchandise items are often very high for customers. Thus, you can introduce competitive pricing and quality items to enjoy an edge over your household merchandise competitors.

Convenience Merchandise

Items such as food, snacks, cosmetic products, hygienic products that are designed to add comfort and convenience to the live of buyers fall under the category of convenience merchandise. These are common items and customers can easily buy the convenience merchandise items from anywhere. The convenience merchandise has a low price so the customers will focus more on the quality and aesthetics of the items rather than the price tag.

Impulse Merchandise

Have you ever received a completely magazine or sweets on your way out from the shopping mall after a hefty shopping spree? If yes, those complementary items are the impulse merchandise presented by businesses to promote their products/services. Impulse merchandise is also termed as luxury merchandise as it targets the audience that can usually afford a huge shopping spree. Businesses can offer complementary addons as you proceed to check out to promote their platform in the buyers.

Specialized Merchandise

Specialized merchandise is the most expensive of all types of branded merchandise. The specialized merchandise targets a specific, expensive niche and only a few buyers are able to avail it due to the non-affordability of branded merchandise items. This type mostly includes expensive holiday tours and cars.

What Are the Winning Brand Merchandise Ideas?

When it comes to choosing an idea for launching a new banded merchandise, you need creative and unique ideas. However, many business owners fail to identify the idea on their own and seek help from other resources to find and launch a winning idea for branded merchandise. Here are some of the popular product ideas which you can use to launch a killer brand merchandise:


From kids and adults to teenagers and grandparents, the hoodies are loved by all. Families and partners love to order custom designed hoodies that represent their love for each other. For solo buyers, hoodies are a great option as this type of brand merchandise item keeps the customers warm, comfy and cozy. You can go with casual styled plain hoodies, sports styled sleeveless hoodies, themed hoodies and much more to your customers.


T-shirts have created a position of a causal dress item as well as the office apparel. Your businesses’ branded t-shirts merchandise shall feature your company’s logos, a message or a slogan to promote your business among potential buyers. You can hire an artist to provide custom designed t-shirts to the customers of your online brand merchandise store.

Shirts And Sweatshirts

May it be long sleeve, short sleeve or no sleeve, the shirts and sweatshirts are loved by all. You can choose this product for your brand merchandise in the blink of an eye. Make sure that you launch season based brand merchandise items rather than making the mistake of selling sleeveless shirts and sweatshirts on chilly days.

Tote Bags

Tote Bags never go out of style. With the banishment of plastic shopping bags and related items, many people have purchased the tote bags to be their go-to equipment before they leave the house. The tote bags are a great idea for brand merchandise as they target a wide yet specific range of audience and offers better chances of highly specific brand promotions and marketing.

Home & Living Products

Home and living products are a very popular product category and you can choose it with complete confidence to go with your brand merchandise. The home and living products include everyday items of use such as bean bags, beach bowls, shawls, aprons, rugs, mats, custom mugs, bathroom utilities, pillowcases and much more! The list of these products is just endless and you can choose all of them to add diversity to your brand merchandise store.


Who doesn’t love pretty accessories? Some men and all women love to wear accessories. Remember that accessories are not limited to jewelry items as you can opt for other product options like napkins, hats, phone cases, bags, folders, gloves and much more for your brand merchandise.

Corporate Items

If you want to build strong business relationships with your partners or send your regard to your competitors, the corporate items category is a great idea to launch your brand merchandise with. You can choose pen holders, stationary cases, desktop items, files, file holders, clips and much more to send your regard to partners, customers and competitors alike.

Why Shall You Consider Branded Merchandise for Your Business?

Today, branded merchandise has extended its roots everywhere. From business industries to the everyday life of a normal consumer, branded merchandise is rampant in every walk of life as a promotional product or an emotional gift. Branded merchandises help in promoting your brand’s logo to the consumers and other target audience as long as the customer takes the branded merchandise product with himself.

Here are some Key Benefits of Using Branded Merchandise for Your Business:

Powerful Business Introduction

Ever business needs a strong introduction to create a strong impression on the minds of its audience. Today’s industry giants were once small startups who followed their values and introductory points to reach to the zenith of success ultimately. A brand merchandise serves as a strong mean of business introduction. Just how a business card works to introduce your business to any foreign party, the brand merchandise items with your company logo and slogan printed on them introduces your brand to a wide scope of audience. Giving away freebies from your brand merchandise is a great way to let thousands of people know about your business for the first time and create more brand awareness among the masses.

Improved Brand Recognition

Brand merchandise serves as a consistent and small reminder of your business in the lives of recipients who use your merch items on almost daily basis. Here, the trick to ensure maximum brand recognition is to add daily use and easily accessible items in your brand merchandise. Since the recipients will see your brand’s logo and slogan every time they use the item given away by you, they will develop a recognition for your brand which ultimately leads to brand trust and customer loyalty.

Connect with Audience Emotionally

Establishing an emotional connection with audience is a tough nut to crack for many brands that spring up every day. What will set you apart in the eyes of your customers in a highly competitive world is the development of emotional connections with your audience. When people continue to look at your brand’s logo or slogan on almost daily basis through your brand merchandise items like pens, cup, t-shirts etc, they tend to develop an emotional connection with your company. Your audience will remember your gifts fondly and this will help you into turning one time customers into lifelong clients of your company.

Create a Reserve of Loyal Customers

Loyal customers are hard to find and harder to keep these days. However, marketers can use brand merchandise and other promotional products based strategy to gain customers’ loyalty for a long time to come. Many surveys have confirmed the fact that customers who receive free gifts from brand merchandise of companies are 5 times more likely to return and shop from the same company that gave them a freebie last time. Brand merchandise marketing helps you earn new local customers as well help you in earning brand loyalty effectively than any other marketing tactic.

However, the important thing to keep in mind in this regard is to giveaway high quality items or offer good discounts on good quality items so that your customer can be pleased upon receiving the freebie.

Boost Audience Engagement

You may be wondering why shall you adopt brand merchandise as a marketing tactic when you can use more convenient digital marketing channels? Let us break the myth for you: Tangibility of brand merchandise items make all the difference. As compared to the non-tangible marketing resources and force-fed content, a nice and warm brand merchandise gift is way more effective to score more clients and boost the audience engagement in no time.

One of the most awesome benefits of brand merchandise is that the recipient holding the items will use all of his 5 senses to memorize your brand directly or indirectly – this is something that most of the remote marketing techniques lack. The brand merchandise items stay in the vicinity of recipient whether he is online or not, unlike the digital ads.

Minimal Advertisement Costs

brand merchandise is one of the most affordable ways for businesses to collect marketing businesses in a restricted budget. Businesses only need some brand merchandise items and a professional logo/graphic designer to set up your brand merchandise. Worried about inventory management and deliveries? Let us break its solution for down for you. You can sign up as brand merchandise seller on different host websites that offer you a wide pool of audience, inventory management as well as operational assistance for a small sum of money. Pretty easy, isn’t it?

Promised Business Exposure

People forget what they see on ads but they never forget what they can see and feel through brand merchandise gifts. Brand merchandise is a surefire way to boost your business exposure in the target audience as compared to any other marketing or advertisement form. Online ads, digital advertisements and TV ads are volatile and their trends shift rapidly. However, when you gift a brand merchandise t-shirt to your customer, he/she will wear it for months to come and remember your brand no matter what.

Find New Customers

Did you know that small businesses spend up to 5 times more cost to acquire a new customer instead of the money they fork out to retain an existing true? As baffling as this may seem, finding and acquiring new customers is neither easy nor affordable for small businesses. However, the good news is that branded merchandise can solve this problem for small businesses.

The branded merchandise will create an instant emotional connection with the target audience by using company-specific motivational slogans and professional logos. Thus, people will tend to trust your brand from the beginning and start buying your main products/services without any additional costs.

Feature a Range of Products

The possibilities of launching a brand merchandise and impressing a wide range of audience are endless. One of the best things about brand merchandise is that it offers you the flexibility to choose from a wide range of product categories and add diversity to your branded merch. Traditionally, items like mugs, USBs, pens, and bags have ruled the world of brand merchandise. However, the scene has now dramatically changed and the brands are determined to use innovative products to target the audience beyond the conferences and exhibitions.

Although the choice of the brand merchandise products depends upon the nature of your business, you can always offer promotional prices on existing brand products/services. If you want to feature a more diverse range of products, you can go with women’s apparel that further has many sub categories such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, pants, pajamas, tees and much more!

In other words, it is proven that the choice of products plays a huge role in the success of a brand merchandise. With the right type of products by your side, you can immediately tap into the interests of the audience as well as develop emotional connections with them.


Wrapping Up

Branded Merchandise is a great way to promote your company simply by printing your company’s logo on a wide range of marketable items. So far, the apparels are gaining more popularity as a product of choice for branded merchandising. You can easily find artists and designers willing to sell their art to help you in launching a successful branded merchandise in a matter of days. Remember that only professional logos and designs can help you in building a strong brand reputation through branded merchandising otherwise, it is just a waste of everything. We hope that this article was god enough to clear your concerns.

Start marketing your business today!

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