Walmart Logo History

Walmart Logo History

The capitalistic world we are living in has made us look at brands from the viewpoint of their fame and availability. The more we come across a brand, the more we are buying from it. The same goes with one of the world’s biggest chains of stores and marts, Walmart. A name that we can trust even with our eyes closed, it seems unreal how we never thought about Walmart’s initiation back in times and how it must have grown and evolved.

The man who laid the foundation of this store wanted to name the brand on his name, Sam Walton. However, having a very practical approach to things, he realized how such a long name for his brand would cost him a lot in terms of billboard size. This is when the brand was named Walmart and it was decided that it would provide people with literally anything they want at reduced costs – an idea that made this brand one of the most successful store chains later.

Walmart Logo Evolution

Today, we all associate a simplistic blue and yellow logo with Walmart. Thanks to the brand’s fame, it is almost impossible not to be reminded of the store whenever we come across this logo and vice versa. But do you know that this logo has not always been this way?

Obviously, the owner was once a broke man like us and he shortened the brand’s name to reduce the billboard costs. This means that the old Walmart logo must have been something else. Truth be told, there is a pretty lengthy history of the Walmart logo that must be known by all those looking forward to creating exceptional logos.

Let us quickly sum up this Walmart logo evolution here below:

The First-Ever Walmart logo (1962 – 1964)

Being broke, the owner kept the very first logo as simple as it could be. It is important to know that, back then, the company’s name was written with a dash between the two parts of its name and was thus Wal-Mart rather than being Walmart.

The logo was very simple back then. It had simple blue letters on a basic white background. Since the logo was to be featured mostly in magazines and newspapers, there was not any specific font for it. The printing press would write the brand’s name down in whatever font they deemed appropriate. The slogan that the brand started with stated “Always low prices”. This set the actual purpose behind the establishment of Walmart – something that these stores are still trying to maintain. It is also relevant to see that where the logo had to be designed outside the store’s building itself; there was a simple combination of white letters on a red-bricked wall. Thus, it can be claimed that the very first logo was rather just the company’s name itself, drawn out in several fonts and colors on numerous backgrounds, and still made itself to the list of some of the best logos of its time.

Source: 99Desings

The Second Walmart logo (1964 – 1981)

Even when the first-ever logo survived only for two years, the second official logo has a special place in the history of Walmart logo particularly because it survived for 2 full decades. This time, the brand decided to stick with a specific font, and thus the name Wal-Mart was written in the frontier font. The brand’s name was all in capital letters, usually written in black over white background.

The Third Walmart logo ( 1968 – 1981)

This has to be the most elaborate Walmart logo ever. For the first time, the brand went with a specified circular background with a small rectangular block representing the brand’s name while the surrounding portion of the logo represented the brand’s mission of selling discounted stuff with satisfaction guaranteed. This logo was printed on the staff’s uniform and was printed in magazines etc. but during all this time the actual logo displayed outside the stores remained the one described above.

Source: Works design group

The Fourth Walmart logo (1981 – 1992)

Here comes a touch up of the brand’s second logo. This time the frontier font has been bid a farewell and the black color, for long the only color in this logo, has been replaced with a beautiful maroon-red. The hyphen between the Wal and Mart is still intact.

The Fifth Walmart logo (1992 – 2008)

This logo dropped the hyphen and instead used a star symbol to represent the two parts of the word being separate. Another of the brand’s logos that stayed for a longer period, this Walmart logo was a famous one and corresponded the time of the brand reaching the heights of success. We can still see this logo in some stores since the brand has deliberately tried keeping it intact in some American regions.

The current logo (2008 – present)

Although this one was conceived back in the 1990s, it was only after 2008 that Walmart’s most significant shift in the logo was recognized officially. Compared to the previous logos, the current logo represents a whole new vibe. It is smart, digitally-suited, and colorfully fresh. The hyphen or any other such space between the two parts of the brand’s name has been ended in entirety and there is instead a spark sign at the end of the brand’s name. The font is colored blue and a mustard-looking-yellow shade of the spark corresponds with the font’s color really well.

If you look at the Walmart logo for its meaning, you would see how the brand has kept it very simple in terms of its design and meaning both. The logo’s spark sign has 6 ends, thus representing the 6 principles for the brand managers and operators. Since the target audience is very wide, going for a simple logo is a commendable choice for Walmart especially considering how hard it would have been to represent all sections of the brand’s target audience in the logo.

For anyone looking forward to making a good logo, Walmart’s logo can be an inspiration to look up to.

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