Useful T Shirt Marketing Tips

Useful T Shirt Marketing Tips

Establishing a tee shirt business is a great way to earn some extra bucks part-time even if you cannot afford to run such a business full time. Many students and even some office workers have now established part time side businesses of various kinds and tee shirt businesses are among the most common choices for such individuals.

The reasons behind people preferring such a business are quite obvious. People love wearing tees and this is that one piece of attire that is never meant at going out of fashion. Also, tee shirts businesses are quite easy to handle and once you get a hold of the working mechanism and are good at marketing your t-shirt business, you rarely have to put in too much effort to get this business running. The fact that there are a lot of tee shirt designing brands and startups and almost all of these are working well is another reason behind investing your hard earned money in such a venture.

Marketing your New T shirt business

Usually, setting up a tee shirt business does not require you to spend a lot of time. No doubts about this process being a little too complex but all you need is the right kind of information and support and you will surely succeed in setting up such a business in a few weeks. There are a lot of online templates that you can use to take inspiration for your tee designs and setting up an online store and social media pages is not a very hard task too.

However, one thing that usually quite bothers everyone is the marketing process for their new tee shirt business. There is a huge competition in the market and with so many tee shirt brand producers all over the social media, getting your new tee shirt business noticed is quite a hard task. Usually, every new tee shirt business’s owner is seen asking questions about how to promote the t -shirt printing business in a way that it gets noticed and can receive customers on a regular basis.

To be honest, there is no single strategy that can ensure the best marketing and branding for your tee shirt business. Depending upon the scale of your business and the amounts that you can afford to invest in it, your marketing plan can vary from that of other such businesses greatly. However, there are always some unsaid rules, regulations, and some tricks that work well for every tee shirt business’s branding and marketing no matter whether small scaled or a big one. This article deals with all such unsaid tricks on how to promote the t-shirt printing business.

Make sure to follow these T shirt marketing tips the right way so that you can make the best out of your tee shirt’s business just by marketing it the right way.

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Wait, how is the information on making a logo even a relevant thing to add in a section with tips on marketing your t-shirt business? This is what you must be thinking here, right? But the answer to this question is that it is indeed very, very relevant to your business’s success. Even when you might not feel like choosing a good logo is very useful or can impact your marketing plans in any direct way, the importance of a good logo for any business’s marketing can never be underestimated or ignored at all.

Actually, your logo is your way to be recognized by the people you are targeting for your business’s promotion. Unless it is good and attractive enough to be seen, you cannot really expect yourself to be seen by those you are aiming your marketing plans to attract. Once your logo gets recognized by more than enough people, only then your marketing campaigns would be noticed. Otherwise, people can simply ignore all your marketing tools and plans, disregarding them as just another marketing tactic. This is why you need to first invest all your resources and energies in getting a great logo made that is catchy and cool enough to be noticed by people and can then become the main source of your fame and successful marketing.

I cannot really tell you anything about the exact kind of logo that would suit your business the most. However, I can give you some guidelines on what makes a great logo. Some of these include:

  • Making sure that your logo reflects originality and creativity is not a mere edit of another competitor’s work
  • Choosing catchy colors and decent fonts in your logo to make it look interesting and grab attention of the viewers
  • Making sure that the logo, if in some way possible, reflects the purpose and mission of your brand
  • Going for something unique (but not too unconventional) to make your logo look different and a representative of your business’s aesthetics

Once you take the pains of getting a great logo made, you are almost all set to get on with marketing your tee shirt business and can expect almost all your rightly done marketing-related actions to succeed.


Every business always has a particular set of target consumer groups that they want to sell their products to. It is rare for any business, especially the one that sells attire and clothing related items, to be covering people of all genders, nationalities, interests, and age groups at one time. This means that your business would definitely have a particular group of people in mind that all your marketing campaigns would be ultimately targeted towards.

However, many new and small businesses usually fail to acknowledge their target audience and rather carry out a generic marketing campaign that, even when very well-planned and well-carried out, fails at attracting the maximum number of people from that particular targeted group.

This means that knowing your target audience and defining its boundaries very well is the first thing to do when chalking out some marketing related plan. There can be instances when you are not really sure about people who are interested in your products the most. It can be moms, college students, sports enthusiasts, elderly people, and many others but you are not really sure about who they are because you do not keep a record of who buys from you and what age groups visit your online store the most.

If that is your case then there is no need to worry at all. You can get a idea of your target audience by looking at who and what kind of people are buying the most from a competitor who is in the same business as you. You can also check your own products and can decide on your own about who would be most interested in buying them. This way, you can easily design a marketing campaign that would attract that particular group the most.

You can do a bit of research on brands that are targeting that specific group and can even browse the web to find out their successful marketing strategies. There is never any harm in adopting such strategies and applying them to your business in whatever way you feel is the best and can attract more and more people.



While social media pages and other such platforms are always a great way to stay in touch with your potential buyers and get your business famous, there is nothing that now competes with the value of having your personal and active blog.

As they say ‘content is king’, blog can be a vital tool in marketing your business & being able to generate organic traffic from search engines. You can write engaging posts on how to style your tees the right way and the ways in which a single tee by you can be used in a number of ways to make fashion statements. Giving a comparison of your tees with those worn by celebrities on various occasions or making a list of your 5 tee shirts that people can wear on 5 days of the week is also a great way to attract many people towards your brand and its products and can manipulate them into buying a lot from you.

Having a blog shows a sense of passion and dedication that you have towards your blog and can help people feel relaxed and less conscious when spending money on your products for the first time. Your blog space can also act as a medium that aids communication between you and your buyers, thus clearing up their confusions and acting as a great source for you to create an impression on your clients.

Source: Wall Street


Great marketing just does not happen all of a sudden, rather you need to make so many efforts to reach up to a point where even the most useless or random most posts made by you are noticed and appreciated by people. However, before you can reach such a level of perfection, you first need to establish your content’s credibility and that can only happen if you put in a lot of effort at making your blog and all other such content posting platforms engaging and attractive.

You have to check the kind of people who visit your blog the most and then you need to post content that engages them the most. You can also make some great posts that can benefit them so that they do not feel like your content is all about praising your business and its products or services.

You have to strategist your content and its engagement level along with the schedule you follow to post your content as well as the ways in which your each post varies with the one before and after it. This might seem like an easy thing to do but is quite a hard pass in real and practical sense. You will have to manage a lot of stuff and will have to work too much in finding the right kind of stuff to post on your accounts and blog. This is not everyone’s cup of tea and you might not be adept at doing it. If that is the case, you can simply hire a content creator or a blogger to help you with posting engaging content and marketing your products the right way.


How many times have you refrained from buying a product because you thought it is a little out of your budget and you can wait for it to be available on some sale? I am sure many times. Sales and discounted offers are usually a business’s gateway to success. People love investing in your products when they are on sale and come with some amazing offer no matter how big or small. These discounts and sales are a great way to get people to invest in your services and products. Looking at these sales and their promotions, even those who have never visited your pages and websites before would be forced to take a look and might end up checking out with a few great offers that you have made.

Make sure that the discounted sale you are offering is on some festive seasons when more people are looking for tees and attires. This way, your chances of making a lot of profit are automatically doubled and you are likely to make more out of your offers than you initially planned.

Some offers that you can give to attract people include:

  • 20%, 30% or up to 70% discounts on selective products
  • A particular discount percentage on entire stock
  • End of season sale
  • Buy one get one free
  • Buy two get one free
  • Buy a bundle of five tees in the price of two
  • Buy 1 and get 50% discount in the price of others

You can also roll out some voucher codes and special lucky draws for your customers so that they come back over and over again and are forced to invest in your business’s products the most.

Source: Small Business co



There is no harm in aiming for international fame and to plan your business to reach out the international or across the border buyers. Rather, such a way of thinking is quite worth appreciation because it means that you are willing to dedicate yourself towards your business and can put in all the effort required. However, there is no famed business that made it to foreign markets in a day or without first working in their local markets to establish themselves.

Take any example of multinational businesses and look at their working and marketing strategies and how they differ depending upon the region they are operating in. This trick is almost similar to the one that talked about understanding your target audience. However, I needed to stress on this one separately because I have seen so many good and fully functional businesses failing drastically at achieving success out of their marketing campaigns just because they were not applying the strategies that were in line with their local markets.

You cannot expect to copy and paste the same marketing plan in every region of the world and expect it to work best for you. Rather, you have to first survey the area where you are trying to market your stuff and get it sold. Then you have to see the likes, the dislikes, the beliefs, and social norms of the community where you aim to sell your stuff. You might also want to see the kind of marketing strategies being applied in the same market by your competitors and how they are successful or not.

Lastly, you have to see if you can culturally and socially go exactly in line with the norms of a particular society when marketing your tees in that society’s markets or not. If the answer is no, then you have to design another marketing plan to make sure that you are liked by your potential buyers enough for them to consider investing in your stuff. In many cases, people do not take care of the local ethics and beliefs in their marketing campaigns and as a result they are disliked and sometimes even kicked out of their markets rather than being a best seller over there. Always remember that your marketing campaign’s aim is to get people interested into buying your products and not to get boycotted/banned from their community.

To conclude, all I can say is that marketing is the most important, in fact the only important step of your business that actually determines the amount of success that your business would be achieving in a given time. Therefore, make sure that your marketing campaigns are best and are interactive enough to get people into buying your tees and prefer them over those made by others even in a market where such tee shirt suppliers are found in extreme abundance.

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