Trust-Worthy Alternatives Sites Like RedBubble To Start Your Print-On-Demand Business (2021)

Trust-Worthy Alternatives Sites Like RedBubble To Start Your Print-On-Demand Business (2021)

RedBubble is currently one of the world’s most famous sites that provide great earning opportunities for independent designers. If you think of yourself as capable enough of making great designs and artwork but don’t have the platform to sell your masterpieces, you must have at least once thought of using RedBubble for this purpose.

While this platform is currently on the world’s most trusted sites to start your business, there are so many artists using this one that newcomers have rather no chance of success. No matter how good you think you are at your work, you still need to build some audience to be better able to earn out of your online stores.

However, unfortunately, there are so many people on RedBubble now that it gets really hard to make yourself a name as a great designer in this immensely competitive market. These were just straight facts that we wanted you to know about this otherwise excellent platform.

However, you should not let these truth-bombs affect the inner artist-cum-businessman in you. Don’t worry about being a newbie because we know other platforms to ensure your success.

Given below are some other tried and tested sites like RedBubble where you can unleash your inner designer and can earn great respect and fame as well as some side-income from. Let us not waste any more time then.

Café Press



We love the very name of this platform (We don’t know why though).

Established back in 1999, this platform has now a great range of shoppers with unique taste and a nerve for aesthetics and uniqueness. Whether your target customer is a group of teen school-going girls, new fashion-freak moms, or technology freaks, you can get all of them here.

If your designs and art are all about attention to detailing, uniqueness, and a warmness of colors, then this platform could be a great place for you to start your print-on-demand business. Café Press, as its name might have suggested, has more to do with the custom items that are entertainment-based and somehow have the incorporation of technology in them.

The platform itself is almost at the same level of user’s ease as RedBubble. If you are a fan of cooler tones and lighter pastels, you are going to love using this platform.


Source: Zazzle


Another fun and artistic name for a selling platform, no?

Zazzle was created for designers and artists who have an aura of creativity, traveling with them all the time. The best part about this one is that your clients can come up to you with their ideas and imagination that you can convert into something artistic and beautiful.

From laptop skins to mugs and purses to mobile covers, this platform has room (and a range of buyers, of course) for everything. Started in 2005, Zazzle has been letting people’s custom dreams come true since then and has been going stronger each day.

If you think of yourself as an artist who can work on the given guidelines and can come up with a design that the buyers would love, then you should create an account here right away.

Tee Spring


Source: pinterest


If you are one of those introverted designers who don’t like interacting with clients and fulfilling their changing and confusing demands all the time and yet want to make some money, then this is a platform made for you.

Tee Spring’s makers probably knew how designers and artists don’t prefer people asking them to change their designs of work on their guidelines (or probably, they just copied RedBubble with their way). This could be the reason they came up with a platform like this where an artist works inactively and still earns well.

All you have to do is to create your artwork and upload it there with some price tag. People will come and buy it for different purposes and it’s then Tee Spring’s duty to print and send that design to the customer in their desired form.

If we look at it another way, this platform also lets designers act as buyers. You might have a terrific design in your mind for a phone cover that you want to use but don’t know where to get it printed from. In this case, you just need to upload your design to this platform with the price and the people running this one will send it to you in the highest quality prints within a few days.

Sound great, No?


Source: pinterest

The name of the platform says all about it. Printful actually has a huge warehouse (or warehouses, maybe) and this explains why they are always full on all sorts of prints.

Don’t you worry if you have terrific t-shirt designs and want the world to wear those but can’t find a place to put your printed shirts’ stock at? You just have to create an account on Printful, upload your designs with options on what kind of prints can be taken out from that design, and your task is done.

Now, the Printful party will show it to the potential customers and would pay you with each product sold with your designed art on it. The best part about using this platform is that there is no limit to what you can get made out of your prints.

Cover your cute designs into tees or simply go for mugs and mobile covers. Design something that can look great as a laptop skin or something that people would love to have on their jackets and Printful will bring it to reality.

One great thing about this site is its shipping process and quality. Once a customer places an order, he or she gets great products in the finest quality with minimal shipping and a fast delivery exactly where he or she wants.

This not only improves the site’s reputation and credibility but also benefits designers like you who get their customer’s coming back to them over and over again.


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