Trending T-Shirt Designs

Trending T-Shirt Designs

We’ve gathered some trending t-shirt designs that we think we be around for awhile.  Check it out and let us know your thoughts or if we missed something that you think should be on this list!

We want our peers to realize that we have no compromising attitude when it comes to fashion. Hence, we all keep an eye on what is the latest trend in the market. Among all the fashion trends, the trend of wearing t-shirts with cool designs or bold or witty statements is evergreen. The designs, messages, humour may change with time but nothing can replace t-shirts. We are eagerly waiting for a time when wearable tech will be commonplace and we can change the design or message on our single t-shirt as many times as we want. One message for the people we can’t stand and altogether different messages for the girl or guy we are trying to woo. But even incorrigibly optimistic among us know that this future is still far away. While we wait for this future our roving eyes will not stop looking out for the latest trends in the market. We don’t want to miss out on anything.

For the very folks like the above, let us bring a collection of design trends in t-shirts that you need to watch out for.


1. Bold Statements

Credit: teepublic

If you can’t say it to somebody’s face, wear it 😉 T-shirt with bold or sarcastic statements like “ I can explain it to you but I can’t understand it for you” or “I am too tired for this shit” will surely help you to say things out loud. This approach is more suitable when you are supporting a cause, political campaign, or social movement.


2. Animal inspired t-shirts

Credit: spreadshirt

Are you a cat person or a dog person? No matter what person you are Animal print t-shirt will never go out of style. With so many animal lovers and social media influencers, animal print t-shirts gain a huge share in the market.


3. Bizarre Imagery printed t-shirt

Credit: skullobsessed

Imagination has no bounds and so do the t-shirts designs. For the dark-minded or people with unique choices among you, you can find the t-shirt design trends that will blow your mind.


4. Rainbow design t-shirt

Credit: redbubble

Who doesn’t like a rainbow? Needless to say, there are seven colors in the rainbow, and each color has its own significance.

V – The highest color of spirituality

I – Infinity

B – Divinity, peace, understanding

G – Growth, fertility, balance, wealth

Y – Wisdom, clarity in the thought process

O – Creativity and playfulness

R – Energy, enthusiasm

No matter what the occasion is, a rainbow theme t-shirt is always cool to wear. When you are not sure whether a bold or a bizarre design would be appropriate to wear or you are visiting conservative old folks who criticize anything out of the ordinary, this design is probably the safest to wear among all.


5. Birds inspired t-shirt designs

Credit: spreadshirt

The reason birds can fly and we can’t is simply because they have perfect faith, for to have faith is to have wings. Bird design t-shirts are for the aspirations and faith in you.

Check out this fascination bird t-shirt.


6. Pirate t-shirt design

Credit: Spreadshirt

If adventure is in your blood, Pirate themed t-shirt is sure for you. Pirate themed t-shirts have a range of pirate skulls, mythical sea creatures, rope details, and octopuses printed on them.


7. Pocket Print Design

Credit: teepublic

Those cute little creatures coming out of your t-shirt pocket is a new trend you must look out for. You might have seen these designs with brand logos and funny characters too in the promotional events.


8. Retro theme T-shirt

Credit: amazon

Regarded as one of the most significant cultural icons of the 20th century, he is often referred to as the “King of Rock and Roll”. We are talking about none other than Elvis Presley. Shake a leg with an Elvis theme t-shirt.


9. Motivational Words


Many designs will come and go but motivational quotes on tees will never be out of style. You may not be a poet in real life but you can spread the poetry all around. Of course we are not talking about literary poems here, what we mean is that oftentimes we find the statements on these t-shirts nothing less than poetry. Many times these statements on t-shirts reveal the real issues of the day.


10. Landscapes in T-shirt Designs

Credit: spreadshirt

Mountains, beaches, sky and birds, all these in one tee. The landscape t-shirt design will take you wherever you want to go. The coolest trend to look out for. Did you love all those stunning locales in the Game of Thrones? Why don’t you get some of them printed on your daily wear t-shirts. Believe us people will stop you and talk to you about the Game of Thrones at every chance they get.


11. Back Prints

Credit: zazzle

A new design trend for 2020 is back printed t-shirts. Nothing in the front and some twist or surprise on the back or sometimes the half design in the front and a half on the back. This is no doubt the most unique trend of them all.


12. Geometric Designs

Credit: redbubble

Geometry might not be your favorite subject to study but geometric designs can be. These designs have limitless possibilities to tweak and perfect for screen printing on shirts in 2020. They also look slick and sophisticated. A welcome change if you are tired of all the goofiness around you.


13. Tiny Text

Credit: redbubble

Size does matter after all! But here the size is not big, it’s too tiny to read from a distance and big enough to make someone curious to read. From the large and bold to the teeny tiny text. The opposite end of the design spectrum in 2020 for t-shirt design trends is small-text, even barely-there text.


14. Off-Register Prints

Credit: Designforscreen

If no one looks at you twice, this T-shirt design might give them a reason. These off register words on tee will make anyone curious to read what’s going on on your tees. Inspired by the 60’s Pop art these designs are fun in 2020.


15. Heartbeats on a tee

Credit: Amazon

These designs have popped up years ago but still popular with some twist added to them. This t-shirt design illustrates the heartbeat with a “yo” hand symbol in the middle.


16. All over print design

Credit: Indiamart

Colorful and spectacular bold designs printed all over the tee are popular  in 2020.

Choose your favorite animal or a picturesque scene and pull off the tee with a pair of jeans. Highly unusual designs but stunning if you can carry them off. So do some trials and see people’s responses before committing a big wardrobe space for them.


17. Image + text design

Credit: spreadshirt

Often tee designs are an image or a text but these new cool tees have both. A trend you can sure look out for.


18. Social Distancing t-shirt design


When we say 2020, it’s hard not to mention social distancing. Since the coronavirus outbreak we all are following it. Now you can also wear a t-shirt that will speak right from your heart and also double up as an useful reminder to all those who simply can’t follow the safety precautions.


19. Coronavirus t-shirt design

Credit: amazon

One more design inspired from the virus. Before the coronavirus outbreak, we all knew corona as a beer, this t-shirt design is playing with words and images. A new trend in 2020.


20. Coffee T-shirt design

Credit: teepublic

Are you caffeinated? If coffee is what keeps you going, this design is for you. Will never go out of style and a trend forever because we all need more coffee, right?


21. Upside down t-shirt design

Credit: Zazzle

Want to look at the world from a different angle? This tee will surely make people look at you from a different angle. It might be difficult for people to read, but you can read it, so who cares.  This upside down text or image design trend is fresh in 2020.

This list is endless and believe us we can still keep going but now we are more eager to see your reaction to the above before we put up a new list. Hope you enjoyed having a look at the latest t-shirt trends. If you have come across some new exciting trends this year, do share with us.

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