Top Music Streaming Platforms That Everyone Loves

Top Music Streaming Platforms That Everyone Loves

Who does not love listening to music? I mean, that is what we all do after a tiring day at work or school or when we just want to vibe all alone.

If you are a 90s kid, you would probably know all the struggles that came in one’s way of listening to their favorite melody. From buying DVDs of songs to relying on downloaders on our PCs, we have seen it all.

Next came the era of Bluetooth that let us all share out favorite songs with friends and family on the go. Then there were a few platforms that needed access to a strong internet so that we could listen to a melody in one go.

Before we go on, let us admit that these were the best of times in so many ways. Struggling to be able to access a song and then listening to it on repeat had a charm of its own. Probably we did not realize it back then, but now we surely do.

Well, things are meant to change and become better. At least we guess so. And, hence, the music world also changed. Those with an avid love for music came up with easier ways for others to be able to listen to their favorite songs. These lovers of music were quiet skillful with technology too and hence, they came up with some platforms where everyone has access to music all they want.

This article introduces you to all such music streaming platforms that are quite in vogue these days. You can either use these to the best of your service as a listener or can use it to upload your music creations for the world to hear them too.

With an immense number that these music streaming platforms come in, you might find it hard to stick to one of these. Well, that is the case with almost everyone. Many of us have around 3 to 4 music streaming platforms in their phones at a time.

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If you cannot relate to this or have not really used a music streaming platform till date, no offense but are you really doing this life thing right? You need to get yourself warmed with some of the best music streaming platforms right away no matter what.

Let us do the honors of making you aware of these cool apps and tools that everyone is using for music streaming in the modern-day world here below:

1.      Spotify

Let us start with the real OG of music, that is, Spotify.

Spotify can be regarded as the most well-known and efficient music streaming platform. It would not be wrong to call it the app of the decade because of how it has revolutionized the music world in just a few years.

The fact that makes Spotify the best is that it is compatible with windows, Android, IOS, and blackberry. 320 Kbps streaming quality of this music platform along with 20 million different choices make Spotify worth trying.

The features including audio normalization, sort and filter, podcasts, view lyrics, autoplay, Spotify radio, and shuffle play, make this platform loved by music lovers. In case you want to have an enhanced and better music listening experience, you must try Spotify.

The platform provides you with free music streaming services, but some features are available for some fee.

2.      Apple Music

Apple has been a dominant name in technology. With music streaming services becoming more and more of a necessity, it is no surprise Apple Music is one of the most used music streaming services out there.

With a clean and easy to use interface, Apple again proves why they are as successful as they are. Apple Music contains one of the biggest music libraries with over 60 million songs and counting. One main feature of this platform is that make exclusive deals with artist like Drake and Taylor Swift for early content release. Another great feature is on screen karaoke style lyrics. When you’re jamming out to one of your favorite songs, it’s nice to have the lyrics to sing along too, or even if you forget the lyrics, it’s okay because you got them right there.

Unfortunately, Apple Music is not free, and can only be used if you pay for the subscription. Although you do have to pay, Apple Music offers a 3-month free trial period opposed to other platforms that only offer 1-month. Within that time, you may just fall in love with this service. Individual plans start at $9.99 a month and $14.99 for a family plan. Find more info on their app and website.

3.      Tidal

To regard Tidal as the most popular music streaming platform would not be wrong at all. Tidal gives tough competition to all the music platforms and apps on the list. The unlimited features offered by this music streaming platform make it worth trying.

The high-definition sound, streaming at 1141 Kbps, and ultra-high resolution audio quality are among some things that make Tidal the best. This platform provides limited features and charges a fee for the additional features.

4.      Soundcloud

With the ability to allow users to share their music or songs with the world, the sound cloud is among the amazing music streaming apps. The search feature of the sound cloud is really convenient and user-friendly.

The platform also provides you suggestions of music based on what you have liked or already played; it also keeps you updated with the upcoming tracks on Soundcloud. With the features to provide the users with the most played songs or music of the week sound cloud enhances the listening experience and is loved by all. The basic version of Soundcloud is free, but the premium one costs some money.


5.      Grooveshark

With more than 35 Million users, Grooveshark is one of the best music platforms of all time. The free version of Grooveshark comes with ads, so you can buy the premium one that comes with unlimited and advanced features. You can search for the music from the options available and can upload your own music as well.

Another amazing feature of this platform is that it enables the users to keep an eye on the friend’s music list.  The music streaming feature and recommendation features of the music platforms make Grooveshark the best and efficient.

6.      iHeartRadio

The next on the list of the best music platforms is the iHeartRadio. This platform enables you to listen to your favorite podcasts, songs, music, and artists for free.  With the help of this platform, you can listen to unlimited songs, save songs from the radio to playlist, and listen to songs while being offline.

Another very amazing feature of this platform is its huge music options, you can listen to your favorite music from the list of more than 18 million songs, 4,500 artists, and 1,500 radio stations. Users can customize their music listening experience easily with the help of this platform.

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7.      Deezer

Deezer was found in 2006, and to date, people love this platform. The unlimited music streaming offered by Deezer make it one of the most loved music platforms of all time. This platform has 30 Million options to listen to and is compatible with all windows, IOS, Android, and blackberry.

The cross-device listening, creating playlists, free music listening experience, recommendations made upon your choice, high-quality audio, offline listening, and many other such features make this platform one of the best platforms for music. This platform too is for free and for some money.

8.      Pandora

Pandora too is a very famous music streaming platform.  With its amazing features, this platform had made a room in the hearts of people all over the world. Over 100 Million music options are available on this platform, so you can choose the favorite music according to your choice and can listen to it anytime. With the streaming quality of 192 kbps, you can have a relaxing music session.

The free Pandora account is just amazing, it includes more than 100 radio stations and limited skips. To save yourself from the trouble of limited skips, you can buy the Pandora plus for $4.99 per month.

9.      LAST.FM

With a wide range of tracks, music, albums, songs, and artists, this platform is admired by all music lovers. Even if this platform is quite old, still the amazing features provided by this platform help it to stand among the list of the best music platforms.

Users can access this platform on their android device, IOS, Linux, Windows, and web. LAST.FM keeps an eye on the music played by the users and recommends them music according to the choice of the users. This platform is available for free with some additional features available for some fee.

10. XBOX Music

XBOX music is a product from Microsoft, which provides you with 30 Million tracks. The artist-based radio stations offered by this platform are just amazing.

The music streaming, XBOX music store, playlists, radio, music match, music deals, and many other amazing features provided by this platform makes it amazing.

11. Slacker Radio

Last but not the least music platform on the list of music streaming services or platforms is Slacker Radio. With over 13 billion tracks, it enables users to listen to their favorite music. The streaming quality of 128 Kbps enhances the music listening experience.

Offline music listening experience, fun stations, crisp audio, and informative DJs offered by this platform further add efficiency to its performance. Slacker Radio is free with ads and provides an add-free version along with some other additional features for some amount.


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