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Top Breast Cancer Shirt Ideas To Adopt In 2021

Out of many other fatal diseases in the world, breast cancer continues affecting millions of women around d the globe every year. The disease itself is hard but the pain and emotional trauma that a sufferer goes through it is harder.

At times, things seem to be going out of hand for even the bravest of women. If you are one of those brave breast cancer fighters or have successfully defeated this devilish disease with a fierce attitude towards life, accept a bow from our side.

If you are in the process of defeating this disease, we know you will soon win this battle and will come out bravest than that you are right now. And for those brave family members of these brave ladies, how can we forget you?

You have either seen your queens fighting in front of your eyes or are still waiting to see them ace it at a healthy life soon. The process of surviving with your loved one battling this disease is hard. At times, you might have felt like giving up and simply looking for a corner to cry. We feel your pain and want to assure you that it is soon going to pass with many better days to come.

But, let us all not forget those bravest of hearts that lost their fight against breast cancer. If you are someone who lost a mother, sister, wife, daughter, friend, or any other loved one to this deadly disease, we are sorry for your loss. We know that you have been through a lot and your loved one still stays alive in your heart and your thoughts.

Our condolences to you and prayers for your recovery from such a huge loss. As much as we want, we cannot heal you regardless of which of the above breast cancer-affected category you fit it. But, we have something to add a lighter touch to this dark and hard side of your life.

What’s that you ask? Read on and you will surely love it when you would know.

Flaunt Your Bravery With A Breast Cancer Tee

Regardless of which of the above categories you belong to, you are a hero and a warrior. Your scars need to be flaunted like none other and what is better than your casual and chic clothing doing that flaunting job for you.

After all, you have been through a lot in the hands of breast cancer, now it’s time to muster up all the courage and look back at the disease with the passion of a fighter. And, as you beat the pains coming with this cancerous devil, your dress should not be anything but perfect.

Don’t go back even if you have been lucky enough to not have this deadly disease catch you. You must still find a means to honor those who have been fighting it. In such a case, too, your attire can do this job in the best way.

Most of us wear tees on most occasions and, if we get a little smart with our tees’ designs, they can say a lot of what we otherwise cannot. The same goes for facing breast cancer. Regardless of whether you have been affected by this disease or not, you can still wear breast cancer-inspired tees on most occasions for a number of reasons.

Don’t feel like wearing something with a disease this grim associated with it? Don’t worry, here are  some solid reasons explaining why you should go with such a fashion choice:

  1. Breast cancer survivors and fighters often want someone to listen to them and acknowledge the pain they are going through without showering them with unnecessary apologies and sympathies. Wearing these shirts such people can own their pain with a smile, not giving anyone a chance to make them feel like a disease can take away their sparkle and happiness from life.
  2. Some breast cancer survivors are too shy to talk about their disease. This explains why in most communities, the information about this ailment is close to non-existence. Anyone wearing breast cancer-themed tees regardless of their association with the disease is actually doing a lot to bring about attention to this otherwise mostly ignored disease and its existence at such high rates. This not only promotes academic research on the disease indirectly but also boosts the confidence of many ignored patients who want an assuring voice to reach out to them in a light-hearted way.
  3. Wearing the breast cancer-inspired designed tees as a family member or friend of a breast cancer fighter or survivor can be reassuring to them. Its shows that you acknowledge their struggles towards healing and are with them in such a dark time of their life. Now is there anything better than that? Definitely no.

By now, you must be convinced to wear or at least own a breast cancer tee shirt to some event. Now, the problem is to find a design idea that is neither too grim nor too extra. Chances are you would want to stay subtle in showing your support to those victimized by this disease. Even, being a fighter yourself, you would want a tee design that is not too loud.

Well, guess what? We found some perfect breast cancer shirt ideas that fulfill all these subtility and decency criteria. Below we show you these designs, pick the one you like and get some prints of it on a base color of your choice, and you are good to wear it with some friends or family members or any event you seem is perfect.

So, without further ado, let us get into these cool designs right away:


Source: ETSY


Remember the famous Mean Girls catchphrase about wearing pink on Wednesdays. Well, it is quite old now so it’s time we bring out our own version of the phrase. Speaking in terms of breast cancer, what is better than wearing a ribboned pink something in October?

October is celebrated as the breast cancer awareness month almost all around the globe. In this month, you will see subtle baby pink-colored hues brightening up places with peculiar folded ribbons that many women are flaunting on their clothes too.

If you are one such aware woman and want to bring about more awareness about this deadly disease, then October is the perfect time of the year to do it. And, when you go about such a noble cause, let this tee of yours speak volumes while you just stay silent.

A perfect combo or girly and classy, this tee flaunts arms and printing in the prettiest shade of pink with a pure white base that just makes everything even more elaborate.

A cute round pumpkin over the tee makes for the perfect day-time wear mood and a ribbon designed with a cool caption makes this shirt able enough to give the message without compromising on your style sense.

In October, we wear pink and so should you!


Source: ETSY


Oh, this one says it all. What is better for a breast cancer fighter other than support? What is better for a breast cancer survivor other than admiration? And, above everything else, what is better than honoring the one who was taken away from us while fighting this disease? The answer to all these questions is, ‘Nothing’!

Thankfully, this simple and classic tee shirt takes up all the responsibility of telling the world the answers to all these questions in what seems like the most subtle of ways. The shirt comes in a specific shade of pink that goes perfectly with the fight against breast cancer.

We are in love with the minimal design that, in no way, looks dull from anywhere. The decent dark brown and white-colored printing is nothing but worth all the attention and the rounded simple neck with short sleeves set the perfect mood for summers and springs.

Also, noticed the funky font of the writing that takes away all the grimness from this tee. If you have been looking for something to wear at an event related to breast cancer awareness, then stop everything else you are doing and get your hands on this one right now.


Source: Pinterest

As a family member of a breast cancer fighter, you must be going through a lot yourself. Despite that, you got to be there with your loved ones and assure them of your support. If that is the case, nothing better than this tee can handle it ever.

A cool and chic charcoal grey base with some pinks and whites over it, this shirt reassures your fighter loved ones that they don’t have to fight with this disease alone. You were, are, and will always be with them no matter what.

We particularly loved how the breast-cancer symbolic ribbon bow is made of nothing but small hearts in this tee, assuring of your love to the fighter.

Now, if this isn’t the best way to assure someone of your support for them, then what is?



Source: Amazon

Here comes another tee idea assuring the brave fighters of your support and love for them. No one fights breast cancer alone and there is no reason your loved one should do that. Wear this tee on your next hospital visit to them and tell them how you are always thinking of them and would never leave them alone.


Source: ETSY

Sometimes, it is better not to use words and rather show your support in subtle ways. This tee with a beautiful pink base and a white feather-like ribbon over it is perfect for times like those.

It looks cute and chic and has a lot of message in it too.

Come Up With A Breast Cancer Shirt Design Yourself

There is no doubt about the above designs being perfect in many senses. They are cool, different, chic, and look great. Yet, you might want to come up with a design of your own. As much as such a thought is great, you might find beginning with the design process way too tricky. Here is an attempt from our side to help you out in such a cause towards bringing about awareness.

Given below are some elements that you should try including in your breast cancer shirt design. You don’t have to pick all of these, just go for one or two and start designing the tee with the generic shirt designing guide in mind.

     1. Pink Color

You may not like wearing the specific hue or light pink that most breast cancer awareness-related campaigns and attires so proudly own. There is nothing to feel bad about your choice. You can simply darken the shade to make it look like what you would be comfortable wearing. Similarly, you can tone down the shade of pink or can add just a bit of it to a shirt otherwise colored in some other way. Either way, the choice of color is all yours and you should not let anyone question you for it even once.

     2. Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon

Now, this is a bit of an essential for any breast cancer-related attire. You may design the peculiar ribbon fold on your shirt’s digitally designed part or simply take a ribbon and attach it to your attire or the arm or down the shoulder. The choice, here again, is only yours.

     3. White Color

This is another peculiar element in most breast cancer-inspired tees. White symbolizes peace and healing and looks nothing but pure and soothing. Probably, you can try adding it to your tee even if you don’t like it and it will surely bring out the entire look of your attire.

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