Top Birthday T-Shirts Designs

Top Birthday T-Shirts Designs

Birthday T-Shirts That Will Make Everyone Smile

Whether you like it or not your birthday will come every year. It’s fun to wait for a birthday when you are young but it’s not so fun to celebrate it as you grow old. But it’s a roller coaster ride and you must enjoy it.

Some birthdays are milestones to achieve like when you turn 16 and get your driver’s license, but some are just to remind you that you are getting old like your 30th birthday when you can only say “Why God why”.

Birthday is not just a date, it’s a sentiment and we can only wish “may your Facebook wall be filled with messages from people you never talk to.”

We curated some best tees on Birthdays which are fun to wear no matter in which mood you are.

1. Birthday Legends T-Shirt

(Credit: Birthday Tee by Amazon)

We don’t know when the legends are born but this design with self-praise is very popular. Available for every month born this tee can be worn every year on the birthday.

2. Age like a fine wine birthday shirt

(Credit: Birthday Tee by Pinterest)

For some people, age is just a number. They are like Tom cruise who is just getting hotter every year. This tee is for those forever young people.

3. Happy at 30 birthday shirt

(Credit: Birthday Tee by funnyshirts)

Well not everyone is sad about being 30. When you are sexy enough to pull off this tee who cares what age you are.

4. Sweet Sixteen birthday shirt

(Credit: Birthday Tee by Amazon)

How can you keep calm when you reach the beautiful age. You have a driver’s exam to clear, a prom to rock and a boyfriend to dump. This pink tee is for the sweet sixteen girls who just can’t keep calm.

5. Drunk N’ 21 Birthday Shirt

(Credit: Birthday Tee by Funnyshirts)

Your happy hours start now. You are now allowed to experience your first beer. So if you are happy and you know it wear this tee.

6. For the 90’s Kid Original 19xx Shirt

(Credit: Birthday Tee by Funnyshirts)

When you see Gen Y is doing all kinds of stupid things and you are proud to born in the 90s this tee is for you.

7. Forever 29 Birthday Shirt

(Credit: Birthday Tee by Funnyshirts)

No body wants to turn 30 and staying forever 29 is not an option. But you can always wear what your heart wants. If your “things to do before 30” list is still not finished wear this and start feeling like 29 forever.

8. 30th Birthday Shirt

(Credit: Birthday Tee by Funnyshirts)

No matter how you feel about it, 30 is a milestone that deserves to be observed in a truly remarkable way!  But if you wanna cry out loud for being 30 this tee will speak straight from your heart.

9. 50th Birthday Tee: Cheers to the Big 5 ‘O’

(Credit: Birthday Tee by Funnyshirts)

No matter you are feeling young at heart but you gotta admit you are now counting years to the retirement. With one foot just out of the forties, and the other foot not quite over the hill a 50th birthday can have mixed feelings. Gift this tee to annoy your 50-year-old friend.

10. 60 years Birthday Shirt

(Credit: Birthday Tee by Funnyshirts)

You survived till 60th? Kudos! Completing 6 decads is special why not show it off with this cool tee. It can also be good gift for your dad on his 60th Birthday.

11. Funny Birthday T-Shirt

(Credit: Birthday Tee by Funnyshirts)

A good friend will help you move but a best friend will help you move a dead body 😉 Friendship comes in different flavors and only a friend can dare you to gift this tee on your birthday.

12. 40th Birthday Tee

(Credit: Birthday Tee by Funnyshirts)

Who wants to look old but there is no way you can stop it. You know email is also 40 years old and people still like email. But if you are about to enter into your 5th decade of like this tee is for you.

13. 70th Birthday Tee Shirt

(Credit: Birthday Tee by Funnyshirts)

Reached 70? Even God seems to be trolling you.

14. 94th Birthday Shirt

(Credit: Birthday Tee by Cafepress)

Bravo! If you are healthy enough to have a cake on your 94th Birthday you are awesome. Get this for your Grandfather to celebrate the 94 years of awesomeness.

15. Leap year Tee

(Credit: Birthday Tee by Cafepress)

The special privilege of always remaining a fourth of the years younger than the average human being! Unfortunately, that’s not how we count years but yes lucky for those who don’t like celebrating birthdays and 29th Feb has something special in it, why not flaunt it with this tee?

16. Officially a Teenager T-Shirt

(Credit: Birthday Tee by Cafepress)

A headache to parents but high on life, thirteen surely is a milestone. Teenage are both an amazing and hard time. You’ll have the best friendships and the worst heartbreaks, a new crush every day and you are a confused teenage rebel.

You are only young once, but you can stay immature indefinitely 😉

Happy birthday to the child in you!

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