Top 10 Anime Girl T Shirt Designs

Top 10 Anime Girl T Shirt Designs

I don’t think that anything in this world has enjoyed such a long-lasting and widespread fame as Japanese anime. With hundreds of series and thousands of characters associated with this particular fictional world, the fandom and craze for anime has reached the heights of craziness. People, irrespective of their age, gender, nationality, and languages, go crazy over anime.

Many have the posters of their favorite anime heroes posted in their rooms while others like collecting everything that is inspired by their favorite anime series. Among all this, one thing that has gained particular attention from people is Anime inspired clothing. Be it a hoodie or a tee, there is 100% chances of it going out of stock if it has some sort of anime element in it.

If you are a crazy fangirl of anime and want to show it to the world, then there is nothing better than investing in an elegant anime girl t shirt. Here are some design ideas for such tees that you would surely love.


Truth to be told, I have always loved tee shirts that have fuller prints over them (partially because I can easily spill food on them without having to wash them right away). Being a die hard anime fangirl, coming across this flowery tee was no less than a blessing. When I saw it for the first time, I knew I was in love and was so sure that I would be suggesting it to everyone out there. A perfect palette of all the lightest tones and pastels with some rose petals and a cute anime girl’s face on the front is all that makes this shirt the best one out of all the anime girl clothes that have ever been designed.

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Thank god for this article or I would never have been able to scream out-loud as to how much I love this tee. Technically, I am not screaming out loud, but I know you got what I meant. Anyway, please excuse my habit of consistently talking about myself and look at this shirt that looks like it has been designed in the land of magic. Undoubtedly the most creative anime girl wearing t shirt, this tee has a huge real-life anime doll printed over it. The beautiful combination of colors and style is sure to make this tee the most notable item in your closet.


Source: Teepublic


One of the world’s most famous anime manga series Senpai, or what is commonly known as magical Sempai, has many people’s hearts. It would not be a lie if I tell you how proud I am of myself when I am standing among people who don’t know much about this anime series while I have oceans of knowledge on it. A perfect white-colored tee with a notable anime girl pictured right in front is something no girl can resist. Add a Senpai tag and that is it, every anime fangirl will go crazy. If you are a fan of aesthetic art then this anime girl t shirt is particularly for you. You would never regret spending a few dollars on this exceptional combination of red and white with some creative black printing over it.

Source: Kawaii Babe


To be honest, I feel like being an anime fangirl is very much about having that element of anger and aggressiveness with some hint of cuteness in you. Where I ace at the angry part, I am not very sure about me being cute except for when I wear this anime girl t shirt. I mean look at how retro and classic this tee looks! Everyone’s favorite white-colored tee with TV-style printing on its front and short sleeves make it a great companion of summery and hot days when we don’t feel like wearing anything heavy. I would request you to especially notice the anime girl’s face and the expressions printed on the tee that look more than real. Is it even possible not to fall in love with this tee? I don’t think so.

Source: Etsy


Here comes another piece straight from the designers’ collections of cute anime girl clothes. The only difference is that, instead of white and subtle, this tee is darker and has pops of colors over it. Retaining that anime minimalism and class intact like ever, the tee features a cute anime lady in even cuter pig-tails and ash purple hair (similar to the hair many of us girls would love picturing ourselves in back then but our moms never allowed us a hair dye). Also, don’t miss out on the ‘I love Anime’ statement captioned at the bottom of this tee making it the stuff of every anime lover’s dreams.

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Nothing looks more heartbreaking, yet warming and sweet, than a sad animated anime girl’s picture. Moreover, this tee has a clean and pure white background with pink overtone in print that makes it eye-catchy and unique. A perfect tee for girls who have an aura of sweet and nice in their persona, this tee can be a great birthday present for your female friends too (I hope my friends are reading this). If you don’t find this tee very special, just look straight into the eyes of the anime doll printed over it. Now, tell me do you still don’t want to buy it right away?

Source: Walmart


If you are a lover of bright colors and bohemian style then I already like you. However, my liking for you might not sound like a blessing to you but this shirt definitely will. I have shown this tee shirt design to almost every anime girl fan I came across and there was no reason I would not have added it to this list. Don’t judge me for putting this one at almost the end of this list. I just wanted to make sure that only the ones who make it this far get to enjoy this special little gift from my side. I have looked at this tee for as long as I could but still can’t find the best way to describe what an exceptional beauty it is. All I can say is that this is the liveliest anime girl t shirt that you can invest your money in. Make sure you flaunt it at a themed party with some flowers in your hair, just copying the anime doll that is printed over the tee itself and get ready to steal everyone’s spotlight.

Source: Teepublic


Want a simple anime-inspired tee you can easily share with your male best friends and brothers who share the same level of anime craze with you? Here is a simple tee that can surely become your most favorite anime attire option for your daily wear purposes. The famed and loved Waifu element that this tee has in it makes it one of those tees that people in the streets can’t help but ask the whereabouts of.

Source: ourshirtshack


I know I have been adding so many simple and white-colored anime girl tees to the list but don’t blame me. I am sure that no matter how many of such tees one has with them, coming across one more is a moment of utter weakness. Anyone who loves white and comes across such minimal anime tees can’t help but buy all of those despite having something similar to it already with them in their closets. Well, here is another test of your inner shopping freak’s weakness in the form of this simple Kawaii Manga inspired tee. Don’t worry; it is always a good idea to spend some of your savings impulsively shopping for something as cool as this.

Source: Etsy


Not all anime fangirls want pink colors and dolls on their tees. Some also need a dash of subtle shades and minimal printing to flaunt their inner anime lover. If you are one of those minimalistic girls, who can never compromise on their sense of style and would happily trade the world for a sober anime fan girl tee, then this is a tee that you have been unknowingly looking for. It is stylish, chic, simple, and above all has the blushing elf printed over it. I have like 2-3 such tees in my tee and believe me when I say that I would love buying another one with the same printing if I come across it anytime soon. So, what else is left to wait for? It is about time you go out, finding this tee in every anime-inspired merchandise selling store with full zest. I am pretty sure we all will soon find it.

Source: Etsy

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