The Most Popular Superheros T-Shirts

The Most Popular Superheros T-Shirts

Greatest Superheros T-Shirts of All Time

With great power comes great responsibility.

All superheroes are immensely popular but are all equally responsible? Maybe, the order of their popularity will provide an answer to this question too. Well, below is one order of their popularity as per our understanding which is mostly anecdotal but still good to get started.


1. Flash Symbol T-shirt

(Credit: Flash tee by superherostuff)

The Big Bang Theory’s immensely popular character Sheldon’s favorite superhero was Flash so there was no way in hell that anybody else had even a remote chance of becoming number one in this ranking. Flash has the ability to move, think and react at immense superhuman speeds. The character who first appeared in DC Comics Flash Comics #1 in 1940 is now a well-known superhero who fights evil with his superpower speed. He is also a BFF with Green lantern. Part of his powers includes an invisible aura surrounding him that protects him from air friction when traveling at super speeds. Well, enough with the intro, the best part is that the flash symbol on a t-shirt looks cool.

2. Batman Symbol Tee

(Credit: Batman tee by superherostuff)

While most superheroes have superpowers, Batman has none. He relies on his martial arts skills, detective skills, physical strength, intellect, wealth, technology, and will to face the criminals in Gotham City. He is also known as the ‘Caped Crusader’, the ‘World’s Greatest Detective’, and the ‘Dark Knight’. This popular black tee with a yellow batman symbol is a must-have in your superhero tee collection.


3. Green Lantern Symbol Tee

(Credit: Greenlantern tee by superherostuff)

The Green Lantern’s power comes from his power ring. Power rings are made by the Guardians of the Universe and given only to those they deem most worthy.

4. Blue Lantern Flash Symbol Tee

(Credit: blue lantern tee by superherostuff)

This design has both the Blue Lantern insignia and the Flash symbol. Either of them alone can make any design look cool but together they have multiplied the coolness quotient many fold.

5. Superman Royal blue tee

(Credit: Superman tee by superherostuff)

Superman got to be in top 5? Doesn’t he? Well, we are sure even “not much of a fan” kinda people would also agree with us. This is a classic Superman symbol design which Superman wears on his chest. The “S” in the symbol could denote Superman but it actually denotes hope. This is a symbol for hope.

6. Captain America Symbol Tee

(Credit: Caption America tee by superherostuff)

In Captain America symbol, the lone star sits proudly at the center surrounded by three concentric circles. Well, if you are on the subversive side and mistake this symbol as a bull’s eye to take a shot at. By all means be our guest and try your luck. But we are sure you are smarter than that and will wear this design proudly instead proclaiming your earnest support to Marvel’s first avenger.

7. X-man Distressed Symbol Tee

(Credit: X-man tee by superherostuff)

This design features X-Man symbol in a highly distressed fashion. Well, we are sure you would be far from distressed wearing this design. Even if you are not an X-man fan you can flaunt this design proudly. This is an elegant piece of art.

8. Batman Hush Symbol Tee

(Credit: Batman tee by superherostuff)

The elegant looking Batman hush symbol. Only true fans would be able to guess what it is. This design is based on the popular series featuring Thomas Elliot AKA Hush.

9. The Hulk Fist Bump

(Credit: Hulk tee by superherostuff)

This is a hulky green fist bump in a green circle. True fans always wait with bated breath to see Hulk turn on his famous rage. Wear this design and let the others guess whether you could turn into a hulk if they dare to mess with you.


10. Robin Symbol Tee

(Credit: Robin tee by superherostuff)

Robin may just be a side-kick but who said you can’t be a fan of sidekicks especially when you see them basking in their superheroes’ reflected glory so often. There are lots of perks to being a sidekick too, for example, you get to hang in batcave with batman. How cool is that?

11. Wonder Woman tee

(Credit: wonder women tee by superherostuff)

It is the handicap of the language that when we said “superheroes” and did mean that we would include superheroines too, it couldn’t get conveyed as well as we thought it should. Well, here we are with the most popular superheroine of the comics universe, Wonder Woman. This design features the movie logo encircled by the Golden Lasso. Artistically it shows a bird with flapping wings ready to soar in the sky inside the letter W. Symbolic for the soaring aspirations of modern women.


12. Green Arrow Tee

(Credit: Green arrow tee by superherostuff)

We like straightforward people and we like straightforward logos like the logo featured in this design. This is a logo of Green Arrow, you can’t mistake it for anything else. A straight upward dark green arrow with a light green halo around it encircled by a light green circle. Wear it, flaunt it and show your uprightness to this increasingly crooked world.

13. Batgirl Tee

(Credit: Batgirl tee by superherostuff)

This design features Batgirl distressed symbol. Batgirl may not have many of her own comics but in many Batman comics she has a very strong story arch of her own. She is nothing short of a superheroine in every sense of the word. Wear this design proudly and introduce her to the larger fandom of superheroes.

14. Aquaman Tee

(Credit: Aquaman tee by superherostuff)

This design features Aquaman and Storm the Seahorse. A must have for all aquaman fans. Salute to the king of Atlantis and his ever so reliable sidekick. This is one of the few popular designs where the superhero and his sidekick are both given equal importance. Again, salute to the egalitarian notions of the designer.

15. Wolverine Tee

(Credit: Wolverine tee by superherostuff)

This is a Wolverine red rage distressed design. This design is by comic book artist Arthur Adams. Only true fans would be able to guess whether Wolverine is angry or it is his normal countenance. Either way don’t hesitate to invoke the power of this mighty superhero while flaunting this lovely design to the world.


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