Some Overlord Anime T Shirt Designs You Would Love

Some Overlord Anime T Shirt Designs You Would Love

I think you all will probably agree with me when I say that anime series based on novels are always meant to be massive hits. Just look at Overlord, how big of a hit it was. Not just its first part but others also had several crazy fans binge-watching it so many times a month that it was hard to tell if they would come out of their zone ever. This anime series made millions of people laugh and cry with the characters and with every progression in the plot. People still watch it like it has been released just today and I am one of those people too.

Based on a series of novels, this three-part anime series has many characters that people loved crazily and still love like before. If you are an anime watcher and have not binged watched this movie series, I tell you that you are missing out on something so great and poignant.

If you visit any anime shop, you would yourself see how it is full of those cute little anime accessories, shirts, bands, bags, pencils, and jackets inspired by this anime movie series. I am sure that reading this statement has made you crave all the overlord anime merchandise that you’ve ever come across but can’t go out to get. Don’t you worry; let me introduce you to some of the best Overlord anime t shirt designs that you can either find at any relevant store or can get designed on your own.

Wearing these anime tees inspired by an iconic anime series is sure to make you feel like a real anime fan. I have tried choosing only those shirts that have the coolest colors and perfect anime-like look to make you feel the coolest when you are wearing them. Also, the colors and designs of these shirts and the overlord t shirt anime emblem that some of these have drawn on them are so stylish that you will automatically be differentiated from a crowd.

Now let us not waste any more time and get into these anime overlord tees so you can decide on which one to wear to your next day out with your anime-loving friends and make yourself the center of everyone’s’ attention:


Ainz Ooal and his gown are a love story better than twilight (I am not saying Twilight isn’t a good love story, I am a Twilight fan myself). If you were also inspired by this character right after it came on your screen, then this black tee is for you to flaunt. The combination of purple and glittery white over a deep black base looks ethereal and Ainz’s signature standing style gives this shirt the much-needed oomph. Invest in this design once and you would surely come back looking for more such tees after a few days only never to stop shopping for such shirts.

Source: TeePublic


The second one to be featured on this list of Overlord anime tees is a design you will surely fall in awe of it you love every character of the series equally. This classic white tee has the most incorporative of styles. It comes with maximum Overlord characters printed on it. The color palette used on this shirt is also one to droll over, with a nice combo of all the contrasting and lively colors that make the shirt perfect evening wear. The only drawback of wearing this shirt would be everyone stopping you on your way, asking you where did you get such a good shirt from.

Source: Ali express


This is another overlord tee with a thunder-like look rocking the OVERLORD captioned on deep black-colored background. If you’ve seen the movie enough times to memorize its scenes, just a glimpse of this shirt is enough to take you back to the day you watched this scene. With anime shirts, one thing that I love the most is that their printing demands attention. You have to see the print for some time so you are sure of the characters that are there in it. Good thing if you are wearing something like this! People would leave everything just to have a look at you and your shirt, attention unlocked, right?

Source: amazon


The next shirt on this list is a piece of Overlord anime merchandise, perfect for a hot and summery day. Short sleeves, white breathable fabric, and an eye-soothing printing of two of your favorite Overlord anime characters are what characterizes this shirt and make it so good.

Source: Ali express


Albedo is a personal favorite and a sweetheart. Don’t you think so? If yes, then there is nothing that can stop you from getting this tee and wearing it every day. Look at how cute Albedo is looking in that frilly white gown and that long wings-like hair covering everything with their glam. There is no reason not to buy this one, prove me wrong if you want to (Please, don’t).

Source: Teepublic


When I first saw this tee shirt design (way before I decided to write this article), all I could think was WOW … WOW, and WOW. I mean, look at this tee, does it not make you go aww? It sure does. Those huge eyes and a meaningful smile on a cute face are enough to bring back every Overlord lovers’ memories. Don’t think, just rush to your nearest store or tee designer and get this tee right away.

Source: TeePublic


By this point, you would surely be thinking about how every shirt in this list is making you go gaga. Narberal is another of my sweethearts that I would wish to come to meet me in my dreams every night. Unfortunately, this wish I couldn’t achieve, and Narberal hardly ever came in my dreams but this tee shirt quite sufficed for all my unfulfilled wishes because now I hang it in front of me every night, looking at this cute face before I sleep.

Source: Redbubble


There is always some room for black tees in our closets partially because of how cool this color is and partially because we all somehow look our best when dressed in black. The different Overlord faces on this tee make it an even better option to wear on almost every occasion. The half sleeves and round neck do well to make this shirt perfect casual wear for any time of the day. What I loved the most about this shirt is the fact that it fulfills my inner desire to have some color in my attire even when I am wearing something very light and subtle.

Do you get me? You probably won’t, my desires and demands in terms of dressing are quite detailed and sometimes annoying too. Never mind me and my dressing sense, it’s the tee we’re talking about and I think there could be nothing better than this tee in an Anime fan’s wardrobe. So get it before it is too late.

Source: Redbubble


Don’t you love Sebastian? You sure do and this is why I have brought this tee here for you. Never mind its position. I placed it close to the very end because I knew you’d secretly know that a Sebastian tee had to be in this article. And here it is! One of those shirts I’d trade the world for, this shirt is a combination of what grace and class are supposed to look like. I know you’re secretly drooling over it. Why not have it and make it yours?

Source: etsy


If you are a minimalist overlord fan at heart who tends to run far away from over-printed and very colorful shirts and are not an avid fan of black color but love it enough to make it a part of your good white shirts, then this is a tee for you to buy. With an Overlord emblem in all its glory shining apparently on a white background, this shirt is the stuff dreams are made of (let’s just hope that the life of this shirt isn’t little enough to be rounded off by sleep, it’s a Shakespearean reference if you want to know). The gothic style OVERLORD caption with those ancient-looking sign language symbols make this shirt cool enough to be worn by everyone irrespective of the gender or age. Pairing this tee with blue denim, Anime inspired bag, and a cool pea-hat on a hot summer day is all you need to do so that you can look good.

Source: Redbubble

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