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Some Classy Logo Design Templates You Can Look Up To

In the modern-day digital world, there are logos for everything you see. Be it a sports team, a big brand, or a simple home-run business with no more than two employees running it. People prefer having unique logos for their business because such logos have a lot of force in terms of marketing and branding their business.

The cooler the logo, the more customers it would attract towards the brand. If you have been looking forward to making one such logo and have no inspiration to help you out, you are actually at a perfect place. Let this post help you in such a classy creation.

We have picked some classy logo designs we could from the web. While some of these are just templates that you can easily alter, others are the classy logos of high-end brands. The purpose of adding and then describing them all here is just to help you find some inspiration to create a classy logo design for your brand. Let’s get into the post and help you understand how a classy logo is made.

Do let us know when you utilize the class in these ideas in designing your logo. We would be more than happy to have helped you.

1.     The Diamond Emblem Royalty Logo

Source: design evo

The first among the classy logo design ideas is this diamond logo one. With this simple yet elegant and modern logo design, you can attract a lot of customers. The diamond element in the logo indicates superiority and dominance. With this attractive logo, you can make your business stand on the top of the list.

The color combinations for the logo can be customized accordingly. Even if the logo is simple and plain, it is still very magnificent and royal. The pattern, just below the diamond, can be customized as well.

Also, by including the name of the company, its slogan, and its establishment year, you can make the logo even more classy and chic. The design is so simple that you can easily get it made by any classy logo design maker.

2.     Product Hint Logo

Source: design evo

In case you are looking for some elegant logo inspiration, then this product inspired logo is the best for you. You just need to figure out the most selling product of the business and include it in the logo of your company. The product inspired logo will not only look amazing but will also help the audience to get to know about your business easily.

Choose the color combination that somehow is in accordance with your product. Next, add the product and some text in the logo, and you are all set to make the audience fall in love with your logo.

In case you deal with a variety of products or offer a lot of services you can include them all in the design of the logo. However, make sure not to load the logo with a lot of products, as it can ruin the whole look of the classy logo and a loaded logo is not much appreciated by the people as well.


3.     Logo With Brand’s Initials

Source: Pinterest

One of the best logo design tips for beginners is to design the logo having the initial letter of the name of the business. Yes, we know that it is a very simple and common idea, but by playing with different colors and fonts you can make it attractive and unique.

Add some creative or decorative elements to the initial letter of the name of your business, company, or organization. You can also add the slogan or name of the company in the logo just below the initial letter.

You can also include boundaries, patterns, and other such elements to the logo, and can make it look amazing. So, whenever you are out of ideas and need to make a classy logo, must consider this initial letter idea. This logo is not only simple to design but is also very eye-catching and elegant.

4.     Nature Inspired Logo

Source: visme

We all love nature, don’t we? So, why not add a part of nature in the logo to attract more customers. The sample logo design includes a tree in it and is appealing to everyone. This sample logo is designed for a church, but this design will surely go well for any business.

By adding a tree, plant, lake, or mountains in the logo you can give the message to your customers that you care for the environment.  People, who love the environment and nature, will definitely fall in love with this idea and your sales level will also start to increase.

Just choose some light colors, add any part of nature in the logo, insert some slogan (one related to nature is more preferred), and your logo is all set. This classy logo design is loved by people all over the world make sure to try it out. Being simple and easy the design is likely to be designed by any logo maker easily.

5.     Full Company Name Logo

Source: 99 logos

The last (but not the least) idea, for a classy logo design is simple and yet the most marvelous one. We all know that all the big companies like H&M, ZARA, Amazon, IBM, SUBWAY, Burger King, and many others have the logo with their own name in it. So, why not follow the footsteps of these big names, and include the name of our business in the logo along with a little bit of creativity.

Just select the appropriate font, color combination, and other elements that you can add to the logo. Make sure that the font is not too complex or small to understand. Make sure to choose decent colors and fonts that are appealing to the eyes.

You can also add a slogan, establishment year, or other information about the company in the logo. Even if this idea is super simple it will still help you to get noticed and to be unique among the list of other businesses.

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