Some Amazing BTS Shirts K-POP Fans Will Love

Some Amazing BTS Shirts K-POP Fans Will Love

You got to be kidding me if you say that you don’t know who BTS is. In just a few years of their origin, this music band of 7 cool boys, also referred to as BANGTAN boys, have touched the skies of fame. With their hard work and talent, the members of this band have made it to people’s hearts. They hold their concerts all over the world, with millions and billions of their fans going crazy just to have a look at them.

There is probably not anyone else in the history of music who has been loved this much other than our very own BTS boys. Debuted in 2013, this band has now a number of songs and compositions in its name. The members of this Korean pop band not only compose but sometimes also write the songs they sing for the world. The lyrics of these songs have a separate fan following and people, who don’t even know the Korean language, try to learn them by heart. BTS posters and clothes usually have their separate sections in many big stores and their stationery items are quite a buzz too.

The younger lot of fans consider that knowing about BTS makes them cooler than other kids in the school. This makes them look for the best BTS-themed stuff they can buy. Not just kids, but this fandom has also reached to young adults and some parents. Almost everyone now loves BTS and wants to try out something new and unique to show their affiliation and respect for this K Pop band. Where many people are a fan of the band as a whole, some like to appreciate a few Bangtan boys more than others.

No matter whether you like someone specific from this band or are a crazy BTS fan as a whole, there could be no better way for you to show your love for this band than wearing clothes inspired by them. The markets are now full of BTS inspired tee for every age group and gender and have enough variety for everyone’s style sense’s liking. However, as a true BTS fan, I suggest you try a little hard and choose some unique and stylish BTS tshirts. In case you are looking forward to something cool and different, here are some BTS band t-shirt ideas for you to pick and choose something for yourself and your family:


Yeah, BTS boys are all about fun and cool colors but you don’t really have to overdose on glam just to show your support for them. A simple and plain yet cool themed shirt something does more to flaunt your fan following than a highly embellished and fuller one. Don’t worry. Even with a plain black BTS tee on, you would look equally cool and chic to anyone who’s wearing the same with a pop of color. If you are a minimalist and like to keep your attire simple and subtle, then there is nothing better than a plain black BTS tee for you to wear any day.

Source: Zazzle


You love BTS and have binge-watched the famous FRIENDS show so many times that you have lost the count? There couldn’t be a better shirt for you than this one. This BTS band t-shirt is a great example of how a TV show as cool as FRIENDS would look like if it is merged with the even cooler BANGTAN boys. The plain white background with a subtle pop of color and funk over is perfect for any occasion. Also, you can try getting a few of these and give them to your friends or family members who love BTS and FRIENDS as much as you do. Imagine how perfect you all would look flaunting these tees together!

Source: etsy


No one can match the level of cuteness Taehyung is always on. If you agree to this and try to become as vogue as him now and then, then this tee shirt is my gift to you (You’d have to get it yourself, of course). A perfect plain black background with a retro, magazine cover-like printing of this cute BTS boy on the front makes this shirt a perfect choice whether it’s a run to the grocery store or an evening out with your friends.

Source: etsy


Pied Piper is that one song that every BTS fan has guilt-less-ly listened to on repeat. This song got so famous that it was almost impossible to get it off our minds. If you loved it (which you sure did), then wearing this shirt as a tribute to your favorite band is something you must do.

Source: pinterest


Honestly, girls go crazy over BTS boys like no one else. If you’re that one BTS lover girl or know someone like that who loves BTS and colors, then there’s nothing better than investing in this colorful Bts band tee. It has all the Bangtan boys animated over it and looks quite cool.

Source: Walmart


Dynamite is another of BTS’s creations that made it to top charts and stayed there for long. For someone who considers themselves an avid BTS fan, wearing this retro black tee-shirt could feel like great fun.

Source: etsy


If you agree with me when I say that JIN is the absolute king of K POP, then wearing this shirt is something that must be on the top of your BTS fan-following bucket list. Cute Jin’s photograph on a plain white border looks as iconic as Jin himself is.

Source: pinterest



BTS’s series of lover yourself tours is quite a buzz all over the world. Wearing this out in public can tell everyone about how crazy has the wait of getting to see BTS has made you. A statement shirt for someone waiting for BTS’s concert in their locality, this BTS love yourself world tour tshirt is sure to make you look and feel confident.

Source: Lazada



Undoubtedly, the BTS tour is something the world will remember for a long. No matter whether you’ve been a part of lover yourself tour’s show or not, you must play your part in making sure that the world remembers this tour and gives it all the importance it deserves. There is no way you can do that in the best manner than wearing this BTS love yourself tour t shirt as many times as you can. Also, gift it to your BTS crazy friends to make sure that they can also play their role in promoting this tour and getting it acknowledged.

Source: TeePublic


There is no match of BTS songs and lyrics. Every song has a message in itself that can inspire millions. Crazy BTS fans like to send this message across borders and geographical barriers because of the intensity it has. If you are one such crazy fan and loved ON by BTS a little too much, then this shirt is yours to flaunt. After all, being a fighter and a lover is all BTS wants from its fans and we are not going to let them down at all.



J Hope is another brilliant piece of work by nature who is no less than a gift to the world and to BTS the band itself. Thankfully, we have ways to praise this cutie and this t shirt is one such awesome way. You can wear this anywhere and gift it to someone who claims to be the biggest fan of J Hope. The Butterfly song lyrics written on this shirt’s front with cute little blue butterflies in the background and J Hope’s name is sure to get people staring at you all the way along. Don’t you worry about the intensity of attention you get over this shirt because that’s just everyone does when they see J Hope’s traces anywhere around them. Overall, this is a perfect shirt for any BTS fan, because you can’t be a BTS fan unless your praise J Hope and this beautiful creation a little extra.

Source: teepublic


Quite a self-explanatory shirt that can show your love for BTS and Jimin to the world, this black item tends to go out of stock every time its added to the sites. Consider yourself lucky if you ever get to see this in stock and add some to your cart because who knows if you would ever get this lucky again or not. Once you wear this black funny Bts tee shirt, its hard to say if you will ever want to take it off.

Source: aliexpress

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