Old Logos of Companies That You Probably Didn’t Know Existed This Way Previously

Old Logos of Companies That You Probably Didn’t Know Existed This Way Previously

Time changes everything about a business, from its products to its rates and the quality it offers. Sometimes, brands even evolve in a way that their entire identity from the past corrodes within years and their very purpose of existence in any market either ends entirely or transforms into a newer and better version of it to suit the changing times.

With everything about businesses being subject to change, it seems rather unfair to think of a business’s branding practices to stay the same over time. Of course, as it changed, a business must have to change the way it looks and how the public knows it.

While branding is now a wide and vast term having so many sub-elements, it seems fair to only stick to a brand’s logo when we talk of brands’ existence decades before today. We thought it would be a great idea to travel back in time and introduce you to how the logos of different well-known brands looked like back then.

Wouldn’t it be a fun ride? It sure would be and hence, we need to start:

1.     Coca-Cola

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Coca-Cola is one of the most famous cold drinks in the world. No matter whether it’s cold or hot, Coca-Cola is always our number one priority. And hence, talking about it should be on the top of our list.

Coca-Cola’s logo is one of the most common and known logos. People can easily identify the can of Coca-Cola among the other cans probably because of its logo. We all know that the current logo of Coca-Cola is very simple, yet unique.

The logo simply includes the word Coca-Cola written with red color in a very elaborate font, also a small registered trademark sign can be seen in the current logo. But this logo is not the first one, the old logo of Coca-Cola was designed in the 1890s and was black, that logo included the word Coca-Cola written and the word trademark written in the tail of the first C of the word Coca.

2.     Nike

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Nike, being a reputable brand, is one of the most common brands in the world. The logo of Nike too has changed over time. In 1971, the first logo of the brand was designed. The first logo included the word “Nike” written in a very bubbly format on the tick sign, known as Swoosh.

The first logo looked very childish, so the company decided to update it in 1978. The logo designed in 1978, also featured swoosh and the word “NIKE” written on the swoosh in black color. Then in 1985, the logo was updated for the third time, this time the design of the logo was the same as that of the second logo, only the color was changed from black to white and the black background was added to the logo.

Then in 1995, the logo was changed and this time the company decided to keep it super simple. Only a black swoosh was included in the logo. To date, this simple swoosh is used by the brand, and the logo becomes too famous that the brand cannot even think of modifying it.


3.     Apple

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Apple is among the first few brands that come to our minds when we are thinking of buying any electronic device. The logo of Apple is very famous, and almost everyone knows about the logo. This logo also has changed over time.

The first logo of the company is believed to have featured Sir Isaac Newton sitting under the apple tree. Then from 1976 to 1998, a rainbow apple with a little leaf and a bite was used as the logo of the company.

Then from 1998 to 2000, a simple black apple, or you can say the monochrome version of apple was part of the logo. Then from 2001 to 2007, an aqua version of the bitten apple was used as the logo of the company. Currently, the logo of the company is very simple yet a much-admired one. The logo includes an apple of simple light grey color with a small leaf and a bite on it.


4.     PEPSI

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Pepsi is another very famous soft drink in the world. We all know that at first Pepsi and Coca-Cola were the same, and the bottle and the logo used to come with the name of Pepsi-Cola, then after the separation, both companies decided to design their own logos. The current logo of Pepsi is almost known by all.

But, this logo also has gone through a lot of updates. At first, i.e. in 1962, a flat-laid bottle cap was used as the logo. The cap consisted of three colors, red, white, and blue, and the word Pepsi was written in black color at the white portion of the cap.

Then in 1973, the bottle cap was changed to a globe of the same three colors, and with the title Pepsi written in dark blue color. Also, a blue and red-colored background was added to the logo. The logo has gone through a lot of changes, and currently, the logo of the brand features a simple white background with the globe or circle ( in red, white, and blue color) and the word Pepsi written in blue color on the right side of the globe.

5.     eBay

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eBay also has changed its logo over time. The old logos of the company too were loved by the public, and there is only a slight difference between the old and current logos. The first logo of the company designed in 1995, was a very simple one.

In that logo, the word eBay was written in black color and in simple bold format. Then the logo was modified and the word eBay was given transparent texture, different colors, and a very attractive format.

Then the logo was again modified, and this time the logo was given a very decent format and a plain texture.


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