Most Famous Superhero Logos

Most Famous Superhero Logos

Over time, many logos have become so famous that they now feel like household symbols. We come across many such logos regularly, so much so that our brains have now been wired in a way not to notice their presence around us as if they’re something unexpected or weird. Probably out of all the logos made to date, superhero logos are the most common sight everywhere.

People have come to love these fictional heroes and the superhero symbols associated with them so much that stepping out of our houses means coming across at least one of these logos either on someone’s tee, bag, mobile-cover, or even as stickers on devices.

Due to such a great amount of fame and love that these superhero logos enjoy, I decided why not share a few of my (and everyone else’s of course) superhero emblems here with you. So, without further ado let us just jump in and explore some of our favorite superhero symbols while commenting on what makes them so much special.


If I am asked to pick one from several topmost superhero emblems, I would choose Captain America no matter how many times I’m put in the same situation. Not that anyone would ever care about what I choose and why I do that, I would still like to clarify that my love for this logo is much more than just my way of expressing my fandom-love for the superhero Captain America only. As a (Self-proclaimed) logo designer myself, I feel that designing logos that are minimal in design but represent grandeur in every sense is almost impossible.

Given that such a job has been done so well in the form of this logo, there is no reason that I would have put this one on any other position in this list than the first one. I mean, would you just have a look at this awesome combo of blue and red on a shield that is now a sign representing Captain America and Marvel studio both. This defensive shield, first used by the great Marvel superhero has been normalized and famed as a symbol to represent him so much so that it’s hard to step out in any public space and not witness this logo on someone’s bag, hoodie, tee, or key-chain.

Source: wallpaper access


When I talk of Batman Superhero emblem, not just one but many different designs usually come in front of my eyes (Yes, my memory might work awfully bad in an exam, but when it comes to remembering superheroes, my mind works almost like it’s the faster supercomputer of the world). While people in different parts of the world keep on giving their own touches to Batman’s logo, two designs are typically associated with this superhero. The first one is a colorless bat-like design exuding nothing except decency and class. Looking at this very logo is sure to make many of the 90s kids like me out there feel like their childhood is back. If a logo has to execute classical vibes, decency, and nostalgia altogether, then it must be designed while keeping this simple batman logo in mind.

Source: Business insider

Speaking of decency, the colored Batman logo shows us how to keep the aesthetics of decency maintained even when you are using brighter color combinations in your logos. One of the most used logos on almost all consumer goods, this newer Batman logo is simple yet quite complex in its design when you try to look at it from the perspective of a graphic designer. It is probably this intricacy or design and minimalist vibe that has made this logo quite famous far and wide. Step out of your house and you would definitely see at least one person flaunting this logo either on their attire, on their bags, somewhere on their mobile phone covers, and sometimes even on their shoes.

Source: Pinterest


As I Googled Superman Logos, I got two slightly different logo shades in my search-results the most and this led me to share both of them with you, because why not. I assume this, and so very naturally, that you all have at least once crushed over superman in your childhood and might be still as crazy a fan as I am. But while I adore this superhero a little too much, I think that my obsession with the logo representing him is just another level of crazy. If you ever visit my home (I know you would never, but let us just assume), you would be surprised (read: cringed) at the intensity in which this logo is present in my house. On our cushions, on our refrigerator, on walls in the framed paintings, on my bed-sheets, and (you might not believe this one) EVEN ON OUR PLATES. Yes, this is the level of love that I and my crazy siblings have for this logo the reasons behind which are quite unexplained even for us. But like, I mean, look at the colors and the intricate design, is it not full of powerful vibes, exactly the ones that we need to get ourselves out of the bed on a cold Monday morning? (Wait, isn’t it PUNNY that I have a Superman logo on my bed-sheets to radiate the energy that I need to leave my bed?)

Source: Pinterest

Source: Money Inc


If there had been Oscars or Grammy’s on superhero logos, no one except THE FLASH would have bagged it home. The number of logos that have been associated with this funky superhero over time is so big that it is almost impossible for me to introduce you to all. However, I can still praise them all for their aesthetic sense and particularly for how the designers kept the reddish-fun element intact while they kept on improvising the design itself. The recent FLASH logo has to be my favorite most among all, with a beautiful color combination and yellow Flash signature sign that almost every Flash lover holds very dear.

Source: Wikimedia


Here comes another of everyone’s favorite. I have always felt like Batman’s logo exudes a lot of class combined with bravery – all the traits this superhero’s character is made up of.  While the history behind this logo is not as long or complex as that behind other older superhero emblems, the praise that this one has bagged is justified for all the reasons. A logo that is capable of letting everyone know who it represents, the iron-man emblem is surely a treat for any graphic designer’s eye (not when he has to design something similar, though). Just look at the intricacy of the curves beneath and those lightning eyes, don’t you love it too?

Source: Turbologo


Here comes another superhero that is too hard not to love. It might be an understatement to say that I am a huge Black Panther fan and have watched everything related to this superhero multiple times. However, it was just recently that I looked at the logo associated with this superhero in order to understand the precise details and what makes this one so different. I don’t really have words to describe this, I would just let you look at it and appreciate the beauty it is.

Source: Wallpapers cave


Who does not love the funky Riddler? Many of us have been through those stages of our lives when we would have gotten a lot of our stuff customized with the Riddler’s face, logo, and themes. However, I think that we all would have rarely ever gotten the time to appreciate the smartness that is there in this superhero’s logo. Well, it is never too late I guess, why not just appreciate this amazing logo right now?

Source: Pinterest


If you have made it here and if you want to scare those annoying neighbor kids away, (Joking, not joking) then here is a gift for you from my side. Yes, a Wolverine logo! As much as many of us kind of feared this superhero as kids, we can surely now use this to our benefit to scare those annoying kids too. This logo is a simple, yet scary combo of nothing but just two colors. The designer has done such an amazing job that even a play of colors beautifully forms a face that everyone easily recognizes. The eyes, those horns, and the angry lips, all of these must-have taken days for the logo designer to work on them and such a beautifully done job needs to be appreciated as much as possible. So let us all stand up and clap (maybe a little hooting would do too) for all these amazing logo designers who provided the world with such amazing logos to adorn things up with.

Source: Logo Dix

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