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Looking for Embroidery Near Me – Things to Consider

Embroidery is one of the easiest and most-effective ways to promote your brand by raising brand awareness with the help of using and giving away different items with custom brand embroidery on them. You can add the logo or name of your brand in custom embroidery form on different items which range from the polo’s and sweatshirts to hats, beanies and cup holders. There is absolutely no limitation when it comes to embroidering any kind of fabric based product. Getting custom embroidery near me is a challenging task to do and only embroidery shops are helpful in this regard. If you are planning to visit a custom embroidery shop near me, make sure that you follow these considerations before hiring anyone.

Things to consider before getting custom embroidery services

Every custom embroidery shop has its own set of rules and regulations. While some of the experienced custom embroidery providers not only tend to offer the best service with a satisfaction guaranteed but also produce quality work to maintain the image of their company. Instead of wasting money on ill-experienced service providers, always choose a platform with best feedback and professionalism. Whether you are getting custom embroidery for the first time or want to verify your existing embroidery booking practices, here are a few important things to keep in mind before/while getting good custom embroidery near me services:

Best Quality Images

Custom embroidery is all about turning your favorite designs or brand logo into art that is created by threads and needles. No matter what kind of embroidery you want to get on your sports jerseys or any other material, you should always bring high quality and big images of the logo to do the job. The quality of your image plays a crucial role in determining the final outlook of the products.

  • In order to ensure that you get brilliant and clear embroidery on the fabric of your choice, make sure that the logo or brand images does not have any small lines or minor details as they cause trouble.
  • Ensure that your logo/brand image is as minimal as possible so it can be embroidered on the fabric of your choice without much hassle. Sometimes less is more.
  • Any text accompanying the brand name/logo or any text supporting something should be at least ¼ inches tall for better clarity. Make sure that the logo/brand name not only delivers your positive image but also comply with the general code of ethics.

Fabric Selection

Are you someone who is struggling with the choice of fabric to get custom embroidery done on. It is important to keep in mind that the material fabrics and weaving pattern plays an important role in determining the quality of logo or brand name. For this step, you need to be familiar with the different kinds of fabrics which can be used for embroidery purposes.

  • Choose a fabric which has a tighter weave and strong colors which can withstand wear and tear as well as strong cleaning agents
  • Fleece and terry cloth are some of the prominent deep pile materials which can cause a lot of challenges and fading of the clarity and design of embroidery
  • Polos, hat embroidery, woven materials, sweatshirts and hoodies are some of the most popular products for embroidery
  • Twill fabrics and standard outerwear are the best fabrics for doing embroidery

Fabric Color

After selection of a fabric material, the next step is to choose a color of the fabric on which you will be getting in the embroidery. Fabric color plays and important role determining the level of impression any custom embroidery leaves on spectators.

  • The fabric color should be strong an even all over the fabric
  • It should complement your brand/team image without causing any trouble for the wearers
  • It should align with the interests of people who will be wearing it.
  • The fabric color should be good enough to let you see the threads of the embroidery without any trouble.

Selection of Thread

When it comes to creating custom embroidery on any fabric of your choice, the specialty thread works the best to deliver appealing results.

If you are creating custom embroidery for sports team or industrial employees, go with the tough polyester fabric thread. This thread can not only withstand bleaching, hot water and cloth detergents but also last for long periods of usage.

If you are getting custom embroidery on retailer shirts or other items which do not have to face a lot of wear and tear, you can go with smooth, shiny and delicate rayon thread.

Embroidery location

One of the most important steps in the selection of embroidery near me is the location of embroidery o any fabric or stitched material. In most cases, the consumers go with the placement of logos or brand names just over the heart of the shirt worn by any player or employee. Other locations which can be picked for custom embroidery include on the back or the entire front. Make sure just how much spread of the embroidery you need so that you can get the desired dimensions in the final product.

Type of Stitching

Odd that it may sound but the extent of stitching needed in your logo design determines the quality of custom logo you will be receiving. There are different types of stitching the fabrics which range from filling large areas of embroidery with color as well as to highlight the small details of the design present on any kind of fabric. The best tip is to keep the logo/brand name design minimal and easy to see so that it can easily go with any type of stitching.


How to get the perfect embroidery?

Getting the best custom embroidery near me is one of the biggest challenges you will ever face to raise awareness about your brand. Embroidery is an art and required a level of skill needed to get the perfect results from embroidery shops near me. Here are a few pointers which can help you get the best design for your team:

Choose an embroidery design

Once you come to agreement on getting an embroidery logo or team name stitches to your shirts or any other product, the next step is to design a logo. You can get help from professional logo designers or graphic designers to create stunning artwork and logo to serve your requirements. If your artwork or logo quality does not meet the minimum standard file requirement, then you will most likely need to have it recreated.  There is usually a fee for such service.

Envision the results

The next most important thing to do after getting an artwork or logo design is to envision how the color scheme and design will look in the embroidery format. Make sure that the details are all there and the overall appeal of the logo looks good.

Embroidery Digitizing

It is one of the coolest and most important step of getting the best custom embroidery.  Embroidery digitizing is a way of converting your logo into an embroidery file format so that the embroidery design could read by the embroidery machne.

Get a preview

Most professional custom embroidery shops never deny a preview request from customers. One of the easiest way to check the authenticity of custom embroidery shop is to get a preview of the embroidery file format on any fabric of choice. The preview will help you in making a better decision as to where you should place the logo and how big it will be.

Keep it simple

When it comes to custom embroidery, the most common and popular things to adopt is to keep the design clean and simple. Let the threads and needles do their tricks and create stunning custom logos and artwork using embroidery techniques on different products.

Minimal colors

Another important thing to keep in mind before getting custom embroidery services is to go with lesser colors and more quality work. Intense choice of multiple colors not only turn the logo or artwork bland after a short period of tim. Don’t get carried away with the choices of colors and keep in mind that less is better.

Choosing The products

Product selection plays an important role in defining the goals of custom embroidery in any kind of setting. Always use the best-quality fabrics to get custom embroidery. Such fabrics are not only sturdy and thick but also do not have any deep pile in them. Twill Fabrics are widely used owing to their high standards of custom embroidery visibility and absence of deep pile. You should avoid using fabrics like the terry cloth or fleece as they can easily interfere with the clarity of embroidered images and cause a lot of trouble in the end.

Are you wondering just what kind of products can get custom embroidery? First, you need to decide the goal of your artwork or logo and choose the fabric for it. The best part is that when it comes to getting custom embroidery, the possibilities are endless. Give your team players a fresh pair of custom embroidered shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies to kickstart the sports season. Get custom embroidery on polo shirts and hats to show your support for your favorite team in sports. You can also go for athletic jerseys to give to your baseball, football and basketball team. Other products which can be used to get custom embroidery include denim, caps, beanies, jackets, cup holders, the school athletic organization’s uniform, blankets,  and many more.


Tips to get the best embroidery services

Embroidery Services are hardly ever same. There are high chances that you may end up with bad or mediocre embroidery given that you fail to choose a good company to do that job for you. In such cases, it is important to follow a few important points to get the best custom embroidery products for team players and upcoming events.

Here are some of the little yet very important things which matter during the selection of embroidery service providers:

Embroidery Shop

Many embroidery service providers have the bad habit of outsourcing the work to different custom embroidery industries. Some businesses that are home-based choose to do the custom embroidery work on their own. No matter what is the situation you are in, it is important to ensure that the company has invested in the right person to deliver the best results.

Embroidery Digitizing

Many embroidery shops outsource embroidery logo digitizing to other graphic design companies as this process requires a certain level of skill and understanding of machine embroidery, at Vivid Customs, we have in-house embroidery digitizers ready to digitize your logo.  This feature will also help you visualize just how the custom embroidery should be aligned in different products like hoodies, sweatshirts, jerseys, t-shirts etc.

Washing Resistance

Did you know that too much tension in embroidery thread can lead to damages of the fabric and embroidery during the washing process? The mismatched backing fabric as well as improper thread tension are all responsible for puckering and misshaping the design after washing. Choose a company which pays attention to details so you can enjoy custom embroidery for a long time to come.

Work Guarantee

Most of the custom embroidery shops near me do not bother to offer warranty on their work which clearly speaks volumes about the non-reliability of the company. Instead of wasting money on a cheap embroidery but short-lasting, search for custom embroidery shops near me who are actually guaranteeing their work with a customer satisfaction rule.

Comfort level

Choosing a backing shall not be solely based on its compatibility with the embroidery thread. You should make sure that you get a backing which is not only durable and resistant to wear and tear but also offers style and comfort to the wearers. Choose a custom embroidery shop to pick a backing fabric which offers maximum comfort to the wearer.

Different Embroidery Techniques

-Direct Embroidery

Direct embroidery is a rich embroidery technique which involves the use of an embroidery machine. The embroidery machine stiches threads into the fabric or accessory directly. Direct embroidery is aesthetically appealing, durable and easy to do on different items.

You can get custom embroidery designs on different items like custom hats, bags, T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Uniform products and promotional tid bits. If you want to get a perfect embroidery on your garment, it is best to go with custom embroidery shops who do not shy away from providing high-quality custom embroidery on any accessory or garment of your choice.

-Applique – Tackle Twill

Applique or tackle twill is another embroidery technique which involves sewing down of aesthetic patterns, letters or number by cutting a single material into different pieces. The material pieces are applied to the surface of another material to create custom logo embroidery that features chunks of embroidery material on the fabric surface with utmost neatness and accuracy.

Tackle twill is when a nylon twill is used in creating custom logo embroidery design for different products such as sport jerseys, hats, shirts, polos, sweatshirts and hoodies. Tackle twill is also used for custom embroidery on school uniforms, hockey player’s jersey, basketball, football and baseball. Tackle Twill applique is mostly used to stitch letters, numbers and typeface characters on different garments. It is usually done by the following methods

  • Laser machine to cut fabric for applique pattern embroidery
  • Plotter/cutter to cut the excess fabric
  • By hand cutting the excess fabric then using the embroidery machine to finish up the design

-Embroidered Patches

Embroidery Patches are similar to the types of embroidery method mentioned above. Embroidery patches are made by using an embroidery machine to embroider the logo on a backing that is specific for embroidery patches, then cutting the patch out after it’s done, either by hand or cutting machine and finally heat pressed the patch onto a heat activated adhesive backing sheet.

Another big advantage that you can enjoy from embroidered patches is their stability which is due to their creation on substrate of patch instead of actual fabric. You can get finer details than direct an applique embroidery by using the patch embroidery technique.

  • Embroidered patches are way more versatile than any other embroidery technique. The reason lies in the fact that it can be done on any form of clothing and you can access it easily.
  • Can be applied to almost any type of fabric.
  • One of the most amazing advantages of embroidered patches is that they can serve as collectibles. Once you are done with the garment or the equipment, you can remove the patch and keep it as a collectible.

-Hand Embroidery

Hand embroidery is another nice technique which works amazingly for DIY embroidery hobbyists. You can take a needle and a thread or yarn to create your favorite embroidery designs on any fabric of choice. One of the biggest advantages of hand embroidery is that you get to enjoy the versatility and liberty of adding other decorative bling like the pearls, beads, sequins and quills in custom embroidery to give a unique look to the final product. You can do hand embroidery on coats, hats, caps, blankets, denims, dresses, jerseys, uniform, stockings, t shirts, dress shirts, sweatshirts and even golf shirts.

Some common forms of hand embroidery include the satin stitch the chain stitch, the blanket stitch, the buttonhole stitch, the cross-stitch and the running stitch.

The Bottom Line

Decide what kind of logo or artwork you want to get on your fabric of your choice. Preview your embroidery designs and Contact Vivid Customs today!


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