Logos With Hidden Meanings

Logos With Hidden Meanings

Thanks to those whosoever made businesses realize the importance of having specified imagery made solely to represent their brand, we all are thriving in a world of logos now. Even when we don’t usually realize, our through processes remember the logos of all the brands that we know more than they remember what’s there in our coursebooks.

I can go on and on about how logos benefit the brands, how they are a means to develop a relationship between the brand and the customer, and blah blah blah … but all that chatter is not the point of this post.

Rather than boring you with the usual business and marketing related talk (which is obviously respectful only if you own a brand), I am going to reveal the secrets behind the famous logos that we all are likely to see multiple times a day.

Top 10 Famous Logos With Hidden Meanings


But first, here is a little bit of back story

There are a few famous logos (exactly, the ones you know as clearly as your faces) that would make me wonder as to what exactly led the designers to make them this way. Maintaining my loyalty to my laziness, I never tried finding anything about those logos and their designers to get answers to my questions.

It was only after I came across a Facebook post explaining the hidden design secrets behind Baskin Robbins’ logo design that I realized how most of those confusing logos would have somewhat similar deeper meanings hidden behind their design.

It was then and there that my interest in exploring logos with hidden meanings grew deeper. Here’s to sharing all those fun discoveries with you hoping that I somehow discover these brands’ bank account details too. *wink*

So without further ado, let us explore some of the famous company logos with hidden meanings:

1. Baskin Robbins

Well, considering that even someone as disconnected from the world as me knows the hidden meaning behind BR’s logo, it should have been wise to skip this one. However, considering that the chain is operating in more than 50 countries worldwide, I thought why not share the backstory behind that colorful logo for there can be many like me, reading this from any of those 50 countries and not knowing the story behind their favorite ice-cream spot’s logo.

If you look closely, you might notice how the pink portions of the logo look like number 31. The brand’s initial motto was to provide their customers with 31 yummy ice-cream flavors – one for each day of the month and this represented their promise through their logo. Now with the chain flourishing to such an extent, it is so great to see how they have not forgotten their roots and are going with that grandpa logo ever since.

Source: 1000 logos

2. Toyota

A brand with its manufactured beauties adorning the road of almost every country, Toyota’s logo is that smartest child in a room full of intelligent company logos with hidden meanings. Considering how this logo was made after hard thinking for around 5 years (Just imagine the number of designers that would have been hired and fired for this), there is no way we can’t expect this logo to have something smartly hidden in it.

If you try to look closely (or just look at the picture here below, anyway) you can tell how each alphabet that contributes to this brand’s name is present in its logo in a tricky way. With such intricacy at its back, we all should applaud the designer for creating such a minimal and decent logo we all take pride in owning (on our cars, of course).

Source: LogoDix Logo

3. Starbucks

Brace yourselves for you are about to get a strong shock on how you did not notice such details in your coffee mug that you almost hold every morning. Well, this famous logo has two hidden secrets behind its logo, both hidden in the Siren figure that you recognize clearly by now.

Sirens are mythical creatures related to water and using a Siren as the brand’s face as a means to pay homage to the brand’s birthplace, the port-city Seattle. The Siren has been intentionally made to look like a human so that the customers are better able to see their reflection in it, thus finding it easier to warm themselves to the brand.

Source: Logo works

4. Hyundai

Honestly, it is so refreshing to see how such big automotive brands are so keen on developing meaningful logos. This one particular is quite heartwarming as the simplistic ‘H’ letter in the logo of this brand not just stands for the brand’s title rather has a deeper meaning.

This ‘H’ was designed to look like two people are shaking their hands. This warm handshake is the brand’s way of representing the relationship that it shares with all the Hyundai consumers all over the world, thus giving maximum reverence to the customer.

Source: Logo spot

5. Amazon

I am sure that all my readers must have come across this logo at least once in their life. Saying that this e-business’s logo is one of the most famous logos with hidden meanings would just be an understatement considering the countries this name has reached and has made for itself a place in almost all households.

Despite such fame, it might surprise you how you never thought of Amazon’s logo as anything more than just an arrow beneath the brand’s name.  Look at the orange allows and how it starts at “A” and ends at “Z” symbolizing that this eCommerce retail store has everything that you need from A to Z. Now, consider the arrow’s shape itself. Doesn’t it look like a smile? Well, there is another meaning behind this. The logo’s arrow refers to the brand’s quality of bringing a smile to everyone’s lips with the highest possible quality in their A to Z offerings. I wonder how smart these logo designers could get!

Source: Lad over teck

6. NBC

This is another household logo with several TVs all around the world having this channel turned on as you read this post. I know what you are thinking. I am stupid for telling you about a logo you already famously know as “peacock”. But do you know why this channel opted for so many colors in their logo?

The reason was to represent the coinciding of the channel with the start of color television’s era. Such a logo was meant at suggesting other B&W TV channels to change their visuals to colored ones. Also, don’t forget to notice those 6 different colors, each representing one division of NBC.

Source: tailor brands

7. Unilever

Unilever is another world-famous brand with multiple daily-life consumer products registered under their name. The brand’s ultimate mission is to promote sustainable and healthier living and make it an easily approachable thing for everyone and their logo represents such a promise quite beautifully.

Otherwise just one of those cool and clam logos, people consider the intricately designed logo to represent each of the brand’s products. However, the case is a bit different. The smaller icons within this “U” logo are not a representation of what the brand produces. Rather, these represent the brand’s philosophy of normalizing and committing to sustainability in everything they make, thus promising their consumers are better life.

Source: Hip wallpapers

8. Levi’s

What could possibly be hidden behind such a simple and minimalistic logo? Well, everything is possible if your logo designer is smart and this one was not just smart but quite an avid consumer of the brand too (probably).

Look at the bat-like shape on the lower side of the logo, now take out your favorite Levi’s pants and look at the pockets, don’t the two look the same? They sure do!

Source: kindpng

9. FedEx

We all love how fast this brand delivers and this is probably what they planned on representing their business with at the time of getting their logo made. Other than a cool combo of colors, there is a front-pointed arrow hidden in the form of all negative white space that is there between “E” and “x”. This arrow represents the brand’s commitment and ability to delivering commodities as fast as possible.

Source: PNG item

10. Tostitos

The last one to be featured on our list of company logos with hidden meanings is my personal favorite. The entire message of this logo is hidden at its very center. Try to observe those two Ts that are surrounding the “i”. These Ts are made so that they represent people with the “i” is supposed to represent a salsa dip in which people are dipping their chips. The meaning behind this logo is the uniting power of these chips that get people to happily share their dips.

Source: tailor brands

For more such cool logos, make sure you watch this short Youtube video, 

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