How To Stream On Twitch With OBS

How To Stream On Twitch With OBS

If you are good at gaming, chances are, you would love to share your gaming moves with people. Realistically speaking, streaming your gaming experiences live is quite a trend in the gaming world. So, whether it is a good PUBG battle or a great Fortnite match, it is mostly all public for other gamers in the world to see and enjoy.

Typically, gamers like streaming their gaming experiences for others to learn the good tricks and tips on handling a difficult situation in the game. On the other hand, gamers also like watching others’ live gaming battles to make sure that they do not miss out on a good move at a particular point in a game that, if they try, can make them score better.

In all these live streaming sessions of both mobile and PC games, there is just one name that every gamer trusts the most and that is Twitch. World’s largest live streaming tool for gamers, Twitch comes with a range of easy to use features that let gamers live stream whatever they want to.

Once you are ready to use Twitch, you need to make sure that the game you want to live stream through it is compatible and can be easily live-streamed via Twitch. Considering that it is a famous live streaming tool, most of your PC games would easily be streamed via Twitch. However, there are a few that do not come with in-built Twitch features and you need to use an OBS for those games. OBS stands for Open Broadcaster Software and, as the name suggests, lets you broadcast all games you want. Want to know the tricks about how to live stream with obs on Twitch? Well, it is not that difficult. But first make these things sure:

  • Your hardware is powerful
  • Your Internet connection is strong and has a good bandwidth
  • Your device has a capacitive RAM
  • Your PC is working on Windows 7, or preferably more recent Operating System


All things ensured? Well then read below to know how to set up OBS to stream on Twitch:

How to Setup OBS to Stream on Twitch


Step 1: Get Your Key for Streaming

Considering that my readers could be someone completely alien to Twitch itself, I am starting with basics. The first step is to visit and create your free Twitch account. Your account can be made within a few minutes and is a very easy step. Once done, you have to click on your account’s name that is usually at the top right side of the screen. Go to the dashboard and click the heading of ‘Stream key’, a list will appear. In this list, there would be a ‘Show key’ option that, when clicked on, would give you your private key. This is the key that you need to start streaming on your channel. You cannot give this key to anyone; else they can use your channel for their streaming.

Step 2: Setting up the Game Capture Mode on OBS


Once your account is ready on Twitch, you need to set up OBS for games that are not compatible with Twitch on their own. OBS is a software that can screen cast and save as well as live stream your screen to whatever place you want. It even allows you some added features, making it easier for you to stream live.

Once you have downloaded this software, you have to run it in your system. It has scenes and sources as its options and the scenes are exactly what gets streamed. The sources are what could become a part of your live stream. You need to add a game capture source to your screen so that it can be live-streamed. To do so, click on the sources box and select ‘Add’ from where you can click ‘Game Capture’. Now select ‘create new’, name the capture as per your choice and click ok.

Now click on Mode, an option titled ‘Capture any full-screen application” will appear. Select it and then the OBS will start detecting every full-screen game you play and will capture your screen. Make sure that your game is already running so that the OBS can detect it easily if it is a windowed game.

Setting up the game capture mode is a bit lengthy and confusing but not something you cannot do. I suggest you watch some video tutorials after reading this guide so that you are better able at registering these steps in your mind.

Now that you are somehow aware of how to set up OBS to stream on Twitch, it is about time you get some knowledge on how to live stream with OBS on Twitch. Read the following two steps to become clear on how to do so:

Step 3: Begin with Streaming on Twitch

Now that the OBS is all ready and set up to record and stream, your job is to connect it with your Twitch channel. Doing so is simple. Just go to your OBS home screen after the above steps are done and click on the ‘settings’ button at the bottom of the screen. You can also access the settings by clicking on the ‘File’ option.

Once you reach the settings window, click on ‘stream’, go to ‘Streaming services’, and click on ‘Twitch’ to set it up as your streaming service. You will be presented with a box where you have to add your stream key (the one you got in the first step). Now go to the server box, select the closest server, and click the ‘okay’ button so that your settings are all saved.

The window you selected ‘Twitch’ as your streaming option from is the same window from where you can select Facebook Live or YouTube Gaming. There, you can also change your settings and gain control over your streaming. You can try lowering your video bitrate, experiment with other OBS features, and can explore the best modes for your gaming system to work with.

Step 4: Get Ready and Start Streaming

Here comes the result of this long process of setting up Twitch and OBS that seemed like an eternity. Now, your OBS and Twitch are connected, your game is ready to be played, and you are just a click away from your audience who would be enjoying your gaming session. You can see a ‘Start streaming’ button on your OBS window’s bottom right corner. Just click on it and you are all set to start the show.

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