How To Stream Mobile Games On Twitch

How To Stream Mobile Games On Twitch

We are living in times excitable enough for video game lovers. Remember when we had to go extra showy to tell others about our achievements in a certain game? Well, the times have changed and instead of having to tell people about being adept at playing a specific game, we can now simply live stream our gaming experiences for others to enjoy and praise us.

Twitch is an exciting entry to the world of entertainment and gaming that lets video game players stream their gaming live from anywhere. Whether you are playing a game on your console, on your PC, or even on your phone, you can let thousands of people all around the globe watch your gaming skills online. Since most gamers who want to live stream their skills are playing games on their phones, all they need is some knowledge on how to stream games on Twitch from phone and they are good to go.

If you are a gamer and want this live streaming magic too then this article is surely a must-read for you. Given below is the easiest guide on how to stream mobile games on Twitch, iOS and Android both.

What Exactly Is Mobile Streaming And How Can I Do It?

Simply stated, mobile streaming means you telecast your screen for everyone to see what is going on there. Unlike PCs and other high-end systems, mobiles are hard to be streamed live. Whether it is an iOS or an Android system, live streaming of mobile screens is not of high quality even if done, thus being of no use for a gamer who wants to stream his or her gaming experience live.

However, now that we have Twitch, things are becoming better. Twitch can be easily connected with live streaming tools to telecast mobile gaming in high video quality. You need to understand that there are two ways in which Twitch can be used to live stream your mobile games. These two ways include:

  • By installing relevant apps on your mobile and connecting them with the Twitch app.
  • By installing a compatible software in your computer that can stream your phone’s screen live

If you are here, chances are you would like to know more about how to stream mobile games on Twitch without a computer. This is because most people who own computers prefer playing games on their PCs over doing so on small mobile screens. This is particularly why the next portion of this article is only going to tell you how to stream mobile games on Twitch via mobile apps, leaving the computer streaming aside.

Mobile Games Streaming On Twitch with StreamLabs – Step-by-Step Guide

If you have tried searching online streaming solutions for your mobile gaming before, chances are you would have come across various apps that promise at fulfilling your purpose. You must have seen how some of these apps are available just on one of the Apple of the Google Play Store. To keep things easier, I am just sticking to a single app that both the iPhone and the Android users can easily avail. Even where there are some fantastic ones out there that need to be mentioned too, the purpose of sticking with just one app is to let you easily understand the process of streaming rather than confusing you more.

So let’s get started with the steps of streaming mobile games on Twitch:


  • Ensure you are fully equipped: First things first, you need to make sure you have all that one needs to stream things online. A strong internet connection, a fully functional mobile phone, a Twitch account, and a game that you need to stream (Updated version).

  • Install StreamLabs: Once you are ready, go to your phone’s app store and install the app named StreamLabs. This is a live streaming app needed by Twitch to live stream the games you play on your phone. Make sure to download the official app with the highest number of downloads so that you don’t get fooled by a copy app or a bug.
  • Login StreamLabs with your Twitch account: Open the StreamLabs app and log in with your Twitch account. Once you add your credentials and press login, you would be asked for trust permission. Click on “Authorize” to continue.

  • Choose a camera and screen: Now that you are logged in, you need to set up for live stream a bit. You would be selecting whether or not you are going to turn your webcam on and the screen that you want to share. There are several advanced settings that you can leave unattended for some time if you want to start with a basic level of live stream.
  • Grant the needed permissions to your app: Your app will now ask for a number of permissions and there will be some pop-ups that you need to address depending upon the version of android or iOS you are using. You will be greeted and StreamLabs would start capturing everything that is on screen but there is nothing to worry about. You can click start now and you will be asked for some more permission that you can choose to allow or discard depending upon what kind of streaming you want.
  • Set up your live stream: When you are done granting all the permissions (and if you have already ticked camera and screen-related options before) a screen will appear having your face all over it. There is no need to worry since you can fix the layout of your stream and how it looks like in this step. Simply click on the three-lined icon on the top left corner of the app screen and you will be presented with multiple options. You can pick and choose the elements that you want your live streaming screen to cover, design a layout for them, and resize your camera’s box (even turn it off if you don’t want to show your face.

Now that all of this all done, you simply have to start the live stream by going to the main screen and clicking the big red button. Within a few seconds, you would be live in front of thousands of gamers, impressing them with your skills.

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