How To Start Selling Photos on Etsy

How To Start Selling Photos on Etsy

If you’re a photographer with talent, there is no reason you should not find the means to make money out of your captures. Sorry if this sounds materialistic to you, but this is actually the truth. Besides, sometimes selling your captures can bring you more fame as a photographer. And, isn’t it that we all want?

If you are looking for the best platform to sell your photos, then Etsy is your place to go for. Whether you want to sell your photos on Etsy as a full-time source of income or just to make some part-time profit, you can easily do it.

Don’t worry if you have never used Etsy before, given below are all the steps that you need to follow in the same order to start selling your photos on Etsy quickly and effectively:

1-    Decide and Sort The Photos You Would Want To Sell

With Etsy, you can choose any of the several ways to sell photos that you have captured. The most common one is to sell the physical prints. These can either be in the form of big wall hangings or smaller hangings as well as made to be placed at coffee tables.

Printed pictures are quite a demand and, going with this option, your chances towards generating sales are quite more than enough. But we didn’t say you can’t go for other options now, did we?

However, we need you to be mindful of the fact that prints come with a lot of hard work both in getting them made as well as in shipping. Hence, you must only go for them if you think you can afford all that.

Next up, we have digital prints. If you don’t want to go for the struggles of getting things printed and framed, you can have this option as a seller too.

With this mode of selling, you just have to sell the digital version of whatever you have captured. People will get a high-quality print version of your photos and will then print them in whatever way they like. Don’t forget to care about your copyrights. Even after you sell it, the photo must be known as yours.

If you want to spice things up a bit, why not go for a photography book? This book would have all your stunning captures (maybe with some tips on how to capture more like those) and amateurs, as well as another photographer, can buy those books.

Here again, whether you want to sell the printed versions of the books or just the eBooks is yours.

To decide what would be the best for you to go about selling, you need to see your stock available for selling. See if your captures would look best (and, obviously, sold more) in prints or as coffee table books, and then go for the most valid option.

It’s best to have something ready for sale even before you make an Etsy account, this would speed up the later steps for you and would ease your task further.

2-    Plan Your Etsy Store

Never, we repeat (this times in caps) NEVER start your Etsy store without a proper plan. Once you are done with the photo stock’s preparation, it’s time you think about what exactly to do on Etsy.


Your planning phase could be a few days or months long, depending on how you go about things. At this stage, decide all the basics. Come up with the final business name, logos, prices, and some clear pictures of the items you want to sell.

It’s best to even watch some Etsy tutorial for store setup and themes selection so your time can later be saved.


3-    Create An Etsy Account

Creating an account on Etsy is quite easy. You just have to be careful about the information you fill in whether it is correct or not.

Go to Etsy’s home page and create an account. Once it is made, click on “sell on Etsy and then complete all the steps that are there for every seller to complete. Etsy might feel a bit too interested in how you are going to run this store. Don’t worry and just fill in the right information.

Now, name your store, add a bio, put up displays, select themes and personalize your store as you want. Once it reaches a satisfactory look, start adding your product’s photos and you are almost there. Make sure to create the product’s listings while keeping SEO in mind.

Also, try adding the highest quality photos (at least 10 per product) to let your buyers have a better look at the product that they will buy.

Write full-length descriptions of the listing to let people be further clarification on the product and its history. Try being personal and creative with the description while ensuring SEO. It’s best to tell a fun story about your experience when you went out capturing the photo you are selling while naturally incorporating all the keywords that could rank your listing on top.


4-    Decide and Set Up the Payment Methods

You want to go with the most secure method. Also, try to go for something that is available in a wide range of regions, this would attract you more buyers and generate better sales.

Also, be very clear on Etsy’s terms and policies with whatever payment method you chose. Know how the transaction processes at the platform, the amount and taxes charged from you, and everything else.

Keeping this information in mind, try coming up with a method that can save you more and is also fully comprehensible to you.

Once your store is all set and ready to attract customers, it is your duty to cater to everything else. Keep on treating your buyers the right way so that may come back. Market your Etsy shop on different platforms and ask your friends or family members to buy and leave you nice reviews, with all this, your chances towards success get higher.



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