How to promote on Soundcloud

How to promote on Soundcloud

Kygo, Post Malone, Bryson Tiller – recognize these names? Well, what if I tell you they started on SoundCloud?

Unbelievable. Isn’t it?

You probably thought it’s only those renowned, mysterious companies they show in books and movies who accidentally come across melodic voices and take them to the peaks of fame and glory. Didn’t you?

Well, in today’s advanced world, it need not be that difficult and movie-ish. You can start right now simply by joining any of the best music promoting platforms.

With that said, my personal favorite among the many is none other than SoundCloud. That platform is truly magic.

With about 175 million users currently, SoundCloud offers massive exposure from the very start. Unlike other platforms, you don’t have to wait for days to get some degree of positive response – some degree of acknowledgment. You get that right away.

As for building an audience – that’s the real deal. That’s what gets you to the big stage.

And in case you’re wondering how to promote on SoundCloud, fret not. I’ve got you covered.  Let’s get straight to it!

First Impressions are the Last Impressions!

Yes, the statement above is 100% correct. As an artist, your SoundCloud profile is a work portfolio and a reflection of who you are. Upon reaching your profile, people will analyze your personality and music genre by the looks of your profile.

It might sound against the popular phrase; don’t judge a book by its cover. But, my friend, it is a sad reality of the world. So, while we cannot change things, we can be wise enough to use them for our benefit.

Well, to coin your profile in the hearts of your potential audience, you must focus on your header image. You must make it meaningful, aesthetically appealing, and recognizable. Hence, dedicate a portion of time to creating a header image that is an accurate representation of your music.

Another benefit of investing efforts in your header image is that it will allow your audience to connect with your music. They will understand and vibe with the music better.

Besides the header image, a feature that will enable you to cast an impression on your audience is the profile description. You should draft a description that tells people who you are and what’s your story. The description should interact and encourage your music listeners to share it.

Research Helps A LOT


Once you’ve set up an inviting profile that truly reflects your personality and music, it’s time to optimize it. Note that optimizing here on SoundCloud mostly refers to targeting your audience and providing them with more of what they want.

For this, you can use SoundCloud’s custom analytics tool.

Opt for the Pro version, and you will have access to all the usage and traffic data. With this, you can determine which of your songs your audience likes more. And work towards these.

Certainly, Soundcloud charges for these services, but the cost is insignificant compared to the amount of valuable data that a user gets. Also, bear in mind, other analytics tools like Google Analytics and YouTube Analytics may not provide you an effective lead on how to promote your music on Soundcloud. That’s because they provide detailed data but respective to their platform only.

But in case you can not afford Soundcloud Pro right now, then you can still do with the free tools offered by other platforms. It’s just that you will have to put in some extra effort in promoting your songs on these respective platforms there as well. You’ll have to build an audience there too. Eventually, you can drive this audience to your Soundcloud profile.

Source: AHPScot Blog

Develop a Plan

Once you have identified the target audience, it’s time to craft an organic marketing strategy that works. You know who is listening to your music and why. Now, you must create content and take actions that satisfy the target audience’s needs. Here are some commonly-practiced and effective methods to try:

Sync Your Accounts

Also referred to as cross-promotion, the syncing of your SoundCloud account to other social media can market your music on other platforms. These social media platforms include YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and many others.

Adding your SoundCloud profile link on your other account’s descriptions will help the new followers to land on your SoundCloud. Hence, increasing exposure.

Plus, uploading edits or clipped versions of your music on other platforms can derive the traffic to your SoundCloud account. Dedicated YouTube users who have never used SoundCloud before can land on your profile and explore.

Moreover, finding your music all over the Internet will build trust and authenticity in the hearts of your target audience. Looking at your work-in-progress stories on Instagram and then finding your music on SoundCloud, people will be able to connect to your music on an entirely different level. Hence, strengthening the bond.


Perhaps, the best way to promote music on SoundCloud is collaborating with some popular artists in your music genre. Find other aspiring musicians on SoundCloud, listen to their tracks, and formulate constructive criticism.  Next, discuss with them and explain how collaboration between you two can serve as an effective solution.

Remember, collaborations means both artists will benefit. So, as a newbie, while you will receive the marketing boost from the other artist’s following, you must offer a benefit too. Make it fair yet slightly diplomatic.

Build a Community

Once people start reaching out, you must emphasize community building. Follow other artists and public figures. Or, you can even give your dedicated fans a follow to hype up your profile. Fans would certainly love getting a follow from their much-loved celebrities, and they won’t let it go unnoticed!

Apart from follows, do engage and interact with people by leaving comments. Give feedback on other artists’ works, or discuss opinions with their fans to shine some light on your profile too.

 Now, this does not mean leaving a link to your profile everywhere. Just a little check my work out or any other Call-to-Action statement is good enough.

Fortunately, there are groups on SoundCloud too. So, you can join relevant groups as per your music genre and promote it over there.

Source: Buy Soundcloud Plays

Action Time!

Well, you now know almost everything about how to promote on SoundCloud. However, only knowing and planning will not turn your dream into reality. You need to get going right now!

Also, as you begin with this magical, life-changing journey, let me tell you, it’s a demanding job. Keep yourself invested at all times. Of course, you can take breaks as per your will, but that will negatively impact your audience growth. But then again, all careers demand dedication. So, why not.

Once you find yourself firm and determined in your stance, execute the plan, and shift to monitoring and improving results. Just keep yourself updated with trends and optimizing tips about how to promote a song on SoundCloud!

You Have Got This!

Above, we have discussed some effective methods to get your music on your front line of SoundCloud. However, know that growth and prosperity take time.

So be patient and keep on working. Difficulties are a part of life. Be consistent and persistent because you can be the rainbow too that rises full of colors after a dark, stormy night. Know you have got this!

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