How To Make Prints Of Paintings

How To Make Prints Of Paintings

We are all living in times when no one ever lets go of a chance to earn (Not a bad thing at all, I guess). Whenever people are good at something or have a talent, they make sure to turn it into something that can get them some part-time earning. (I said “people” do so and not me because I am not even good at writing, and I am still doing it). People start making and creating whatever they are best at and start selling it to others and this generates quite a lot of money sometimes.

However, the scenario changes a bit when it comes to painters and artists. These people are a little over-emotional when it comes to their art (Perhaps this is why they can produce such good pieces of art). They are usually so sentimental that they cannot bear the idea of their personal pieces going to someone else, not even in return for a handsome sum of money.

If you are also one of them and cannot give away your paintings and artworks then you should thank yourself for opening this post. Thankfully, there is now a solution for you that can help you convert your painting talent into your means of earning without having you lose your original artworks. The solution is to create several prints of paintings and all such artwork that you have created digitally (needless to say, all sorts of art have taken up a digital and modernized form and so should your paintings).  Printing your paintings means you can simply sell away as many prints as you want while keeping the original one with yourself.

I know you are geared at this idea. So why don’t we get into it a bit more? Given below are some suggestions and ways to take out good quality prints of paintings for selling purposes. Do not be disheartened if your artwork is all on canvas, we have a solution for that too. So let us get started, shall we?

Getting Your Painting Ready For the Print

Before we jump on to the ways of printing the paintings, it is important to get our artwork ready for the process. If your paintings are all on canvas, getting them ready means shifting them into a digital, printable form. This can be done by capturing fully-lit and very clear pictures of them on canvas with a very high-quality camera. Make sure to angle them perfectly and take shots as clear as possible so that you don’t have to edit them too much later, thus retaining the perfect form of your painting.

Now that the art is in the digital form, you need to convert it to a format that is easily printable and resize it to the size of the print you need. Make sure you do these two things for the artwork that has been created digitally too.

Now, your painting is ready. So here are the ways to take prints of paintings you have saved:

  • Hiring a Print Company

Nothing is better than going to a reputable print company to get your artwork printed. You simply have to tell them the size that you need for the print, the quality of the material on which you want the print and need to provide them with a soft copy of the painting that needs to be printed. Ask them to produce the highest quality of prints for you so that the color grading and other things are not manipulated. If you plan on continuing the printing job for a longer time, I suggest you try out several printing firms and sign a contract with the one that you think suits you the best.

Initially, getting things printed commercially might feel a bit expensive. This is why you should first take orders from people who want the prints, ask them for some advance payment, and then get on with the task of getting the stuff printed. If you can ensure all of this, there is nothing better and easier than getting the prints of your art work from a reputed printing company.

  • Printing At Home With Whatever You Have

Printing your paintings is also possible if you have a decent printing set up at your home. Trust me, you are lucky if you have a color printing facility at your home, the torture of going all across the town to get one is very tormenting. Why don’t you make use of it by printing your paintings on your own?

If you think that commercial printing is not your thing and want to start humbly, you just have to have a high-quality printer with you. Make sure you can actually provide your buyers with valuable prints that look and feel luxurious and don’t make them regret their investment.

Things you need to take care of when you are printing things on your own at home include:

  • Your printer needs to be of the highest possible quality
  • You should be using only the highest and thickest form of paper
  • Your printer should always be fed with good quality ink
  • The print resolution should be excellent, everything
  • The printer should not be low on ink when you are taking prints

Just by ensuring a little quality, you can actually create exceptional art works in very little time and can set up your own little print selling shop at home.

  • Giclée Printing

If you are already printing your art work and doing very well with your business, chances are you need some advice on how to enhance your setup. I suggest you invest some money in fine art printing services. Nowadays, printing companies and businesses are reverting to Giclée printing to ensure the highest possible quality of their printing stuff. This particular kind of printing is a whole process in itself that provides people with exceptionally high print quality. The prints taken via a Giclée printer are very true to the real art work and last longer. If you can afford it, you can invest in a modern and huge inkjet printer and your prints would come out all Giclée, making your buyers happier and pushing them to buy more.

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