How To Make My Logo Transparent in 2021 (2 Ways Explained)

How To Make My Logo Transparent in 2021 (2 Ways Explained)

Regardless of whether you are a graphics designer or not, you must have at least once had faced the dilemma of not being able to fix a logo somewhere because of its background. No matter which brand or business they represent, logos need to be designed in a way that easily allows everyone to fit them wherever they want.

While those who design the logos often have the formats without any background, things get a little restricting when it comes down to laymen like us. However, even when you aren’t the designer of a logo, at times you still need its transparent design to fit it on a bill-board, a presentation, or some documents.

A transparent logo design is better able to merge anywhere you put it and hence does not ruin the aesthetics of anything. Using a logo with no background gives your work a neat and better-polished look and hence, you need to know the ways of making any logo transparent.

If you are here, we are assuming you to be naïve when it comes to graphics designing. This is probably why you didn’t know that you can use Photoshop for the purpose (or maybe you knew that but cannot seem to work with such an advanced tool).

Don’t worry, setting Photoshop aside, we are going to tell you the easiest ways to make a logo transparent. Stick through and you will get there.

So, let’s begin:

1 –    LunaPic

Source: Changemediagroup


This one is a great option if you don’t want to invest even a cent on getting a transparent logo and are a non-designer who can’t understand the complicated designing techniques. Here are the steps that you need to perform in LunaPic to get a transparent logo:

  1. Click the browse button and upload your picture.
  2. Click on the edit menu and select the transparent background option
  3. Now click anywhere on the photo’s background that you need to remove and it will be removed within seconds
  4. Use the adjustment bar at the top of the window to customize the new transparent logo and then download it.

2 –    Clipping Magic

Source: Changemediagroup

This one may require you to pay up a bit, but it’s a great tool. You can try using this tool when your picture’s background is not too solid and hence, cannot be removed by LunaPic. Using this one, follow the steps given below to get a transparent logo:

  1. Upload the picture with the logo
  2. On the screen, you can see a red and green colored brush tool. Click on it to select.
  3. Using this brush, precisely mark the part of the uploaded image that you want to be removed in red. Using the green color, mark those parts that you want to stay after the background is removed.
  4. Once all is done, simply click okay and download your image. You will need to pay a minimal fee before you can download your transparent logo.


Other than these two, advanced tools like Adobe Photoshop or maybe PicMonkey are always out there for your usage if you are okay with paying and need advanced editing.

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