How To Get More Views On Twitch?

How To Get More Views On Twitch?

The world’s leading online game streaming platform in the 21st century, Twitch has provided many with an absolute platform where they get to share their love for gaming with the world. The frantic trend of gaming has taken almost the entire world by storm. Thankfully, this amazing platform single-handedly does much for this gaming storm in the world than anything else ever can.

What started as just a broadcast and streaming platform, Twitch now has turned into a whole world of gaming in itself. People live stream their favorite gaming sessions on this platform, and it has also been a great place for ESPN broadcasts.

If you have been streaming live on Twitch or have been planning to do so anytime soon, we want you to be fully aware of the immense competition that this platform has now. There are so many people using Twitch that it is practically impossible for a gaming session broadcaster or streamer to easily bag a huge following right from the beginning.

So, does this mean you should lose hope of being a famous gamer on Twitch? No. That is never the option.

There is nothing (except your poor quality streaming abilities) that can stop anyone from becoming a famous person at Twitch. No matter how late you join, you can easily have a lot of fans following you on Twitch who will surely love viewing all your live streams.

Ever wondered what makes some streams so good that you wait for them all day long? What is so good in a presenter right across the screen that can make you set alarms and sacrifice your sleep just so you do not miss their streaming session?

Well, it takes nothing except a few to be that good of a stream at every platform. The same holds true to Twitch too.

If you have been meaning to seriously become a streamer at Twitch, you need to have a huge number of views at the time. This is possible if you follow some basic and simple, yet very important, unsaid rules of Twitch streaming.

Don’t know what we are talking about? Don’t worry. Given below are some expert answers on how to get more views on Twitch and become a name people would love following on this platform.

It might get too much but the steps are quite simple. You can easily follow all of these in one stream, ensuring that none of your potential viewers leave. Just stick around and read patiently and once you are done, nothing can ever come in your way to bagging some awesome and loyal viewers on all your Twitch streams.

So, without further ado, let us begin.

Don’t worry, you can thank us later (or never, maybe)

Tip 1: Know The Trending Games

Now, you cannot expect people to cheer at your live stream and send likes or load it with comments just by playing your favorite game all the time. The reason most people watch a Twitch live stream of a gamer is that they want to learn the tricks from the gaming experts. Not because they love the sound of your voice.

So, you have to make sure that you provide people with what exactly they come for. If you have not been able to guess by now, people come to your live stream primarily to get some tips and learn some tricks to play a game in vogue.

Hence, you playing a single classical game is not going to get you a lot of viewers as such. Now, this means you have to pick the right kind of games to play and talk about in your live stream. But, what exactly defines the right kind of game?

Well, the right kind of game is something that most members or a gaming community would be playing at a given time. You need to search for the most trending and in-demand games every month and try featuring your live stream in a way that incorporates those games at least in some way.

Also, at first, it might seem like there are a lot of games to cover and the live streams cannot be that long. However, you need to at least play each of the famous ones once in a live stream. After that, you can compare the engagement and views on each stream and can decide which one bags you more views. Then, just stick to it in the long run.

Now that you have shortlisted the games, find which one of those you actually like and are passionate about and whether or not you can ace them every time you play. Try to go for that game that is somehow so smooth to play for you that you can focus on speaking and engaging with the audience as you play.

Also, you should try picking the games that are not being played too much on Twitch. Now, playing a game that is so in trend and doing this unique thing at the same time might seem a bit difficult, but you got to keep a balance and that is where you will get your audience from.

What if you start with a relatively new gaming niche and find a game so good that people, who have never heard of it, can come to your stream over and over again just to find more about that game.

Another point here that we want you to remember is to focus on playing at least 3-4 different games in different streams. Obviously, people will never like coming back for the same thing over and over again. Also, you will get bored of playing the same game all day long.

Now that you know what kind of the right games you need to select, here are some ways you can find the trendiest games of all the time:

  • Through joining different gaming Facebook groups. There is nothing more updated than a group on social media. There, people would keep sharing things that are in demand the most, and hence, you can get an idea of what is new.
  • Gaming sites are another authentic way for you to reach out to the best of trends in the gaming world.
  • If you cannot go anywhere else, let the Twitch homepage help you get through. There, you can get to know of the most popular games as well as those games that are not too saturated and hence can be a good option for you to go about.
  • If you cannot find a computer game that is unique and in vogue, you can also go for mobile games that are quite common nowadays.
  • Talk to your gamer friends and they can also guide you a lot about the latest gaming trends.
  • Become an avid newspaper reader or a listener of news. Pay more attention to the news about digital video games and you are most likely to get an idea out of there too.

By playing games that are in vogue, you are sure to get followers and views doubled within days. As a result, each of your streams would surely be a superstar on Twitch easily.

Tip 2: Leverage Social Media To Attract Views

Living in the age of social media, it would be nothing but a non-sensical act if you do not use social media as a source to market yourself. I mean, who would not like some marketing done for their Twitch channel and themselves for free? Obviously, everyone would love to take up this opportunity.

Social media reaches almost all parts of the world and is the easiest to use mode of communication. You can easily make an account on different social networking platforms and can easily get to connect with a million people over there, only if you follow the right protocols while using it.

Once you connect to people on social media, no matter who, you can easily convince at least half of them to view your Twitch streams. This way to get followers and viewers of Twitch is simple, a bit time-taking, yet fun and fruitful.

Here are some things that you can do to use social media in the right way and get more and more followers on your Twitch account through social media:

  • Make Your Social Media Account Inviting

No one would ever follow an account that looks boring and does not offer them any entertainment. Your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other such profiles have to be so welcoming and up to date that people are forced, not just to follow you, but also to prefer reading and watching your posts.

Now, depending on what kind of content you post, you can make your account inviting in several ways. It could just be a play of themes and colors combined with cute posts or tips on life in a way that captures everyone’s attention. It is totally up to you, how you make things work in the best possible way.

  • Don’t Turn Your Social Media Account Into Your Twitch Marketing Forum

When people are using Instagram or Facebook, they could not care any less about your Twitch channel. Hence, if your social media is all about just you, promoting your Twitch channel and its live streams, your followers over there would hardly keep up with you for a week.

Rather, you need to market your Twitch streams on your social media rather wisely and covertly. Otherwise, your social media account should feel like an account that a whole human manages and not just some mechanical profile meant at displaying ads.

Hence, it is best to keep on posting different things on your social media account and then, randomly, put in a reference to your Twitch. You can even create an account on book reviews or film reviews, photography, or whatever else you like and can still use it for Twitch live stream’s marketing.

Do whatever you deem is fine but JUST DON’T create an account just for the sake of marketing on Twitch only.

  • Connect With Your Followers

There is nothing better than connecting with your followers no matter how. A social media account with more followers than usual only attracts even more followers if the person behind that account has the nerve to connect with the people following him or her.

When you respond to people’s messages and comments or try knowing their opinion on a thing, they are likely to feel like you are valuing them. This would force them to never press that unfollow button and they will stay with you no matter whether you post a nice little poem or simply market your upcoming live stream.

Tip 3: Never Stay Silent On The Stream

Now, this is quite a simple thing but still can lose you a lot of viewers during a stream if you don’t care about it.

Remember what Dory told Marlin? Just Keep Swimming. Let us change it a bit for you. Now, it states “Just Keep Talking”. As you live stream your gaming session, there is nothing worse than staying silent for more than 2 seconds.

Yeah, you are allowed to take water breaks and breathing breaks, but you cannot stay silent without any solid reason. No matter how peaceful it sounds, your silence can make many leave the stream within a moment or two.

Also, imagine yourself entering someone’s live stream with so much passion and zest and when you join it, you can hear nothing but radio silence. Are you going to stay there? Well, never! So just imagine what would your viewers do if they have to face the same scenario, they would simply leave.

You can even fill your silence and pauses with Arrrrrs and ummmmmss but what you are not at all allowed to do is to stay silent. By now, you must be wondering why we are repeating this point too much, right?

Well, we are doing that purposefully. We don’t want your stream to be so boring and weird that no one ever dares to click on the play button ever again. Remember, you have got to make people energetic and lively, not sing them a lullaby to make them sleep.

Tip 4: Use the Best Streaming Gear

We all know that to get more views on Twitch you need to be professional and efficient in streaming. Professional streamers never compromise on the quality of the stream. Even if they have no content to stream, the quality of their stream is enough to attract viewers.

To get more views on Twitch you should never compromise the quality of the stream.  The quality of the stream is the first and the main thing that attracts the audience towards the stream.

The quality of the stream includes its sound, image quality, internet connection, and best visuals. A stream with a distorted voice, blurred image, and an unsteady internet connection is hated by the audience and is not likely to attract more viewers.

From this entire discussion one thing is clear, that if you want to get more views on Twitch, you need to get the best quality streaming gear.

As we have discussed that all professional streamers use the best quality streaming gears and equipment. Given below are some of the equipment that are used by professional streamers, read them all and make sure to get all these required streaming gears for your Twitch streaming sessions:

  • A high-quality microphone
  • A suspension strand for the microphone
  • Webcam
  • Capture or memory card
  • A good computer
  • Steady internet connection
  • Streaming software
  • Graphics card

All the above-mentioned equipment, along with some others as well, will help you to stream professionally on Twitch. You should try to get the best version and quality of this equipment so that you can attract more viewers.

We know that buying the best streaming gear requires a huge sum of investment, but the long-term benefits the initial investment offers are amazing.  So, don’t be afraid of making the initial investment, as to get more views on the stream you need to do such expenses.

In short, we can say that this tip is very useful and simple. As we all know that viewers don’t like the low-quality stream or video. A stream with dim lighting, a distorted voice, and a blurred vision are not liked by the audience. Having the best streaming gear will impress the audience, and the audience will be attracted by your stream a lot.

 Tip 5:  Stream on a Regular and Consistent Basis


The other very amazing and useful tip to get more views on Twitch is to be consistent. Remember, consistency is the key to attract more viewers on Twitch. In case you are not consistent you will definitely fail. Also, staying consistent will help you to gain loyalty among the viewers.

To reach a majority of the public, you need to stream frequently. As a new streamer, you will need to stream more often as compared to professional streamers. Try to stream at least three times a week at the beginning of the launch of the channel. Once you have got enough views, limit the stream to one stream per week, and communicate the new schedule with the viewers.

Decide on the schedule you will be streaming and stick to the schedule at all costs. Try to identify the day of the week and the time of the day at which you are mostly free and can stream. After finalizing the day and the time you need to communicate the schedule with the viewers.

As we know that all the big names and professional streamers are always consistent and on time. You too need to consider this tip in order to be a pro streamer.

If you are not consistent and punctual, then you cannot get more views on Twitch. Also make sure to start the stream at least five minutes before the schedule, and resolve the technical issues during this time.

Staying consistent is the best answer to the question of how to get followers on Twitch fast. Also, it is the best way to get more viewers on Twitch.

If you will stay consistent the audience will praise you and will think of you as a passionate streamer. While on the opposite hand if you will not follow the schedule the viewers will think of you as a liar and unprofessional streamer.

People will be attracted to a channel that is active and not the one that is active, staying on the schedule helps you to stay active and thus helps you to attract viewers.

Many new streamers make the mistake of not streaming on time, the fate and future of such streamers are always a failure. Not having a consistent schedule means that you are not serious about the channel.

So, if you want to see your channel grow efficiently and quickly, make sure to stay consistent and active.  Always stream on time, in case there is some real emergency, make sure to inform the audience prior to the streaming time.

Tip 6: Value Your Audience

You may have seen the famous streamers interacting with their audience. Have you ever wondered why they do so? The answer to this query is very simple. This is because they want to value their existing audience and attract more viewers to their channel.

Valuing the audience results in the success of the channel, doing this will also attract other people to your channel. So, we can say that another very amazing tip to get more viewers on Twitch is to value the audience.

When you value the audience it attracts them and many other people towards your channel, resulting in an increased number of viewers. Valuing the audience makes them loyal and attracted towards the channel, this makes this tip the best answer to the question of how to get more viewers on Twitch free.

You can value the audience in the following ways:

  • Replying to their comments
  • Reposting their posts (fan posts)
  • Arranging giveaways for the audience frequently
  • Live chat with them
  • Video calls
  • Answering their question
  • Considering their advice and tips

Replying to the comments on your social media account or on Twitch helps you to stay in touch with the audience. The audience will also admire you for this action and your viewers will also increase.

If you have some fan page that is continuously posting your pictures, videos, and edits on their social media account, then you need to acknowledge that fan page. Make sure to repost the best edits (if not all) on your own account. Doing this will not only compel other people to make your fan pages but will also attract people towards your Twitch account.

Arranging giveaways is another very amazing yet creative technique to get views on your Twitch account. You can arrange any contest of your own and can give something to the winner. Many streamers organize giveaways in which they ask the people to subscribe to their channel and to get the chance to win.

You can even collaborate with some other streamers for arranging a super awesome giveaway for your viewers.

Chatting with viewers, answering their queries, and video calling them are some other ways of valuing and interacting with the audience. Not only do these tips help you to interact with the audience and to get more views on Twitch, but also help you to make content for your channel.

Whenever you are out of ideas and don’t know what to stream, then consider replying to the audience’s comments and interacting with them.

We will suggest you start interacting with the audience as soon as possible and see the visible growth in the view count of your channel.

Tip 7: Offer Something No One Else Is – Be Unique and Different

We all know that when everyone else is offering the same thing, we need to offer something unique. The same is the case with streaming live on Twitch.

Unlike the past few years, Twitch and game streaming both have taken a great hit. More people than ever now know about this platform and more and more are joining it for the sake of live streaming their gaming sprees.

Now with such immense number of people being on the same platform, the only thing you can expect is nothing but intense competition as a live streamer. No matter how good you think you are at a game. No matter how great is your gaming and how good you are at live streaming, your excellence at gaming alone cannot help you maintain your stream.

Rather, your uniqueness is!

If you really want to attract a lot of viewers to your channel, then make sure to offer something very unique to them. A creative and comparatively new idea is likely to get more views than a normal or repetitive idea.

You may have seen that many streamers stream games online. If you too will start streaming games then the chances of the growth of your streaming channel are relatively less.

Decide on the niche of your streaming carefully. Don’t go with a common niche instead Try to figure out the niche that is both interesting and attractive to the audience.

First, determine your own interest, and then see the numbers of streamers streaming that, if not many people are offering it then you can continue with that idea, otherwise you need to reconsider it.

Some of the unique and loved ideas include:

  • Gaming Guides
  • Product reviews
  • Music
  • Shows
  • Short stories

Try to figure out the idea you like the most and start working on it. With a unique idea, you are likely to welcome more viewers to your channel.

It’s best to incorporate only those things to your gaming stream that you have a vast knowledge of. Remember, your channel is going to be watched by a lot of people at a time, not having the right kind of knowledge about what you talk on might turn you into a meme, something no gaming streamer would ever like.

Tip 8: Never Disrespect Another Streaming Channel

This is an important tip to get Twitch followers free. Always, always make sure to show respect and acknowledge the other streamers, even those who might have said something controversial about you and you want to pick a bone with them. You can always do that in private chats.

In fact, it is best to say good things about other’s live streams on Twitch. Famous streamers can help you to get viewers easily. Saying nice things about the streamers with a high view count will attract their viewers towards your channel.

Some people make the mistake of saying ill and bad things regarding other streamers. Doing this degrades the value of their channel and no matter how good the content they are posting they still are unable to attract enough viewers just because of their mean behavior.

Don’t disrespect other streamers as it will cause their fans to unsubscribe to your channel. We have seen many new streamers disrespecting the famous streamers and losing their view count.

To get more views on Twitch you need to acknowledge the other streamers and highlight the things they are doing.

Even if you don’t like any streamer personally, just keep it to yourself, and don’t announce it on the internet. Disrespecting any other streamer will only result in your own embarrassment and failure.

In many cases, we have seen that new streamers continuously praise the famous streamers and get shootouts or mentions from them. The mentions from famous streamers definitely result in the increased view count of the new streamers.

So, we again advise you not to roast any other streamer. Your unnecessary sarcasm might lose you views and followers and you definitely don’t want that.

Tip 9: Be An Entertainer

Now that we just told you not to be unnecessarily sarcastic, telling you to act like an entertainer on your live stream might make you doubt our sanity. But don’t worry, we will explain it.

Being an entertainer means you must be able to carry out your stream in the most realistic way possible. Fine, you have people following you and waiting for you to stream your gaming, you are somewhat a celebrity, except that no paparazzi are roaming around you all the time.

But this fame should not lead you to act like a mechanical celeb who has just one side of their persona out for the public to see. Rather, you should have the courage to embrace your natural self as much as possible when you are streaming something.

Even when you are a shy and serious person in real life, there is no way you should underestimate your abilities of being funny or entertaining. You just have to be as real as possible and people will automatically start connecting with you. This would not only make your stream entertaining for them but will also ensure that you bring your best and most entertaining aura forward in a stream.

Here are some things you can do to make your stream entertaining:

  • Start the stream energetically:

Nothing ever compares the decency and grace of a person who knows what they are going to talk about. Yes, you got it right. Being energetic in a live stream does not mean you have to scream at the top of your lungs or do something of the sort. It’s just that you must be able to speak coherently and confidently, with no irritating umms and arrrs.

And this is only possible when you know your thing. Have you ever wondered how some streams can bring their best foot forward and don’t glitch while talking at all? Well, they practice before they come live and while it may seem stupid to practice for a live stream, we suggest you must do it.

Also, take a good sleep and eat well before you start streaming. Chances are, you would be speaking a lot and have to stay attentive too. These two things require you to be in the best and the most attentive of your moods.

Ensuring all these things, you are ready to start the most energetic of streams easily. Also, please don’t scream as you speak no matter how excited you are. We get you but many people have their earbuds and handsfree on when watching your stream and your screaming may affect them so much that they find it better to leave.

Once someone sees your stream beginning in such a good way, not only they would recommend you to their friends but will keep an eye out for your next stream too. Now, is it not the best way to get long-term followers? It surely is!

  • Own your mistakes:

What is so entertaining in that? Well, we will explain.

When you are live streaming, you are expected to commit mistakes – even blunders – at times because you are a human who is simply doing his or her thing in front of so many people. There is no re-take available to you, nor you have a script to read from.

Now, all these things along with the fact of you being a human must be enough to convince any normal mind that you can commit mistakes and there is nothing bad in that.

You may drop a cup that is placed on your table or may simply stutter or do a basic tongue fumble as you speak. Most of your viewers will notice that too but their reaction to it would depend on how you react to it.

Once you notice that you have made a human error, you have two options, either own it and acknowledge its occurrence or simply ignore it as if you have been mechanically programmed to do it.

Which one do you prefer or practice?

If your answer is the former, well done, and keep going with that. If your answer is the latter, you know it is time to change your reaction to your errors. Owning your errors with a subtle comment lets people know that you are a human being like them. This has a lighter side to it that automatically makes you an entertainer, and your stream starts seeming entertaining to the world.

In a world where the mechanical style of streaming with fake pomp and show is common, your realistic responses to your minimal errors may attract those who crave originality in content.

  • Tell personal stories

Are you planning to carry out an hour-long live stream with nothing but just comments on a game you are playing? Nope, that is not going to work. Hence, you need to be creative with your stream.

Tell your views about a game and its characters as you play it, how you become so good at it, what was your initial experience with the game like, for how long you have been playing it, and do you have anything funny to tell about it to the world.

These are some questions that, when answered in your live stream, are likely to make your stream quite fun and entertaining, making people come back for the fun over and over.

Other than these, you should consider working on your tonality and speaking expression. These two things have a huge role in deciding whether your stream would be entertaining or boring. A monotonous tone with a boring expression of speaking is likely to make people drowsy and they will hardly come back to your stream.


Following all the above-described tactics, you are sure to fill your live stream with so much positive energy that it would be a natural mood lifter. And trust us when we say that, nothing is better than a live stream teaching people some game tactics while making them feel at home. If you can ensure it, there is no reason you will not reach a million views within a few months only.

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