How to Gain Instagram Followers Free

How to Gain Instagram Followers Free

Ah! The online world and it’s standards! If you ever get (un)lucky enough to meet me in person, you might find me as someone who is trying hard to represent himself as that “nothing really matters” and “I don’t care” kind of a lad.  However, this is not my actual identity because I do care about a lot of rather stupid things too much and like every other 21st-century youth out there, the desire of being a well-known celeb on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok resides in my heart too.

Now, I would never ask anyone directly to follow me on any of these platforms, because, Ego! But, I would always move the conversation to a point where we both indulge in a deep conversation about our social media activities and everything. I do this so that the other person asks me about my social media user names and we both follow each other but that rarely happens (probably because no one is interested in looking at my digital clutter after meeting me in person).

Realizing how my tactic is not always working much, I shifted my tricks. Yeah so, this time this social media magician thought of using his stale sense of humor (non-sense would be a better word) to write the funniest of captions (which were not funny at all) and to share the funniest of memes (which were funny since copied) on all his social media accounts. The purpose of doing so was to get some more people interested in my profile and, yeah you guessed it right, to record-breaking-ly gain likes and followers on Instagram free of cost.

Unfortunately, none of my tricks worked and the number of my followers did not go more than a few hundred. I could not bear such ignorance and started asking and searching for ways to get more followers on Instagram for free. I was particularly interested in gaining real followers without having to pay much and turns out, I needed to work hard on my Instagram profile so as to get some actual and real followers.

How to Gain Instagram Followers Free – Some Easiest Ways to Adopt

By now, you are no more interested in whether or not I worked hard and got my followers. Rather, all that you care about is how to gain Instagram followers free, right? So without elongating my story any further, let me share a few most awesome tips that I have discovered to increase Instagram followers.

I hope these would help you become an Instagram star the easy way without having to feel the guilt of buying fake followers or deceiving anyone:

1-     Be consistently present

The best form of receiving followers is when your followers’ count keeps on increasing at a steady, yet consistent, rate. This can only be ensured if you keep yourself active on Instagram as much as possible. Nothing gets you a burst of followers and that too in a consistent manner than posting regularly. If you’ve trouble taking out time everyday to post, consider using a social media scheduler like Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule all your posts weekly, monthly or even quarterly!

Depending upon the kind of content you are posting, you can either choose to post on alternate days, every day or even multiple times within a day. Staying consistent with your posting practices is a great way to keep your followers hooked to your account, thereby making it hard for them to even consider pressing that un-follow button.

However, you must never compromise on the quality of your content as you focus on consistency of posting. In case you cannot find something great to post, try resorting to Instagram stories and post a random update or a boomerang to keep people in the loop.

Source: Social Media Examiner

2-     Interact with your followers

Do it as much as you can and in as many different ways as possible!

Another way to gain likes and followers on Instagram for free is to interact with your followers (and even with those who have not followed you yet). You cannot expect your Instagram family to grow if it is just you creating your profile while those who follow you do nothing except seeing and liking your posts.

Therefore, you need to make sure that you give value to your followers and make them feel like they matter to you. Ask them for their opinions. Hold polls on stories and let your followers share their ideas.

Put random captions asking your followers about what they want to see on your profile. Like and reply to your followers’ comments and try responding to them in DMs, answering their genuine queries (don’t pay attention to any hate comment though, your mental health is everything).

You can also show your reverence towards your followers by posting what they want you to and by prioritizing them in every way possible. Doing all these things not only keeps your current followers hooked but will also force them to suggest your profile to others and endorse your posts for free.

Source: Pinterest

3-     Keep posting aesthetics and ethics in mind – always

You cannot expect your follower’s count to grow if you are not posting what people want to see and what can cheer them up. Always know the kind of people who are following you the most and from which particular part of the world is the majority of your audience (if you’ve a business profile, view analytics to analyze your audience’s demographics).

Knowing this will allow you to post only the content that ‘matches the aesthetics’ of your major audience. Also, after knowing the audience’s culture and other such relevant things you are likely to post things that go well with their ethnic and religious beliefs and can possibly save you from their wrath for posting hate-speech or any other content they might find inappropriate. Such quality in any Instagram profile is sure to help it gain more and more followers in lesser time.

Source: The Verge

4-     Make your own IR filter

Now this one might sound like a little too much work but, trust me, it is not at all difficult to create an IR filter with your profile holding the rights to it. You must have seen those “who is more” and “which FRIENDS character are you” filters on the Instagram story section and might have used them at least once too.

Often time, we feel like there should be an IR filter on a specific idea but, upon searching, we find out that it is not anywhere to be found. If that has happened to you, you are in luck because here is your shot! Why don’t you make such an IR filter and share it with everyone using Instagram?

Despite the fact anyone can make an IR filter now, they still are in minority. Hence, you should consider making a filter that is associated with your particular event or brand as it would be available for everyone to try out.

Now how does it affect your followers count? Here is the thing, when you make any such filter; your profile’s name is displayed alongside the filter’s name for everyone to click on it. The more is the number of people who use your filter and share it with others, the more are your chances of being noticed and having newer people visit your profile. If your filter is cool and your Instagram content is following the above-mentioned practices, you are likely to get lucky with most of your visitors following you and making you a part of their social life.

Source: Capital FM

5-    Start a regular IGTV series

Thanks to the one who came up with the idea of IGTV’s, we can post videos as long as we want and this is where every good video content creator’s chance to have more Instagram followers increases as well. If you think you are good at exploring topics under one big idea, know people who you can interview, or if you can share DIYs and useful recipes with your followers then there’s nothing better than the IGTV Instagram feature that would suit you.

You can simply start a series where you post long IGTV videos on a topic your followers would be interested in. You can post all these related IGTV videos as a part of some series that you can endorse with proper sponsored advertisements and teasers. Decide your content and see if you can post at least two episodes from an IGTV series every day. Doing so would keep people interested in your profile and you will surely attract more Instagram users too.  This way, your IGTV series will help your increase your followers’ count in a very short period and without having you spend too much on getting your followers.

Source: U SCREEN

Remember, many apps and sites can get you free followers on Instagram in bulk. Most of these followers are fake IDs but you still have to pay them hefty amounts to increase your followers’ count.

While going for such a thing is everyone’s personal choice, I would still strongly urge you to focus on creating something that makes your account worth following rather than buying followers. This way, you will have a satisfaction of heart and would also not have to fear much about what you would do if all your followers are lost one day all of a sudden when Instagram’s algorithm finds out (yikes).

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