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Here’s How To Make Money By Making T Shirts At Home

We are all living in a world where every day, a luxury of life turns into a necessity. Now, no matter how privileged you are, there always comes a point where you feel like you should make a little more money each month.

Now, if you have a 9 to 5 job, you may feel like there is no time on your plate to make THAT extra money. Yet, you got to make it no matter what. Not only money can help you save more for your life after retirement, but it can also be used to bring your more luxury and help in times of extreme need.

So, what do you? Don’t worry because we will tell you a super easy solution to your problem. If you have the talent and can arrange some resources, you can easily make a lot of bucks each month by making T-shirts at home and selling them to whoever you can.

Don’t worry about having to spend your home-time at some printing station or in a shop where you plead people to buy your tees, you can even do this business while sitting in your bed with our easiest guide on starting a T-shirt making business from scratch.

Before you begin, let us clarify one thing. There are going to be quite a considerable number of inter-related steps to complete this process of making T shirts at home and selling them afterward. Make sure you read with focus and patience. We will try to make it as easy for you as we can.

So, without further ado, let us begin. Given below are the steps to making money by designing T shirts at home:

Step 1: Digitally Design Some Tees

You cannot make an omelet without first buying some eggs (forget about the breaking eggs to make omelet thing, we came up with something new. Kudos to us). Okay, enough with our useless attempts at being funny. Let us get to the topic.

So, we were saying that you cannot think of starting a T shirt business without having some Tee shirt designs to sell. I mean, that is down-right senseless. What if you start a full T shirt selling empire only to find out that you have no one to design the tees for you.

So, by now we have made the point that you need to begin with some T shirt designs. We know that we are repeating ourselves a lot here, but that is being done on purpose. We want you to commit no mistakes at the beginning of the process. Afterward, yes, you will naturally make mistakes through the process. So, no need to worry about that.

Here is what you can do to come up with a working and market-able T shirt design:

  • Check up a bit on your targeted customers. What designs do you think they would happily buy? What do they think all their previous T shirt vendors lack? What can you do to make something that grabs their attention quickly?
  • Spend some time looking at the current trends in the T shirts markets. Take a note of what kind of designs are the best sellers and how can you come up with a better version of those.
  • Know your expertise and abilities. What you think you can best design. Don’t go for something that is too critical for you to draw digitally.

Lookup for some of the best designing apps to come up with high-quality designs that can later be used easily. Also, make sure you don’t use someone else’s copyrighted designs.

Step 2: Come Up With a Business Plan

Okay, we are not going to give you a full guide on the business plan as to what it exactly is, what does it contain, and how do you make it. After all, you should do some work yourself else you would become lazy, right?

Often, a business plan for something as simple as selling T shirts is going to be a bit straightforward. Yet, you should first go over the web guides on business plan writing.

Take as much time as you feel should be taken to write a comprehensive business plan. Also, make sure you write it in a flexible manner, including even the most grassroots-level details.

Set up your budget and everything else right and try following the plan closely wherever you can. Here is a video to help you understand this step of business plan writing better:

Step 3: Decide Your Business’s Name

Now that you have some idea about how you are going to work on your T-shirt-making business, it is time you decide on a name that you will later be used to refer it with. You might need a lot of brainstorming at this point.

Often, it’s best to choose a name that you think you can take along in the long run so that you don’t have to change it ever. Don’t name your business after being inspired by some viral trend. These are short-lived and people will not click with your business afterward.

Rather, come up with a name that is both unique and yet easily memorable. Also, your business name should not be a copy of any other thing since it can cause you great trouble afterward. Another tip we have in store for you is to let your business’s name reflect your brand’s purpose and value.

Step 4: Work On Logo and Other Branding

Your business, regardless of its size and scope, needs to be branded right so that it can attract customers. Hence, it’s best that you prepare for such things before the formal starting of your business.

To begin with think of a vision and a mission statement. These must reflect the value that you plan to give to your clients and how you want the utmost comfort for them.

Next up, think of some stylish logo designs that best reflect your brand’s persona. It’s best to just come up with the logo’s color scheme and a rough template at this point. If you want to include the name in the logo, then you must wait until the name is officially registered.

Now, you must be thinking about how this registration process is going to end. Don’t worry, we got you covered here as well. Read the next step carefully since it is going to be an important part of your entire business establishment process.

Step 5: Work Out Legal Requirements And Documentation

You cannot begin your business without making it legal in most parts of the world. Your business needs some documentation work done in its name along with fulfilling other legal formalities. You must fulfill these requirements to avoid future problems regardless of your business’s size.

In case you are going online with the sales and everything, you might need a tax permit. Work out with your state’s government to ensure that you don’t begin without fulfilling all the requirements.

Step 6: Define The Prices

Now, don’t begin with printing or setting up a store without defining your stock’s price. You need to analyze the cost of T shirt designing and printing and then determine your profit range. Also, make sure to survey the market in which you would be selling your Tees.

All these steps will make you set the best possible price for your stock that is neither too less nor too high. Such an optimal price will automatically drive more buyers towards you – but not until your print the stock or find someone who can do that for you.

Step 7: Carry On With the Printing Process

Now, you need to bring out your designed tees from the computer in a form that is wearable. For this, you can go with either of the two options.

First, you can select a local printer and ask them to print some stock that you can keep somewhere in your home and later sell by hand or by delivery.

The second, and definitely, the more mess-free option is to avail services of platforms like Etsy or Spreadshirt that can print your shirts and manage the delivery process as well. In case you choose this option, you would need to make an account on their platform (That is, by the way, a long process. However, it is not difficult or time-consuming at all).

If you are getting the tees printed by yourself, first get only a few printed. This will allow you to get a quality attestation. Also, don’t get a lot of prints as it can waste your money if somehow you are not able to make sales.

Rather, it’s best, to begin with just 5 tees of each design. You can always go back to printing as many shirts as you want later.

All the best with your Tees business. We hope you have a good time establishing it.

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