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Friendship Bracelet Color Combos To Try This Year

Friendship is the best relation you can ever share with everyone. From secret laughs to eating together and sharing your everyday routine with one another, every moment spent with friends is timeless. While no gift ever can be too expensive to give or take in friendship, the charm of an old-school friendship band is ever lasting and timeless.

We wouldn’t believe if you say you have never given anyone a friendship bracelet. Whether you are a little school going girl or are a high school student, you’d love sharing a bracelet with your friend. Where there is no limit to how you can create a bracelet to express your friendship, it has to be a unique representation of your bond.

You can easily get these bands from anywhere you want, but it takes real struggle to come up with great combinations yourself. Don’t worry, we will help you pick the coolest colors for your friendship bands that you can further customize in your way.

Given below are some of our favorite friendship bracelet color combos to try:


1.     Rainbow Color Combination Bracelet

Source: Youtube

Are you looking for a perfect gift for your friend who loves colors? If yes, then we have the best option for you. You can make your friend feel extra special with the help of this amazing rainbow-themed friendship bracelet.

You just need to get rubber bands or threads of rainbow colors like Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. Arrange the colors in sequence and make your friend or friends happy.

2.     Primary Colored Friendship Bracelet

Source: Pinterest


Some people believe that beauty lies in simplicity, for such people this primary-colored bracelet is the best. Even if the primary-colored bracelet is super simple, it appeals to every eye, and people fell in love with it easily.

Depending on your creative skills you can organize yellow, red, and blue colored bands or threads in different positions.  Design a primary-colored friendship bracelet and gift it to the person who is primarily important in your life.

3.     Your Favorite Combination Themed Friendship Bracelet


Source: Pinterest


If you want to make the friendship bracelet extra special, then this idea is the best. Use your own or your friend’s favorite colors and make a bracelet out of them.

Doing this will make your friend feel extra delighted, also by giving importance to the choice of your friend you can assure your friend that you know him or her a lot. Suppose someone is madly in love with the shades of purple color, you can use the shades of the color to make a friendship bracelet for him/her.

4.     Sunset Themed Friendship Bracelet

Sunset is an amazing thing to watch. No matter how stressed and tired we are, we love to watch and enjoy the sunset. If a friend of yours finds peace in the sunset, then make this sunset-themed bracelet for him or her, and make it easy for the person to find peace by just looking at his or her wrist.

You just need yellow, orange, light yellow, and red color threads and can easily make a sunset-themed band out of them. Arrange the threads accordingly, and trust us the final product will be worth looking at.

5.     Ocean themed bracelet

Source: Just beat it

Just like the sunset, the ocean too is pleasing to the eyes. Many people love to visit oceans, rivers, lakes, and pools. You can make such people happy with the help of this super adorable ocean-themed friendship bracelet.

Get the perfect shades of blue like light blue, dark blue, teal, and turquoise. Arrange them in order from light to dark and surprise your friends. Make a bunch of these ocean-themed bracelets and distribute them among your friends. Make sure to capture the reactions of your friends on getting such an amazing bracelet, because we know the reactions will definitely be the best.

6.     Candy-colored combination friendship bracelet

Source: Flickr

Candy colors appeal to every eye, no matter how old we are we still love candy colors. Candy colors are light and attractive so they help us to feel good. In case you are struggling to decide on the best color combination for a friendship bracelet, then this candy-colored combination is the best for you.

Candy color includes light pink, light blue, light purple, light yellow, and other such colors. Use these colors to make the best friendship band, we are sure you will enjoy making it and your friend will definitely love the bracelet and your friendship will get even stronger.

7.     Black and white friendship bracelet

Source: Just Bead it

Black and white can be regarded as the best combinations of the world. Everyone loves black and white, people who love to play chess are undoubtedly die heart fans of this combination. In case you are short on time and ideas as well, the black and white combination is here to rescue you.

Put your creative skills to make the bracelet look attractive and distinct even when you are using the most ordinary colors.

8.     Random Color Combination

Source: Kneedling

Next in the list of the best color combinations for a friendship bracelet is the random color combination. If you want to gift something special and unique to the special person in your life then this random colored friendship bracelet is the best.

Just add whatever color you want to your bracelet, and make it look amazing. You can even repeat two or three colors again and again or can use different colors throughout the bracelet.


9.     Red, Blue, and White-colored bracelet


Source: youtube


Last but not the least, color combination for a friendship bracelet is the red, blue, and white combination. Even if this combination is very common, people love it a lot. Also, the combination is striking enough to attract everyone towards it. If your friend prefers simple things then this combination is the best.

Just get these three colors and arrange them as you want, and make the perfect gift for the perfect friend of yours.

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