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Famous Football Team Logos

Who does not love football? Well so many people don’t! and yet, there is something about the world of football that even those who have no interest in the game cannot help but notice and praise. Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about the classy football team logos.

If you know atleast 4 to 5 football teams and franchises and have had the advantage of coming across their logos or tees, you would know what we mean by the claim we made above. Football team logos are, in deed, the most beautiful emblems in the history of logo designing and you cannot change our mind on that.

It is probably because of some famous football teams that the art of logo designing has revolutionized too much over the past few decades. Don’t get us wrong, we are in no way meaning disrespect to the logos of other brands and businesses.

All we are saying is that nothing can go past the level that most football team have set in terms of their logos. It would not be wrong to say that there might be some secret logo designing competition going on among the football logo designers.

This seems like the only reasonable way for us to explain why almost every other football brand has such a good logo. You don’t believe us? Look at the following football team logos and you will!

1.     Liverpool

Source: 1000 logos

How can we even begin with anyone else other than Liverpool. This club is the real OG of what is knowns to be the world’s most famous and loved game. Having a number of championships and titles in their name, this team has managed to live up to the standard of excellent that the world of football itself is.

But the championships and goals is not the only thing that made Liverpool top this list. Rather, it is their perfect logo that made us feel like we have no choice but to put it here.

The logo of Liverpool is very elegant, simple, and stylish. The symbol of the city, i.e. a liver stork holds a significant place in the logo. The motto of the club also is a part of the logo, the motto “you’ll never walk alone” is written at the top of the logo.

Liverpool’s logo includes a shield shape in it, on the shield, along with the liver bird, the name of the club is mentioned. The name mentioned on the logo makes the logo among the very few football team logos with names. Also, the establishment year of the team is a prominent part of the logo. Red and green are the main color of logos along with some shades of orange.

2.     Corinthians

Source: best HQ wallpapers

You might be expecting a name like Manchester United to follow a brand as famous as Liverpool. Well, don’t forget that this list is about football team logos and not just the teams and their performance.

Hence, we would have never let anyone else take this second position on list of great logos other than the fearless Corinthians. The logo that this team uses to represent itself is an excellent example of grace and royalty combined on a small digital canvas.

The logo is club is simple, attractive, yet difficult to explain. The color combination of the logo is the best, as the black, red, and white colors of the logo appeal to every eye.  This logo features many different things including a rope, paddles, anchors, and a flag.

The logo features the flag of Sao Paulo state in the center, the flag is enclosed in a circle with the name of the club and its establishment year. The circle is then surrounded by ropes and the paddles and anchor can be seen on the upper and bottom part of the logo.

3.     Manchester United

Source: 1000 logos

Here comes another of our favorites. You cannot be a football fan unless you know the Manchester United and have, at least, once rooted for them in a Fifa world cup. The franchise lives up to its name over and over again and gives us more and more reasons to hoot for those playing for it. Well, with so much class, how can we expect this brand to have a logo that is anything less than perfect.

Manchester United is a very popular football team. The team was established in 1878 and it had the initial name of Newton Heath football club. But we are not here to discuss the history of the success of the club, we are here to explain the logo of the club.

The football team logos meaning is pretty difficult to understand and explain. The logo of Manchester united has undergone several changes, the current logo was designed in 1998. The logo is in the shades of red, yellow, and orange. The main part of the logo is a shield shape.  It includes a ship on the top, this ship symbolizes urban trade. As we all know that the nickname of this club is Red Devils, so a red devil also has a prominent place in the logo. The shield having ships and the red devil is enclosed in a semicircular frame with Manchester United written on it. Two soccer balls are also placed between the semi-circles.

4.     Portland Timber

Source: 1000 logos

Portland Timber’s logo is a prominent part of the football team logos quiz games. The logo of this team is very simple and appealing to the eyes, but the story behind the logo is not much clear. The logo has gone through a lot of changes, and the current logo for the team was designed in 2019.

The color of the logo is dark green and gold. The logo includes a circle with the world T written, the letter symbolizes the name of the team. The T is shaped to reach towards the top of the circle. The logo also includes three stripes, facing downwards, on both sides of the T, these stripes symbolize the franchise’s membership in three leagues.

5.     Vasco Da Gama

Source: besth

The football team’s name and logo have a significant effect on the popularity of the team. The logo of this team pays tribute to the Portuguese explorer who sailed from Europe to India around 400 years ago. The logo of this football club has a very distinct shape.

A sailor’s ship too is a very prominent part of the logo. Black, white, and red are the most prominent colors of the logo. Not much explanation is available regarding the logo, still, the look of the logo appeals to everyone towards it.

6.     Newcastle United

Source: 1000 logos

Newcastle United logo is among the top football team logos pictures. The castle, lion, a shield, and two sea horses are the prominent part of the logo. The castle reminds of the Norman era and the sea horses depict the seafaring heritage.

On the top of the castle, there is a lion holding a flag, that lion depicts the St. George’s Cross. The bottom of the logo has the name of the team written on it. The main colors that can be seen in the logo include red, black, white, gold, and grey.

7.     Valencia C.F.

Source: twitter

Valencia C.F. is among the most famous football teams in the world. We all love and support this team with all our hearts. The logo of this club is amazing and appealing. Three main elements of the logo include a bat, a soccer ball, and red and yellow stripes.

The main part of the logo is the soccer ball placed just at the center of the logo. A blue stripe, which lies just above the yellow and red stripes, has the name of the team. The bat spreads its wings all around the logo and looks pleasing.

8.     Kashima Antlers

Source: Wikimedia


The logo of this football club is the favorite of many. The design of the logo is just amazing and marvelous. The shield shapes logo with the red and grey color is just superb. The shield includes the head of the deer with a bit separated horns or antlers.

The name of the team too is written at the bottom part of the logo. The word Kashima is smaller as compared to the word Antlers. The format used for Antlers is very unique and lovely. No more information is available regarding the history of the logo of this football club.

9.     Colo Colo

Source: Wikipedia

The logo of Colo-Colo is the most amazing, unique, and distinct logo in the world. The main component of the logo is a face. The face is of the important person, who played a vital role in the Arauco War. The colors of the logo i.e. red and blue are inspired by the colors of the national flag. The man is wearing a white bandana and has black long hair. The black and white color matches the color of the team.



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