Famous 70s Band Logos That Exude Timeless Class

Famous 70s Band Logos That Exude Timeless Class

Aren’t we all crazy about those 70s classic music bands? Even when most of us were not even born by the time, Pink Floyd and the Beatles have our hearts like none other.

You might know how these bands were producing the most amazing of musicals that beat modern-day music easily. However, even the most loyal fans of these bands don’t know much about the band’s branding and marketing.

When we first got the chance to go through some 70s band logos, we were quite shocked at how even in times that now feel so simple, these bands managed to have proper branding and marketing techniques. To be honest, some of the logos managed to impress us more than any modern band’s logo ever could.

It is also interesting to note that the logos for many 70s bands were made later in the 80s and 90s too. Despite the timeline and when the logos were actually made, their association to the bands that are now almost 4 decades old seems unreal and fascinating at the same time.

Inspired by the 70s bands and their logos to such an extent, we felt that it would be great if we could introduce you to some of the cools 70s logos that we came across.

Not only such an introduction would be an aesthetic pleasure for you as a fan but inspiring too. So, buckle up your seat belts if you are trying to find some inspiration for your band’s logos in the 21st century.

There is nothing better than the following 70s band logos for you to take ideas for your logos.

So, without further ado, let us begin appreciating the beauty these 70s musical band logos are:

The Beatles Logo

Source: Freebie supplies

How could we have even put someone else on the top of this list 70s bands list when the Beatles were there?

Probably no 70s band has risen to such fame as this one did and it might seem almost useless for this them to even try branding and marketing their band. However, the band nevertheless did have an impressive marketing strategy as is visible from their logo.

The logo of Beatles seems to be a living proof of the catchphrase claiming less as more. It’s nothing but a simple name of the band written in an attractive and impressive style. The font used for the logo seems to be an apt choice since it represents the band’s songs and matches its style.

The unusually big letter ‘T’ gives the logo a unique charm and makes it noticeable enough to be distinguished from a pool of logos. The best part about this logo is that it was designed by a guy who was neither into music nor knew the band at all.

The first representation of the logo is said to be done on the band’s drumheads, all painted in black. The one who came up with the logo said that the reason being keeping the T bigger and more elaborate was to emphasize the beat-iness of the band’s music and it, indeed, was a great idea.

While there are many more details to this band and the logo, we have highlighted a few random ones just to help you take inspiration from them. Like the Beatles, you can also go for a simple, yet meaningful logo for your band and, who knows, someone might be appreciating it after 50 years too.

Pink Floyd Logo

Source: Wikimedia

Now, this is another of the 70s bands that needs no introduction. Speaking strictly in terms of its logo, you might have come across around 4-5 Pink Floyd logos and must be confused as to which one is actually the band’s real logo.

Well, don’t let the immense number of logos confuse you at all. It is just that this band’s fame is so wide-spread that people are still trying to come up with logos and emblems just to pay homage to this band.

Coming to the first-ever logo used and owned by the band, it is simple and stylish at the same time. That is just something typical of the band and its members too. The logo simply refers to the band through its full name in a stylishly thin font.

The initial letters are more elaborate and a bit bold as compared to the others, just to make the two words stand apart. Despite such simplicity, this logo seems to have transcended the boundaries of fame.

Now, we don’t know if the fame of this logo comes just from the band it represents or because of its own great looks. However, one thing that we certainly know is that this logo is surely something to look up to for inspiration if you are looking for simpler and decent logo ideas.

The Rolling Stones Logo

Source: 1000 logos

Now this one is definitely an inspiration if you are one of those funky freaks who can dare to try out a different logo.

The famous Rolling Stone members were probably the first on in the history of music to come up with a logo like this and this defines why their band’s logo got the stature of being the most popular logo in the history of music.

Designed back in 1970, this logo is also called the tongue and lips logo. Other names that people use to refer to this logo are the Hot lips logo and the lips and tongue emblem. While all the names themselves explain everything there is to know about this logo, it is still better if we get a bit vocal in appreciating the logo ourselves.

What makes this 70s band logo so inspiring is surely its color combination. A hot pink shade over bright yellow background is bound to catch attention. The lips and tongue on the logo give it some sort of controversial or bold look, thus adding more to the attention it gets.

If you’re okay with being criticized for being different and can take risks with your logo, this one is surely for you to draw inspiration from.

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