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Customized Shirts – Another Way to Make Some Extra Money

For most of us, one job is not just enough to bear all our expenses with high rates of inflation and maintaining a good lifestyle. You must all be looking for some side business such as custom shirts,  to supplement the income and support all the additional expenses you might have.

Side hustles can not only help you bear the expenses but also be useful to save for your future. Everyone has some plans and you need to work harder, get out of your comfort zone, and do more than just one 9-5 job to make your dreams come true. The right, side hustles can help you achieve your goals and get the sense of achievement you are looking for.

You have multiple options when it comes to choosing the side hustle for yourself. However, we are going to talk about one specific business that is guaranteed to grow and can help you supplement your income.

Customized Shirts

Customized shirts are getting widely popular, and there is a massive demand for customized shirts in the modern era. The shirts can be of any type, yet you need to ensure the quality to get the clients and retain them in the future. There are also several unique and different ways to use for customizing the shirts and they can be used for various purposes.

The demand for customized shirts is never going to end, as there are a lot of youngsters out there who want their dressing style to stand out and speak for their personality. They do not compromise on their style and like to have customized shirts and T-shirts. There is a broad scope of customization for shirts including:

Personalized Clothing

Customizing the wardrobe with your favorite quotes/images or logos on shirts gives people a sense of personalization and enables their dressing to speak for themselves.

Corporate Company shirts

There can be a lot of requirements for customized shirts in the corporate sector for their events, or the same kind of shirts for all their employees. You need to get the right clientele in the corporate sector to get the right marketing through word of mouth.


Marketing companies require customized shirts for advertisement and endorsement for their products. With the right marketing company’s contract, you are guaranteed to have your sales multiplied in no time.

The possibilities and scope of personalized and customized shirts are endless. There are several other purposes customized shirts are being used and there is widespread demand for these types of shirts.

Shirt Customization Methods

There are a lot of possibilities to have the shirts customized according to the client’s requirements and preferences. However, the most common methods that are being used widely and are in demand are:

Vinyl Printing

Vinyl printing is the most convenient and useful method used for customization of shirts. This method is pretty easy and does not require much expertise.
Instead of printing directly on the shirt, any design from the client is printed on the vinyl sheet and then is sticked on the shirt.
This allows several customization options like size, color, image and text fonts. You can basically print anything your client wants on the shirt the same way.

Custom Embroidery

Embroidery may sound a bit old-school, yet it is still the most luxurious and elegant way to get perfectly customized shirts. The right embroidery in Houston has witnessed can make the customization on shirts feel alive.

However, embroidery requires certain expertise to master and customize the shirts right way according to customer’s needs.
Embroidery can ensure that the logo your clients want to have on their customized shirts for the employees will not look cheap and will not be fading away over time.

To make your side-hustle profitable, you can either choose to do all the leg work and customize the shirts your way to sell to your clients or find the right company to do this for you. You can take orders directly from the clients and have the shirts customized with Vinyl painting or embroidery through any other company to meet the client’s requirements.

This will not only be convenient for you, but you can also make more money focusing on your job and leaving all the work for the customization company.

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