Creative Birthday Gift Ideas

Creative Birthday Gift Ideas

Someone’s birthday is coming up and you don’t know what to get them? You won’t have that problem anymore. Check out the following options suitable for different people. We will also give you creative gifts without the need to spend large amounts of money.

Many times we must give something to the same person every year on their birthday: sister, brother, father, mother, or couple. This is not at all an easy task as ideas are easily exhausted. You don’t know how to surprise them anymore. If we go to conventional stores, we will likely find a gift that we have already given.

Show your loved ones that you care by giving them a personalized or self-made gift. There is nothing that makes them feel more special than unusual gifts. Not only will they differ from the rest, but so will you. Surprise everyone with the most creative ideas for every birthday. Give them an original gift they will never forget. Give them a twist and have fun in the process of choosing the perfect gift for each member of your family.

Birthday Gifts Ideas for Her

Furry Bags

Furry bags are a growing trend. You can find them in different designs and colors. But it’s not just any bag; it’s a new product that steals all the looks instantly. Just using one of them is enough to show style and personality wherever you go. They are funny bags but at the same time taken from the catwalks.  Giving away a furry bag is a way to show how special she is to you.

Cuddly toy hugger

Who doesn’t like stuffed animals? We all like them, not just children. Their softness and tenderness conquer everyone’s heart. But these cuddly toys have articulated arms that close and cling to your wrist. They are very comforting to sleep with. The softness of their fabric helps to calm you down. It’s a way to be present at a distance. Remind that person that you care about her, as she will remember you at the end of the day. The best thing is that they come perfumed. Their small size also makes them very easy to carry.


A bouquet… of sweets!

This is a great low-budget option. You don’t have to spend a lot of money for a nice gift. What’s special about the crafts is that they are made by you, which shows the love and commitment you have put into them. There is nothing more comforting than a handmade gift. It is a unique gift made by you that no one else will have. For this option, you only need to play with the materials or you can get printed or very eye-catching glitter cards. The rest, you just have to buy the amount of candy you can and fill it in your bouquet.  They are cheap, personalized, and always emotional. You just need to get creative.


Handmade Spa

You don’t need to buy a complete kit already made up of bathroom accessories. You can make it yourself and to your liking. With a simple cardboard box, decorate it with whatever you have at hand: fabrics, decorative cardboards, colorful ribbons, or sawdust to give it a rustic touch. Then, fill them with the products you can buy. You can consider adding liquid soap or decorative soaps, body lotion, body creams, and the bath salts that are the big trend of the last months. If you want, you can even add a hand towel with the initials of the birthday person. Make sure you choose the most suitable fragrances for her to enjoy the moment of greatest relaxation.

Novelty Rings

Accessories are always an excellent choice for any occasion. Besides, it is a personal gift that that person will remember you every time they use it. However, there are a lot of very creative rings that go beyond conventional options. You can find everything from cute animals to mugs and edible items. I assure you that she will not receive another gift as original as this one!

Birthday T-shirts for Her

Custom T-shirts never fail. You have the opportunity to leave your message on a shirt that she can wear on different occasions. You also have the possibility of choosing the design that fits her liking. More creative choices involve including the date of her birthday and a message that highlights how special she is.

Birthday Gifts Ideas for Him

Cookies and mini liquors

This is another economical and easy option where you should use all your creativity. Consider making small, fun-shaped cookies. You can even use the little molds for children. The cookie recipes are really simple. Then put them in a jar you no longer use, which can be a jar of jam. Decorate it with decorative ribbons or threads. You can fill the jar with whatever you want. The real creative touch is given by the small liquor bottles. They are very accessible and you can give top quality liquors as gifts. With very little, you will have a very colorful and delicious gift.

Picture of Stranger Things

You don’t have to be an artist to create pieces from the most famous series. One of the most popular motifs was the famous Stranger Things wall and you can recreate it very easily. You can get any surface; we recommend that it is a portland board. Then, cover it with fabric from the same print or just draw it. The only thing left to do is to use black fiber for the letters and place Christmas lights around them. A tip: use battery lights so you don’t have to hang it if or near an outlet. Every night he will be able to illuminate his room with the most original and above all, personal gift.

Letter-shaped cake

Edible gifts never fail. This time, do it as creatively as possible. Instead of the typical birthday cake, surprise everyone with this fun cake in the shape of your initial letter. You don’t need to be a baker either. The simplest recipe is to prepare a cake and then cut it with the corresponding shape. Use a reference mold to avoid making mistakes. Add the filling and decorate it on top. You can add chocolates, cream, candies, fruits, or whatever you can think of. What better than having his own personalized cake?

Cell phone accessory kit

Not only is it a novel gift, but they are also very useful. The most requested accessories are portable chargers and cell phone holders. Both provide the best comfort from wherever he is. To surprise the birthday person, try to look for designer accessories. You will also find the thematic ones to make the gift more personalized.

Mini Arcade

For fans of old school video games, this is your ideal gift. The mini arcade games, as their name suggests, are easy to transport and play from anywhere. It is an object of collection and unique. Its design is also perfect as a decorative accessory. Not only will it give him the most fun afternoons but it will surely remind him of his childhood. And that is invaluable.

Birthday T-shirt Design for Him

You can give him a custom T-shirt. In this particular year for everyone, his birthday will likely be celebrated during confinement. In case you can’t meet, you can give him a fun t-shirt to bring a smile to his face despite the distance. You can also leave him a creative and loving message, beyond the birthday message, so he can wear it multiple times.

Birthday Gifts Ideas for Mom

Magic or explosive box

Once again, handmade gifts are very special. Mothers will appreciate the emotional nature of the gift. The important thing is that you show her how much you love her. Magic boxes are one of the most popular and versatile crafts. You only need a cardboard or poster board to create the box in which you can easily find a tutorial on YouTube. The final result will depend 100% on your imagination. Usually, a mug is placed in the center of the box. On the sides, pockets are made to place sweets or breakfast utensils. Another option is to place chocolates in the center and replace the pockets with cards with loving messages. When your mother takes the lid off, she’ll get a big surprise!

Handmade photo frame

Give her souvenirs. If you can’t buy the frames to hang pictures, try doing it yourself. With cardboard or wood, you can design an incredible picture frame of the size you want, you can even renew the one you no longer use. Complete it with the best memories with your mother and family.

Fake magazine cover

Gifts also show part of your personality. Some appeal to humor. If this is your case, you can opt for a fake magazine cover. If you have Photoshop skills, you will quickly get your mother’s face in the most important magazines! Personalize your birthday message in the headlines. Then print it out. Make her feel special without missing out on the fun: and without spending almost anything.

Artistic Lens Cases

A very colorful and useful gift. Lens cases are usually sober and boring. Make that change. Designs inspired by the most famous works of art in history are an ideal choice. You’ll show her that you’re into every last detail. Your mother will be able to show off wherever she goes.

Custom Pillow

Make him a very original gift. Pillows with personalized prints can be as much fun as they are emotional. A great idea is that you print some drawings made by yourself in childhood. This will go straight to her heart. Every day she will have that priceless memory with her. Also, you will have a unique gift.

Birthday T-shirt Design for Mom

Another opportunity to be creative is to give a personalized T-shirt. Leave her a message that shows you love her but also plays with originality. You can find a lot of fun phrases and word games on the Internet. Your mom will appreciate the gesture and wear it with pride.

Birthday Gifts Ideas for Dad

Trophy for the best father

You can remind your father of his affection with a personalized gift. Literally, give him a prize! You can have it made and add a dedication to it. It’s a great way to give him love, humor, and wit.

Sock box

Can’t go wrong with a custom birthday shirt. There is a wide variety of very funny designs. You can also get creative and design your own shirts with your father’s favorite theme.

Magic Mug

Mugs are a very popular and safe gift. But you can play more and opt for the magic mugs. Their feature is that the design appears when you pour a hot drink into it. The result looks like a magic act. It is comforting to see how little by little the figures appear. When the drink gets cold, they will progressively disappear. Mornings will no longer be the same.

Surprise boxes

Presentation is sometimes everything. But what’s better if you do it yourself? Assemble your cardboard box and decorate it using all your creativity. Inside it, pay attention to small things: chocolates, perfume, bathroom accessories, among others. He will appreciate all the effort you have made to get a smile out of him.

Custom Aprons

From now on, your dad will cook in style. The aprons come in various designs, some very funny and creative. If you can, get them customized to make them even more special. Cooking is so much more fun now.

Birthday T-shirt Design for Dad

Of course, give him a personalized T-shirt to take you anywhere. Acknowledge his effort as a father. You can thank him for his work in raising you as well as growing you as an adult!

Birthday Gifts Ideas for Brother

Custom Mousepad

Take the concept of the mousepad to another level. This accessory provides guaranteed comfort. By covering more surfaces, the mouse is much more precise. Besides its usefulness, many of these custom mousepads come in incredible designs and some even have lights.

Thematic Keychain Opener

If there is a gift that combines utility and originality, this is it. The keyrings are extremely comfortable. Wherever he is, he will not have convenient to uncover a beer. The best thing is that their designs are super novel. Opt for the thematic ones so that the gift is more personalized.

Maoi Handkerchief Dispenser

If you have a relationship of friendship and complicity with your brother, this is the perfect gift for him. This fun accessory can be a real eye-catcher for his room. But it’s also a way to keep the tissues handy and more organized. He won’t have trouble finding tissues anymore, now he can pull them out of a Maoi’s nose!

Holographic Lamps

This is a very aesthetic adornment. These desk lamps feature hologram simulation. At night, he will be able to illuminate his room with a very dim light and with different colors. These accessories can create incredible atmospheres. They can also be found in different themes, making them more special. It is one of the most sophisticated options to give away.

Birthday T-shirt Design for Brother

A personalized shirt with fun and creative designs is a great option. Play with those themes that interest him. You can create messages with his date of birth or surprise him with fun messages. It will be a special gift because it is unique and designed for him.

Birthday Gifts Ideas for Sister

Headphone holder

With these small products, her headphones will last much longer. They are very useful for transportation. It will also help her not to lose them or find them much faster in her bag when she is listening to music outside the house. You will get her to smile because all the designs are beautiful. Movies, series, cartoons, or animals, all these designs just to store her headphones.

Kawaii Utilities

If you can’t think of anything to give her, think of a product that she can use and that is original at the same time. School supplies will always be necessary. But the best thing is when you combine them with kawaii designs that will make her want to treasure them. There is really a lot of variety in these supplies, from pens, pencils, pencil cases and erasers in very funny cases. It’s sure to remind you of those childhood moments you shared together.

Cotton animal container


Cotton trees are very practical, especially when she paints her nails. But most containers are boring or you just use the package. But these cottons provide comfort and are also decorative. Besides, it has a humorous stamp. These cute bunnies expel the cotton from their tails.

Furry Case

As mentioned above, furry accessories are the trend this year. Give the gift of a case that is very different from the others. She’ll be stylish wherever she goes. They also provide the protection she needs for her cell phone.

Thermal Mugs

She will appreciate this gift; she will be able to take her hot drink out of the house without losing the heat. Hot cups should be given away more often! Look for the ones with designs that she might like. Among the most popular models are the glitter cups and the ones you can write on with a marker. Consider the latter option to leave her a personalized message and show her that you love her.

Birthday T-shirt Design for Sister

Your sister will be able to take your love everywhere. Make her a nice t-shirt that she can wear personalized just for her. Let everyone know she’s the best sister. Try to be creative with the designs and the loving or fun messages.

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