Coolest Retro Anime T Shirts Ideas for A Vintage Lover

Coolest Retro Anime T Shirts Ideas for A Vintage Lover

The world of designing and fashion has advanced so much that it is almost impossible to imagine someone not trying to stay in vogue as a part of making themselves capable to move with the modern world. New fashion brands are introducing new concepts and new clothing lines every other day. New colors come in fashion and go out so quickly that it gets almost impossible to stay in the race all the time.

Despite such a quick world of vogue, there can never be a replacement strong enough to take the place of retro aesthetics and vintage designs. Nothing can compare the old school charm of the cool designs and colors that were there in the early 60s and 80s. Speaking of which, have you ever come across an anime retro t shirt? If yes, then you must know what I am going to say about them. If no, then let me tell you that you are missing out on the world’s most amazing fashion item that is here to stay forever.

Vintage and Retro anime t shirts are the sweetest little tees that one can get their hands on. From design to the colors, the stuff, and every minor detail about a well-made retro anime tee shirt is so good that it makes itself notable on its own. These retro shirts, although somewhat similar to each other with each one made with somewhat similar designs and incorporating the same color palette still maintain their unique aura. Usually, you would see a beautiful mixture of different shades of pink and blue, with some tiny bits of oranges and yellows and an innocent anime face printed on these tees.

Despite all of these looking similar and following the same color patterns most of the time, there is something so unique and creative about each retro anime tee that you can help yourself but invest in multiple such shirts once you get to see them. I feel like wearing retro anime attire gives you all those vintage vibes that you need to calm down your fashion chaos in time as fast as this. For me, vintage anime tees have radiating energy that calms me and make me feel like I look the best at every party and every gathering no matter what level of fashion others there are on (please don’t judge my self-obsessed nature).

Being a true lover of retro anime tees, I feel like there is always a little variety for those who want to wear these shirts a little too much. This led me to search like a madman all over the internet and elsewhere to find out the best and unique retro anime t shirt designs. Luckily, I found some golden pieces that I am all ready to invest in. Thought it would be a great idea to share all these designs and their pictures with everyone out there who’s just as crazy as me (or even more) when it comes to collecting retro anime t shirts.

Excited? Here are my top most favorite tee shirt designs in the vintage anime category that I am sure you would love as intensely as me.


I kid you not! I have this shirt in my wardrobe and I have worn this so many times that my friends have started feeling like I don’t have other clothes (let me tell you here that they all got me nothing other than tees thinking that I am low on budget and can’t afford new shirts). The truth, however, is that wearing this anime vintage tee gives me some kind of calmness and energy that I can’t describe in words. I mean, just look at the colors and the deep black background. Is it humanly possible not to love this tee? I don’t think so!

Source: Amazon


White is the color of the class. It is that one thing that can never go out of fashion. I love how wearing white every time brings the best out of your look and make you feel so cute yourself. Take this vintage anime retro tee as an example. Is it not just too cute and elegant to handle? The characters printed over look so well and the colors used give this shirt exactly that vibe we crave. Also, the three-quarter sleeves are everything that you would ever need on a breezy day out.

Source: Pinterest


I know I have made this claim before but let me stress on it again “WHITE IS THE COLOR THAT CAN MAKE EVERYONE LOOK GOOD”. Some days, you just don’t want to put in any effort into your look but still want to look cute. This is the shirt you need on days like those. A simple and chic white retro anime retro t shirt like this must be in your wardrobe even if you aren’t that much of an anime fan.

Source: Redbubble


Here you go with another “so cute I can’t even resist it” kind of tee.  Sometimes, a simple black and white combo is enough to make you feel like you are living your 60s dreams. This anime shirt is an example of such combos that usually take you back to the old school charming era of anime fandom’s beginning.  The cute Kawaii Ca.’s caricature and some writing in a cute anime-like font give this shirt all the anime elements that an anime lover wants.

Source: TeeHerivar


By now, all the shirts are a little subtle show of design and colors but this one is a hall of fame in colors and style. With pink, blue, grey, and other such colors in so many retro shades, this shirt is your daily dose of retro and anime combined. Wear it to a party, to a date night, to your friend’s engagement (Why not?), or maybe to a concert and let people devour their eyes on this shirt (and on your of course). You will yourself feel like a vintage character living their best life in the 50s or 60s black and white retrograde movie.

Source: Ali Express


Young girls usually love their dresses with cute dolls and other such cute-faced printed on them. However, once a girl enters her teen years, no matter how much she wants, she just can’t wear a doll-like dressing thinking that it would make her look childish and immature. Worry not, as this retro anime shirt with the cutest doll-like face on it will look the best on you while making sure that you don’t look childish at all. I love this tee and can bet that you would also love it once you find out how good you look with this tee on you. The colors and the design is just one thing, the retro vibe that this tee gives off is all alone enough to die on.

Source: amazon


Retro is not all about cute and fresh, sometimes it can make you look good even with a creepy gore factor associated with it. You don’t believe me? Then this is the shirt I should be sending your way. Wear it and you’d understand what I mean by someone looking great in a creepy and scary tee with beautiful retro vibes. The black background adding in more of an Ewww factor to the eyeballs being licked on the printed part of this tee. But the fact that it can still make you look good and stand out of the crowd is something that made me add this tee to this top tee’s list. Also, wearing this could be a good way of politely telling people about their consequences if they ever tried messing up with you.

Source: eBay


Neon Genesis Evangelion is a classic anime series with people still loving it madly. This shirt is a tribute to this series in a retro and fashionable style. If you have seen this series or love the plot, then wearing this tee must be a bucket list goal for you. Look at the warm colors with the brightest hues being followed by the intense ones. If this isn’t outfit goals then what is?

Source: amazon

As I said at the beginning of this article, finding unique retro anime t shirts is quite a hard, and sometimes an impossible, task.  I tried to make quality my preference when preparing this list and this is what explains such a small number of items available. However, I also made sure to add the best ones in here so you don’t have to think much and can easily choose any one out of these without fearing how you would look in them.

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