Best Software To Create Logos In 2021

Best Software To Create Logos In 2021

Gone are the days when people would hire professional designers to make them a logo for their brand (with the exception of huge companies such as Mi, which paid a whopping $305,000 USD for a new ‘squircle’ logo). You may easily afford to pay a school student to make you a logo like Nike did. Maybe, you are more than happy to trust a man who can buy dozens of Apples to create a logo as Steve Jobs did. Yet, the question here is not of your personal preferences.

It is just that the competition in the world of professional logo design is extremely tough. While there are too many people who can design a logo, only a few can provide you with the kind of quality that you really want.

Also, when you are paying up a professional, you would want them to be the most amazing and well-known in their field. And, we don’t need to tell you about how famous people in a field charge you for their services. Do we?

All of these issues can be solved within a few seconds. These glorious seconds would be those in which you will decide to design your brand’s logo yourself. Yes! You don’t need to be a Van Gogh of the 21st century to be able to make a good logo.

Thanks to technology, there are software and apps for everything and the same goes with digital designing. All you need is good logo designing software and some practice. Within a few days, you would come up with a great logo for your brand easily.

So, in this article, we will be warming you with some of the best software to create logos. While no website post in the world (at least, till now) can magically endow you with exceptional logo creation powers, this one might lead you on the right pathway towards such a creation.

So, without further ado, let us get into the article and see what software do professional logo designers use!

But, wait for a second! Let us give you some more reasons why you should even take up all this trouble of creating your logo on your own.

Why Should I Design A Logo Myself?

Why can’t you find a professional who can design you a logo within a few days and in less money? Here are some of the answers to such a question:

  1.   You Can Personalize Your Logo

No one understands your brand as you do. No matter how hard you try, you can never make a designer understand the real essence of your brand’s values and mission. Despite all these things, your brand’s logo needs to reflect all the abstractions in the best possible sense. Now, how are you planning to do this?

Your answer would go something like “by communicating with the designer and blah, blah, blah…”. We are sorry to burst your bubble but you a designer can never understand the actual essence you want your logo to convey to them.

So, what are you going to do? Cut their head open and dump all the information in there? No, you can’t and must not do it!

The only solution that seems reasonable here is to design your logo yourself. Such a logo won’t just reflect your brand’s values in the best possible way but will also ensure that it suits yours and your brand’s persona in the best possible way.

Bonus Point: By designing a logo on your own, you get a chance to flaunt yourself as an amateur graphics designer. Who knows, probably your skills can impress someone so much that they agree on paying you to make their logo for them too!

  1.    It Is Stress-free

If you have ever had the experience of dealing with a graphics designer, you would know how tiring it gets at times. You want a bold design; they make it all thin. You ask them to edit the fonts; they change the entire color scheme. These and other such collaboration issues make the process of getting your logo designed quite stressful.

Eventually, you give up on collaboration and simply take up whatever design your designer submits to you with a heavy heart. We don’t want you to look at your brand’s logo every time with a sense of dissatisfaction and hence, we say you design it yourself.

Designing your logo yourself, you would see how it would turn out exactly how you imagined it. Now if that’s not a thing to celebrate, then what is!

Other than these two benefits of designing the logo yourself, you also get to enjoy perks like saved money, easy customization of the logo whenever you want, and much more.

Best Software To Create Logos

By now, you must be kicked to make your brand’s logo yourself. So, without further ado, let us come to the main point of the article. Below are the best Software To Create logos you would surely enjoy using:

1-      Wix Logo Maker

Source: Soft Reviewer

If you are a perfectionist and won’t mind paying up a bit for what is known as the world’s best logo creation tool, then WIX is for you. It’s not just the app’s features that make it great. Rather, the complimentary drag and drop website that enhances a user’s logo designer experience with this tool is what makes us put it at top of this list.

WIX logo maker is perfect for when you want your logo to look professional and serious. The best part about this tool is its user-friendliness which makes it extremely easy for even a beginner to use this one for logo creation. tch?v=f7RiYdQkcC8

The tool comes with so many features and benefits that we would need to write a separate post to cover WIX in detail. Let us, for now, just sum up the most relevant features of the Wix logo maker here as follows:

  • Comes with built-in logo designs for different businesses. All you have to do is to add your business’s name and the niche to which it belongs, and you’d be provided with some great designs to pick from. Next, you can customize the design, changing its font, icon, and color to suit your choice.
  • You get to set the kind of logo suggestion you get. The tool will provide you with a range of distinctive logo formats and designs to choose the ones you like from this array. Depending on what your pick, your suggestions will be customized in a way to suit your preferences.
  • There are different payment plans for logo downloading and you can pick the one that suits your budget and needs. If you have been using WIX’s website builder services for your business, you can use your previous association with the brand to avail a discount too.
  • Once you have designed a logo, you might want it to look better but can’t seem to bring about such a betterment yourself. Here, the WIX logo maker will help you out by connecting you to the professional designers who can mold your logo into the exact vision you have of it.

Overall a great tool, we strongly prefer the WIX logo creator for anyone who has never designed a logo in their life but wants to give it a go. You would enjoy using this interactive tool that hardly ever glitches and provides you with means to ease your logo designing experience too.

But, the WIX logo maker is not the only good tool, read on and you might find a better one!


2-      Canva

Source: Design School


If you have even a bit of idea about the top logo designing tools, you might feel like we committed a mistake here by putting Canva this early in the list. Of course, there are way more professional tools for logo designing than Canva and it would have made more sense if we mentioned them before Canva.

But, we can explain our love for this tool. Canva is a tool that suits the needs of both beginners and professionals alike when it comes to any kind of digital design. We also love how Canva’s unpaid version lets us do so much. If you don’t want to pay anyone even a penny and yet want a high-quality logo designing experience, then we suggest you go with Canva.

Here are some features of this tool that made us put it here:

  • Canva is extremely easy to use. The feel of the software itself is quite soothing and welcoming and you would hardly ever feel the need to see a tutorial on using it. That is just how great it is. (Apologies if we sound like we are marketing it here. Our love for this app is a bit too complicated for a non-user’s understanding).
  • Comes with a range of different templates for you to design a logo closer to your brand’s nature within a few minutes.
  • A drag and drop tool that makes the process of designing quick and easy. You can even upload the images saved on your device and use them for the designing process.
  • Comes with multiple fonts and color palettes to pick your favorites ones from. Also, once you are done with the designing process, you can edit the logo and change its color’s warmth and tonality as per your liking.
  • Canva’s templates make no compromise on quality. This ensures that the logo does not look even a bit blurry or sub-standard once you download it.
  • If you are okay with not being able to use the premium Canva pictures and templates, your logo creation process will be entirely free of cost. You do not even have to pay for the download and editing. Rather, just keep your design saved in the tool’s drafts and use it as many times as you want.

We can say much more about this one but it’s best to leave it here for you to test this tool out. We are sure you will be pretty impressed with the tool’s quality as well as the lag-less performance that it delivers every time. Just make sure your internet is working fine when you are using Canva else you would not enjoy playing with it even a bit.

3-       Tailor Brands

Source: Builder Ninja


I know you don’t have all the time on your hands. This is why I would like to end this article by introducing to you a tool that I am sure was used for the creation of some of the coolest recent logos. You would have heard of software like Logo Maker, Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator. However, I am doubtful you know of this one!

If you want to go with the recent trends in logo making, you must have some sort of vision for a minimal logo that you want for your brand. Even when going minimal and simple in terms of logo designing is the current norm, we are afraid there are not many tools to allow you such a creation – except, this one.

First, a standing ovation to whoever came up with this software. Tailor Brands (quite a unique name, no?) is the best tool for simple and decent logo designing. Even when known for its simplicity, this app can offer all that you might need in need of a professional logo with a lot of detail.

Let us see what features of this one made their way to this list:

  • The experience of using this software is personalized from the beginning. When you start using this tool, you will be asked a set of questions about what you prefer the most when it comes to digital designing. It might take a few minutes from your schedule, but answering these questions will surely enhance your experience with the app. You would be provided with the logo templates and options that would suit your preference the most.
  • Almost all the templates in this tool are very professional and seem like no one has made even a bit of compromise on their quality. This ensures a great final product with everything you attempt at designing no matter how much editing you do.
  • Tailor Brands has a very rich color palette and is not less when it comes to the variety in fonts that the app offers.
  • You can purchase this tool in very minimal amounts. Either go for a basic plan worth almost $3 or choose a better premium plan worth $10. The payment process is easy and secure too.

Like the others in this list, this tool also offers ease of use and is great if you want to enhance your logo designing skills in the long run too.


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