Best Questions to Ask On Instagram Story For Better Engagement

Best Questions to Ask On Instagram Story For Better Engagement

Ahh, we all miss those older, simpler (not too old, though) days when using Instagram was just a fun thing to do with no pressure whatsoever. We could take whatever phone we had with us to places, click pictures, and post them with the random most captions without caring for whether or not are they good enough to go with the gram’s aesthetic (was that even a thing back then?)

However, things have changed drastically in the modern-day world. For good or for worse (no one is sure about this), Instagram has now turned into a place where everything demands aesthetic sense and a lot of thoughtfulness. You cannot post any random picture that you capture. You cannot put anything without editing. The filters you apply on your posts need to be perfect enough and your story always needs to be cool for people to answer to it and enhance engagement. You need more and more followers and more likes on all your posts. Your bio should be perfect and your story highlights have to cover everything in the most amazing manner. Also, how can we forget the importance of finding the right kind of caption that, even when it makes no sense to many, is unique and cool enough for them to save it for their next posts?

Now, you have to achieve perfection at a number of things on Instagram especially if you are an influencer and your whole success relies on the engagement you get on your profile. Thankfully, Instagram has also made itself better and friendlier for people like you who want to interact with their followers and keep their gram-game going.

The Importance of Instagram Story Feature

If you are an influencer or someone who has to post regularly on Instagram, you must know how posting a story is, relatively, the easiest thing to do on Instagram. Posting IGTVs means putting in a week or two of effort and posting new pictures today is also not possible considering you need to look good in every photo and also need to bring in variety in your feed. Posting a story is easier because you can simply click a beautiful photo of the sky, your food, or anything else that looks good and can simply post it for people to view.

However, in the current race of Instagram and considering how its algorithms are largely dependent upon interaction and engagement, you cannot simply rely on the number of people who see your story. Rather, there must be something in your story that is worthy of a user’s interest and can make them reply to your story and get involved with it.

I have been thinking continuously about how to make my stories interactive so that I don’t have to post IGTVs and pictures daily but still get more than enough engagement. Thankfully, I realized that doing so is very easy. Thanks to Instagram for giving us a lot of stickers, pools, and question answering tools that we can smartly utilize in our stories. I have been using them a lot lately and they work perfectly fine for me. Over time, I have realized that there are a lot of amazing and best questions to ask on the Instagram story that, when asked; really get our followers interested in interacting.


Good Questions To Put On Your Instagram Story


Considering that the Instagram world is all about competition and no one wants to share their tricks of getting more followers with anyone else, I think I should not be sharing the best questions to be asked on Instagram stories with anyone. Why don’t figure them out yourself? Just kidding.

Lucky for you, (for me, actually) I am not in this crazy race of gaining followers or pulling others down. This is why I am going to share with you the best questions to ask on the Instagram story. Trying using these with some good photos every now and then on your stories to get people attracted towards your profile more. Asking such good questions would definitely bring more engagement and following to your Instagram account. This is why you should make sure to post such questions only when you are free enough to reply to most of your followers and stay active on your story throughout the day.

So, without further ado, let us get started and see some of the best questions to ask on Instagram story:

1-     Ask Your Followers to Ask You a Question

This has, by far, been my most responsive trick on the Instagram story to increase following and interaction both. The day I would post this would be the day I get the maximum number of new followers. All you have to do is to take a cool and random picture and, while putting it as your Instagram story, tap on the sticker section. There, you will find a sticker saying “Ask me a question”. You can put it on your story and once you post it, people can post their short questions in response to it.

You can select the questions you want to reply to and can reply to them in your next stories. You can even post a new background picture every time you post an answer and this can help you reach and attract more people. However, this comes with a lot of responsibility. You cannot answer every question randomly. Rather, you need to keep your personal opinions to yourself. While answering such questions, you need to see where most of your followers are coming from, and if your answer is going to offend them in any way.

On the other hand, asking your followers to ask you something is your chance to attract more people. I have myself followed a lot of accounts just because their answers to questions on these stories were funny and interesting. If you have a bit of humor in you and can give quirky answers to things, you are good to go with this posting option.

2-     Whose Side Are You On

Whenever there is a match, an election, a social contest, or any other rivalry that you think most of your followers would know of, you can simply put a poll on your story, asking people who they are supporting. Such a story could not only increase your interaction with your followers but is also great in terms of increasing your knowledge about your Instagram profile’s audience. However, like every other question you post on your Instagram story poll, you need to make sure that this one also is not taboo and is, therefore, not capable of hurting anyone’s sentiments.

3-     This or That

Believe it or not, some of the most amazing and really good questions to put on your Instagram story are more like ‘This or That’ kind of polls. Whether you are confused between two dresses or need to know which celebrity is liked more by the people between two, this pool can get you whatever information you need, can clear your confusion on things, and is also very useful in terms of increasing interaction. Even when you don’t have a very good question to ask, you can simply post two aesthetic pictures on your story, asking people which one they like more. This is especially useful when you want to stay active on the gram but do not have the time to create meaningful IGTVs or feel like posting your own pictures.

4-     Yes or No

Asking Yes and No questions is another useful tactic to apply to your Instagram stories so that your followers can feel like you value them. These stories are usually the simplest to post. All you need is to post a good photo, ask a question with either yes or no as its possible answer, and put it up. I have seen people putting cool pictures of their foods, makeup, DIYs, and weird food combos, asking for their followers’ Yay or Nay opinion on them.

5-     Direct Questions

These are particularly useful for people who have their accounts running for a particular business. However, people who are seeking to increase their following on Instagram can also make good use of these direct questions. For starters, you can post something like the following:

  • What is your take on ….
  • Do you like ….
  • Which one you think is prettier….
  • What would you do if….
  • Which color looks better on …
  • Have you seen ….
  • Which TV show are you watching nowadays?

After you have written the question, you can either open your story replies or can create options for people in the polls. This way, people would feel that you are valuing their opinion more and want to know about them, thus feeling more intrigued to reply. When posting such questions, make sure that you have enough time to respond to as many replies as you can directly. You can also post the maximum number of answers on your stories to acknowledge people who have answered your questions.

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