Best Graphic Design Apps For iPhone

Best Graphic Design Apps For iPhone

We cannot deny that the world we are all living in is much more advanced than it was 5 years ago. Gone are those good days when we would simply leave the job of designing to graphics designers while going about our business very easily. Now, things are very different. Everyone who works in professional circles has to utilize designing tools to the best of their capability no matter what. Even students in colleges and writers on their desk need to design things digitally so that they can strive in the modern world.

If you are not too much into digital designing and other such things, chances are you are not happy with what I have stated above (hehe). Don’t worry, I can be your mood mechanic and can bring you some ease right now.

No, you don’t need to learn professional graphic designing to ace things. No, you don’t need to invest in a high-quality system or get your hands on that expensive software to get things done.

Then what do you exactly need to be good at designing? Well, just your phone and some creative sense (okay, now I cannot do anything if you feel sad for not having a creative sense too. Sorry).

We all spend a lot of money on our mobile phones, right? It is about time they help us become good designers. This is possible if our phones simply allow us to download some exceptional designing apps (which they should do unless you bought a potato phone). If you have an iPhone then there is nothing that can stop you from becoming an ace designer (haaah, glad your hundreds of dollars came in handy somewhere, right?).

Good for people like us, the Apple app store comes with a lot of best graphic design apps for iPhone users to download. While some of these are free for use, others might need you to pay a bit. However, considering that you can design professionally using these apps, I think a little investment in a good app is not a bad deal after all.

I have been exploring a lot of graphic designing apps on my iPhone for the past few months and my experience with most of those gave been pretty great. Therefore, I decided to share some of those with you too.

Given below are some of the best iPhone apps for graphic design purposes. If you have time and if you are actually serious about learning graphic designing, you can explore all of these one by one, ultimately choosing the one that you think is the best.

So, without further ado let us get started:


The first app to be featured on my list of the best graphic design apps for iPhone is Retrospecs (this has been a life savior at many times and therefore, needless to say, is my forever favorite. Hence the first spot in the list goes to none other than this one).

 A popular app with a lot of downloads; this app is really loved by artistic people and vintage lovers. Retrospecs was created with the purpose of paying homage to the old generation of computers and the pictures that are left of them. Actually created to help people transform their colored, best quality images or videos to make them similar to those from the late ’70s, ’80s, and 90’s, this app has emerged as a perfect designing tool.

All you need are the relevant design components and snapshots of several icons and images saved in your phone and this app will let you add any of those to a new canvas, allowing you to edit it. Using this app, you can alter the picture to make it similar to the picture or clip that looks like a vintage dream from a late 80’s album. Not just this but you can also use this app to add animations and designs to the pictures already saved. Thus, this app that might look like just a photo editor to many can be your graphic designing tool for simple projects. I would label Retrospecs as a great option for people who are just starting with digital designing, particularly because of its ease of use.

The developer of this app is John Parker and must be appreciated for this astonishing development. You can simply go to your app store and download this app on your iPhone, iPad, and any other Apple product. Many features of this app are free and only a minimal amount of money is needed to unlock the advanced features. Once you use this incredible app, you would surely be convinced of it being one of the best design apps for the iPhone.


Adobe has an outstanding repute when it comes to graphics and designing. A branch of the same reputable tree, the Adobe Photoshop Sketch is a graphic app accessible to all iPhone users. This amazing app comes with a set of several inbuilt brushes, pens, pencils, erasers, and markers. All of these tools can help you generate graphics on your own with any help or guidance as well as almost effortlessly and easily (don’t forget that putting in some effort, nevertheless, always ensures better results). It would not be wrong to call this app more like an art supply kit that we would take along in schools. All the art supplies that one seeks to make their projects are virtually present in this graphic app and let people make amazing designs easily.

Some of the most notable features of the Adobe Photoshop Sketch app include built-in graphs to assist the development of 2-D and 3-D drawings, filters to color grade the designs, text adding solutions, and trimming options. After you have finished your designing process, you can send it to Adobe Illustrator directly from this app’s window. This could be a good way to upgrade your work up to 4X resolution and thus making it even better.  Also, you can enhance or edit the sketches by sending them to Photoshop CC through this app too.

Overall, this app is a good option for those looking forward to a professional level of design without paying a lot. If you are comfortable with other Adobe products and have already worked with them, then there could not be a better option for you than going with this app. The developer of the app, i.e. Adobe, did a good job of including all the necessary and required sketching or drawing features making it possible to create even the most complex design projects for free.

#3- OVER

Okay, I have waited a lot to add this one to my list of the best graphic design apps for iPhone. I love its name, and there is no reason you should not feel the same. This graphic design app helps people add text to their photos images, something that we all need when designing most of our projects. The best part about this app is that it adds the text in multiple fonts to the pictures without tarnishing the beauty or color grading of the image even minutely. With Over, you can easily create colorful stories, brand posters, and professional advertisements with extreme professionalism and within a few minutes.

Another very great attribute of this app is its user-friendliness which makes it a go-to option for every new designer in the field. Considering that we are designing things on a smaller phone screen, we all can really use a friend (that in this case is a user-friendly application with an interactive and smoother interface). Thankfully, anyone can easily use the blending, mixing, and layering tools that the Over app has. With all such and many more amazing features that this app has, this app is available for free on IOS. If you want a better and a professional version with advanced features, you can download an app called Over Pro that comes with some innovative features and is available for $9.99 per month.

Over and Over Pro help people create the best quality graphics, images, and posters, and should be enough for all your social media websites. In case you are not yet motivated to try this app out, then it is my humble request to Google some sample pictures that are designed with the help of this graphic app. Once you are done, come back and tell me if you are still not geared to use this awesome application for your next designing project, you sure are!


Developed by Rick Maddy, this is another app that can serve all your graphic design needs. The Palettes pro is an advanced app that is available on the Apple store for just $3.99. This app allows the user to maintain and generate their personal color palettes, something that is a dream of every graphic designer since most apps doesn’t allow much color grading. The users of this app can add colors to their own color palette either manually or can grab them from any website, color combination, or even a photograph. One palette can hold 25 colors and you can easily manage multiple palettes at one time from a single app account. Just make a palate and use whatever color you like the best in your designs and graphics.

Some other features of this amazing graphic design app include its ability to import and export palettes from Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, etc. One can even mail the color palette to anyone who uses the same app too. It is also very easy to rename, reorder, or to delete the palates. With all such unique features, not adding this app to the list of best graphic design apps for the iPhone would surely have been an unfair move from my side.


The Omni group played an important part in developing one of the best iPhone apps for graphic design when they introduced this one. This app, named OmniFocus 5, is available for Mac, iPhone, iPad, and even Apple Watch and is free to download and for the trail. However, if you need really advanced features, you would have to pay up since the pro version of this app is available for $39.99. Even when this costs a lot, the features are good enough to justify the high price, and making an investment in this app could be worth it.

OmniFocus 5 even won an award for being the best apple designing app of the year. The best part about this app is that it does much more than letting you design things. It can help you stay on track. The app, other than being a graphic designer, is basically also a task management software that allows you to note all your daily tasks in an efficient way. With its user-friendly tools for storing and listing your tasks, this app acts as an artificial brain that helps you keep a record of all the activities that needed to be completed in an effective and organized way. The designing part comes in where you try making your lists by adding graphics and other such elements to keep yourself feel motivated. These features are so cool that you can create your whole project on a to-do list, making this app a great tool for digital designers.


Although this app is popular for taking notes, it’s safe to consider it as a graphic design app that is among the best design apps for iPhone which come with a lot of features even when being free of cost. This app has been developed to help you save your thoughts, innovations, and other things that you see or hear in everyday life in an effectual and competent manner. The app helps the user to create notes that can be in form of writings, images, drawings, and graphics. One can even express himself or herself using the drawing and graphics tools in the app. Just like the previous app, this one also comes with amazing design features that make it definitely one of the best iPhone apps for graphic design. Make sure to try it out.

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