Avengers Superhero Logos That Are As Super As It Can Get

Avengers Superhero Logos That Are As Super As It Can Get

How many avenger fans do we have here today? I am sure many. The prestigious franchise has rose to more fame than ever over the past few years and there is no way we see an end to the avenger’s fandom anytime soon.

If you are an avenger fan yourself (99% chances say you are) or know someone who is a crazy follower of the brand, you would know people revere the superheroes from this franchise.

Be it Thor, Hulk, Captain America, or Black Panther, fans tend not to miss out on even the tiniest of details associated to these amazingly able heroes. Even when they are just fictional characters (sorry), these superheroes are ruling everyone’s mind since long.

However, I can bet on how most Avenger fans sometimes forget to appreciate the immense branding efforts that the franchise owners have put behind every superhero. Take the logos as an example, is it not interesting that each of these Avenger member comes with their own, distinctive logo that is nothing but an emblem of immense art and craftiness.

We decided why not pay homage to those amazing designers and their minds who came up with some of the best superhero emblems in the history. Hence, given below are some of our favorite superhero logos from Avengers that you would surely love.

Don’t worry, there is not boring history babble, rather we are just appreciating the beauty these logos are!

#1 Captain America Marvel Superhero Logo

How could we have even prioritized any other logo when the mighty Captain America had to be in the list? This superhero emblem is not just aesthetically pleasing, but is also a perfect combination of decency with grace.

Now, you must be thinking why should you care about our choice? Well, we have reasons that can convince you too. So, let us begin appreciating the talent this logo is, shall we?

We have somewhat of experience working with digital graphics and stuff and one thing we understood from working in the field is that less is always more when it comes to logos. At the same times, we also learned that a simple logo should not in any way be basic at all.

Now the fact that no other superhero logo fulfills this criterion of being simple and minimalist while having THAT grandeur effect than this Captain America logo is what made us awestruck. Everything about this logo, from the color combination of red and blue to that amazing shield and the superhero emblem’s designing is simply unique and great.

This beauty of the logo is self-explanatory in a way that even those who don’t follow the series have been a using this logo on their wallpapers, mobile covers, and what not!

Do we have to say anything else?

Source: wallpaper access

#2 Black Panther Logo

Speaking of simplicity representing grandeur, how can we forget about the oh-so-cool Black Panther logo that is nothing but absolute beauty. Once you see it closely, you would surely fall in love with the intricacy of the craft this logo comes with.

Even if you are not really a Black Panther fan, you are sure to love this one because, why not? While the logo itself speaks volumes about its beauty, we want you to focus on the precise details that make it a unique emblem among other.

Once you start looking at this logo critically, you would see for yourself how there are rarely any logos in the history that are as beautiful as this one.

Source: Wallpapers cave

#3 Thor Superhero Logo

Now, if there will ever be Oscars for a superhero that has the maximum number of logos, we are sure about Thor bagging them all. Here, we thought why not appreciate the best of all. The most used and best-designed Thor emblem is simple and elegant.

It features the typical Thor symbol with the superhero’s name written under the designed portion. A simple, black and white color combination adds nothing but more grace to the emblem and makes it worth all the appreciation.

Other than this typical logo, we also love all the Thor logos that have a hammer in them. We could have added anyone of those hammer logos in this list but the competition between all of those was so immense that we decided to stick to this one only.

Some other time, maybe, we can write a full post on all the Thor Superhero logos. How about that?

Source: Wallpapers cave


#4 Wolverine Superhero Logo

Now that you have made it till here, it is about time we spice up the things with this superhero emblem that you can surely use to scare off those annoying people at school. We are just kidding don’t do it! You would be kicked out and you definitely don’t want an extra year adding up to your educational experience.

But being scary is the not the only thing that makes this logo cool. Rather, there were some other awesome factors that made us select this logo out of the pool of other Avenger logos.

Probably the coolest thing about this logo is the amount of impression it comes with even in such minimalism and simplicity. (Seriously, how do people have so much brain to come up with designs like this).  If you look closely, you would see how this logo is nothing but a design made with just two colors – the black and the yellow. Hats off to the one who designed this logo, the intricate play of colors and the thoughtful placement of them makes the shape of Wolverine’s face

If you look even closer, you might be able to spot two Batman’s looking at each other which can never be unseen. 😉

Source: Logo Dix


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