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A Complete Guide On Book Marketing

Writing a book is a tiring yet lovely indulgence. You are giving away a piece of your life to the public eye with the hope that everyone appreciates you for your brilliant piece of writing. But, the process is much more complex than you just writing something and then sending it out for the world.

Having completed the main task of writing and printing, you need to take up the responsibility of marketing your book. As a self-publisher aiming to make your book a best-seller in 2021, things might seem like they are not in your favor.

You are likely to encounter many difficulties in the process of marketing your book and making it a well-known one in the market. Starting with the book marketing process with no information and knowledge about anything is even worse.

Hence, we decided to write everything we know about book marketing in this post. We will try keeping things detailed, yet simple and interesting. Here is to the hope that this guide makes your book marketing task way easier than you want it to.

What Is Book Marketing, Exactly?

We all know that the goal of book marketing is to boost the sale of a particular book by making it popular. The book marketing agencies and departments help your book to get famous and to be among the list of the most selling books.

Book marketing does cost money, but one thing is certain, that if you want to earn more from your book you need to market it. Without marketing a book is like a bird without wings. All the famous authors market their books to make them famous and to earn more from them.

Book marketers are very efficient in their job. They offer various book marketing plans and schemes that help the book to get popularity in the world of books. Marketers have many different book marketing strategies that can increase the scope of work and impact. With an increased scope and impact there are more chances for the book to become famous worldwide.

Some authors need some kind of comments and responses from other authors and readers for assurance. They want to know what others think of their book and ideas, at the initial stages of book publishing. For such people, it is a must to contact the book marketers, so that they can achieve what they want to.

In short, we can say that book marketing is an activity that helps to create awareness among the people regarding the new book. It grabs the people’s interest and convinces the customers to buy the book as soon as possible.

Given below are the eight fundamental book marketing tips that you should consider to market your book efficiently:

  1. Make sure to include the name of the book, author name, description, and relevant keywords while marketing your book.
  2. After publishing the book, share the link of stores, from which the readers can buy the book.
  3. To attract more people you can set up a website and can market the book online on your own website.
  4. Next, you need to set up social media accounts. Make an account on social media, follow famous authors, post small quotes from your book, and use relevant keywords to attract the audience.
  5. To make a healthy relationship with the readers you need to interact with them. Reply to the comments of readers, and interact with them to boost sales.
  6. To market and sell your book efficiently, you need to put it on discount. Reduce the price of the book for a limited time and see significant improvement in the sales.
  7. Set the reviews at the top of the website or your social media account. Try to get some reviews about the book before its publishing. You can ask a fellow writer to review your book or can take the help of some famous writer as well. Make sure to keep the reviews at the top, so that the audience will be attracted by them.
  8. One thing that you should never do while marketing a book is to Give Up. If in the first week the sale level is not as much as you expected, you need to put more effort into the whole process. So, don’t give up and be consistent.


Importance Of Book Marketing

Many people (read authors) often ask the question that why do we need to market our book? Some people ask that why do authors take help of the book marketing services, and why can’t they attract the audience directly with their own writing skills?

The answer to all these questions is very simple. To make anything (may it be a book or a new range of clothes by a well-reputed brand) known to the public you need to market it. Without marketing, the people remain unaware of the thing and the product remains unprofitable.

The importance of book marketing is something that cannot be denied at all. Given are some of the points that will help to understand the importance of book marketing to its fullest:

1.      The book that is well marketed makes enough profit

We can say that marketing is directly related to profit, the higher the marketing is higher will be the profit or vice versa. As, when the book is marketed efficiently, people will get to know about it and will be willing to read it. When people purchase the book, it will generate a higher demand and it will compel you to publish the book again and again. The more published copies of the book result in a higher profit.

So make sure to spend some money on the marketing of the book as we all know that marketing always results in an increased level of sales and profit.

2.      The marketed book will receive more shelf time

A well-marketed book always has a longer shelf time as compared to a book that is not marketed. Book stores need to change their books frequently, they discard the books that are not generating much profit and keep the books on the shelves that are high in demand and are attracting a huge audience towards themselves.

Marketing the book generates its demand and the marketed books stay on the shelves of book stores for a longer time period. Similarly, the profit and sales of such books also increase.

3.      A well-marketed book has a high level of engagement

The marketing companies with their book marketing strategies engage the public efficiently. They with the help of their techniques create interest in the public regarding the content of the book. As the audience is engaged it will be willing to read the book at all costs.

So, we can say that marketing attracts the audience and thus helps the book to sell efficiently and to make enough profit.

4.      Marketing increases the credibility of the book

To understand this concept let’s have a look at a simple case. You see two new chocolate bars in the grocery shop, you have seen the commercial of one chocolate on TV (i.e. it is marketed), while the other is not marketed. Which chocolate bar will you prefer to buy? Obviously, the one that is marketed (as you’ve developed familiarity with it due to the ad, Right!

Similarly, when a person is thinking of buying or reading a book he/she will definitely consider the book that is well marketed. Marketing a book increases its credibility, so people are attracted to it and are willing to read it as compared to a book that is not marketed.

Book Pricing Tips

When we dive into book marketing, many people seem to be confused on questions like “how to price the book” or “for how much should I sell my book”. Hence it’s better to look at these things in more detail before moving ahead.

The publishers need to consider many things while determining the price of the book.  They need to ensure that the book is not much expensive for people to buy. Also, they need to see that the book is not too cheap to cover its publishing expense.

Given below are some tips that you need to consider while pricing your book. Have a look at them:

Tip 1:  Set goals

To determine the price efficiently you first need to determine the goals that you want your book to achieve. To price the book you need to consider various aspects. The things that require significant attention while deciding the price of the book include:

  • How many copies do you want to sell?
  • How much profit do you want to earn?
  • What is your target audience’s age group?
  • What is the target audience’s budget?
  • Do you want to publish the book internationally?

Answer all these questions and set goals for your book. Set the price then based on these goals. For example, if the target audience is over sixty years, then they can afford an expensive book but if the target audience is somewhere between 18 and 25 then it is pretty difficult for them to purchase a highly-priced book.

So consider the above-mentioned price and then set the final price of the book.


Tip 2: Get to know about the price of other books

Have an idea about the average price of the books from the same category. If the niche of your book is fiction, then find out the price range of some of the famous fiction books of the time. If the price lies between $400 to $500, you should also set the price within that range.

If your book is highly-priced as compared to the other books from the same niche, then it will definitely not attract enough traffic towards itself.

Tip 3:  Set international price carefully

If you want to publish the book internationally then make sure to have a look at the prices of the local books of that country. Get to know about the currency value and the purchasing power of the resident of that country. If the book is highly priced in the international country then it will definitely result in loss.

Make sure to set the price of the book in accordance with the price of the local book, so that you can attract enough audience.

Tip 4:  Review the style of the book

If the price that is appropriate for the book is not generating much profit i.e. is not meeting the expenses, then you need to revise the style of the book. Never sell the book at a higher price or at a cost lower than the expenses. A very clever idea for you is to revise the style and design of the book.

Change the font to a smaller one so that the number of pages decreases, also choose the quality of the pages that is according to the price set. Revise the other such things and cut off the unnecessary expenditures to make a profit even with the low price set for the book.

By now, you must be quite clear on book marketing and why do you exactly need it. Yaay, we aced this task *giggles*.

But, you still don’t know the right way to begin with marketing your book. Don’t worry, we have still a lot of information to give you in-store. First, understand that book marketing is a long process that goes side by side as you prepare for the book’s launch.

Yes, you read that right. It’s not like you first publish a book, send it to stores, and set up its online selling and then follow with marketing it. No, this is not how you market a book. Are you guilty of thinking about the marketing process going this way? Don’t feel bad because almost everyone has the same perceptions about marketing a book.

However, we have clarified it above and we will say that again, book marketing does not begin after you launch the book. Rather the process starts way before the launch. If you have been thinking otherwise till the day, you have one more reason to read on.

Technically speaking, you are somehow taking a marketing-oriented approach when you kickstart with the editing and book cover details. Obviously, you do it in the best possible way because you want your book to appeal to others, right?

However, the proper book marketing process starts once you are done with cover designing and prints and are ready to launch the book. For your ease of understanding, we are dividing the entire process of book marketing into two parts.

The first part would deal with all that you have to do in terms of marketing your book before you launch it. The second part, then, will deal with the steps to adopt a rigorous marketing style post book’s launch.

So, then, let us get into this right away:

Part 1: Preparing For Book Marketing Pre-Launch


Having completed the tiring task of writing a book and getting it shaped in a way that it can be marketed is a huge milestone. For the most part, you must be all alone with no helping hand and you might be tired by now.

Hence is the perfect time you get yourself a team for marketing and other launching processes. Well, you need a launch team for successful book marketing no matter what and there is no question of going about the marketing steps without focusing on building a team.

But what exactly is a launch team?

Well, a launch team is nothing different than a group of passionate people that you can trust with your book’s launch-related processes.

The people who make this team are supposed to be professional, dedicated, and eager towards your book’s success as much as you are. It is best to handpick and choose the people you know to have a passion and ability to carry out such a task.

Make sure that the people you are picking can stick around and give time to your launch’s preparation. A launch team that has members with the best communication and convincing skills and is good at time management and stress handling is sure to ace your book marketing.

Here is a video on the launch team that can help you understand the concept better.

Now that you have an idea on the launch team’s establishment, it is time you begin working in steps as follows:

     1. Decide how big should be your team

Depending on the audience and your established repute as an author, your launch team’s size can vary between just two people to more than 30. If you are a well-known author and your targeted audience is already likely to be in touch with you, you don’t need a very big launch team.

On the other hand, your team size needs to be quite big if it’s your first book with not an impressive audience already built.

Consider it like this, a launch team of 10 to 25 people will easily spread your book within a community of 200 to 300 people. Now, take this formula and decide how many people should be enough for you to market your book to the desired audience target.

     2. Find Members For Your Launch Team

Now, if you have a small team in mind, mostly you will not have to work too much. Just ask your close friends to be a part of it and you are done.

Things get complicated, however, when it is about hiring a bigger team. As an author, you might have an introverted routine and you might not know a lot of people. Hence, finding a huge launch team would be no less than a task.

Here are some things you can do to find people who are willing to be a part of your launch team:

  1. Ask your friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors to let others know of you finding a launch team. These people, when spread news to their circles, are likely to bring you some solid team members from their connection.
  2. Try to meet more and more people who are not really your friends but somehow recognize you. Someone you often have conversations with on your evening walk, parents outside your child’s school who you talk to when killing time at the pickup, someone you have seen often at the library close to your home, and other such people who you think might like being a part of your launch team.
  3. Invite people to be a part of your team through social media by providing them with some information about their roles and location that would need to spend most of their time at.


After you have more than the desired people, willing to be a part of your time, it’s time you recruit the best of them. Remember that it’s the quality of your launch team members that matters and not their quantity.

Hence, you must be willing to do thorough recruitment, asking the willing members some questions that can reveal their interests to you and can help you make a guess on whether or not they would be a good choice to pick.

Here are some points that must be there in a potential launch team member:

  • They must be interested in the book’s niche and should be a reader of such book themselves
  • They must have detailed know-how about your book, your career as an author, and what kind of people could be the best-targeted audience to sell your book
  • They must have great communication and convincing skills
  • They must be willing to stick around you for as long as you need them
  • Their time and routine must be flexible enough to let them easily adjust the time for your book’s marketing and other related activities
  • They should be great at working in teams and collaborating with people even without being friends with them
  • They must have a big enough circle of readers reach out to for your book’s marketing

After analyzing every willing member through these criteria, select the defined number of best ones to be a part of your team.

     3. Welcome your launch team and warm them with their responsibilities

Decide a day on which all your team members can come for a meetup and that is where you can welcome them with a signed copy and some coffee (or food, maybe).

If you can meet them, just record a welcome video and send it to them with a signed copy mailed. In the video, tell them about their roles, what you expect from them, your goals, and other relevant things.


     4. Keep up with them and communicate regularly

 Your morale about the launch and preparatory process is going to define the morale of your team. This means you cannot just talk to them once and expect them to keep on working on their own. No, you must be willing to keep up and establish regular communication with every team member.

Create a group where you all share ideas about the launch and what you aspire to do with the launch. collaborate, have discussions, and talk to each other as much as you can.

     5. Assign the team member their tasks

As your book launch comes closer, it’s time you assign everyone their respective tasks. Try to give everyone something they are willing to do. This way, they would surely do their job better than in any other way.

With everything in place and with everyone taking up their responsibility, you are ready to work on your launch process. Now, wish yourself luck and launch the book with no doubts and fears at all.

You have gone through so much to find a perfect team, there is no reason your launch should not work out best. But, hey, you got to work on book marketing even after the launch. which is why we come to our second part of this post.

Part 2: Carrying Out Book Marketing Post-Launch

Now that your book is released and available for sales, you got to make sure that you can get as many sales as you can. Obviously, the goal is to make it a bestseller, now isn’t it?

So here are the steps to begin with right after the book is launched:

     1. Make a website for your book

Now that is not something a lot of book authors do, but you should really do it if you want to earn more and more followers and fame for your book.

A website for a book is like its permanent permit to fame. Unlike buying up some space on Amazon or other platforms to market your book in its initial days in the market, your website would be the place where you can market it and other of your publications forever.

An author who puts in efforts to such an extent that he even gets his book a website is actually speaking volumes about his credibility and passion. These things are ultimately going to affect your fame in a positive way and will drive people towards your book.

It’s best to make your website reflect the book that it is meant for. Maybe add the images, reviews of people, and snippets from the book to attract people more. Also, use the website as an online book store, selling signed copies and offering bonuses to your buyers.

     2. Reach out to potential buyers via mail

Now, not everyone can see your website unless you tell them to and that is something very easy. Just make a mailing list of people who have indulged in your previous publications or are known to enjoy books like the one you have written.

Craft a comprehensive, yet brief and friendly email intimating people about your book’s launch and where it is available. Send this mail to as many people as you can, so that they can be driven to know more about your book.

Mostly, this desire to know more about a book ends up in people buying it from you.

     3. Contact Influencers

Living in the world of social media, it is almost impossible to bring anything in the spotlight unless you get it reviews and discussed by famous bloggers and influencers. Hence, your next step should be getting your book reviewed by them.

Figure out what kind of influencers your potential readers would be following at most. Contact those influencers and ask if they would be interested in reviewing your book and promoting it. Chances are, they would agree.

Send them a signed copy with a personalized thank you note or a little gift. Once they are done reading, they will surely give a detailed review of your book, requesting people to buy it. This establishes your book as prestigious and helps you generate a lot of sales.

     4. Promote through social media and book clubs


Social media is the most powerful tool for anything to earn fame. There is no reason it won’t help your book marketing struggles too.

Hence, you must leverage the giants in the world of social media to make your book famous. This is free and often takes no more than a few minutes from your day. This makes social media marketing one of the best forms of book marketing that is not of much use alone but can do wonders if done in combination with all the above steps

You can use social media forums like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to get your book famous. Make a profile for your book or of yourself as an author. Use the right hashtags with every post about your book and you will see engagement growing for sure.

Also, you can use these forums as a way to connect with your potential readers. You can answer their questions and clarify their doubts about your book. If used wisely, social media can be your most useful way to generate more sales and attract more people to your book, making it a best-seller in no days.

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