9 Best BTS Army T Shirt Design Ideas For A Fan Like You

9 Best BTS Army T Shirt Design Ideas For A Fan Like You

It would be quite stupid of me to start this post by introducing the BTS boys. I mean, who does not have an idea of the stars as talented and creative as THE BANGTAN BOYS. To be honest, these boys deserve all the love they are being showered with and even some more. Starting young, these talented champs have put in a lot of effort and hard work in reaching where they are today. It is probably all their hard work and sincere efforts they have made towards K-pop’s production that have led them to be loved by people from almost all the regions of the world.

It would not be wrong to claim BTS as the only musical band that has its very own ‘ARMY’ of fans, with people of different age groups and nationalities joining the fans’ circle every passing minute.  BTS fans are ready to do anything they can for their rock stars.

Such a level of craziness has led the markets and shops to stock as many BTS inspired items as possible, with the BTS inspired tees being the most common one out of others. People, who claim themselves as members of the BTS army, love showing-off their association to this united circle of fans. This sense of pride associated with being a BTS fan is what leads many of them to flaunt BTS army t shirt designs in the best possible way.

If you’re also one such crazy BTS army member, then the following section of this post is no more than a present for you. Let us go ahead and see why so?


If there is one thing that has remained consistent about our very own BANGTAN boys (other than good music, of course) it is their decency. The sense of style these boys have is something on another level. Being a member of their army and as someone who calls himself or herself their craziest fan, there is no reason you would not want to adopt their style sense. Well, if you agree with me then you would surely like this tee that I put in the first place on this list purposefully. I wanted to start my suggestion’s list with something that is as elegant and chic as our boys and this was what led me to add this simple black and white BTS army tee here. Trust me when I say that no show of color in your attire can even look as great as a simple combo of retro colors on a tee that flaunts a big BTS logo on its front. If you agree with me, then there is no point in further discussion. Just head out and try finding something like this tee to step your BTS support game a little upwards.

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Do you think that our BTS boys being all about fun and cool colors do not make it necessary for us to dip our attire in colors to show our real support for them? Let me tell you, your thinking is right and the same thinking is my reason behind adding the next tee to this list. Having a simple black base with the word ARMY written in bold, this shirt is for someone who is an ultimate boss. Don’t forget to look down at the three words caption that simply tells the story behind our BTS heroes’ success. After all, had it not been a loss of their blood, sweat, and tears, we would never have been lucky enough to enjoy and appreciate the talent they’ve been blessed with.


Source: Teepublic


Although the next one on my list looks like a perfect BTS army t shirt design for girl fans of the band, this will look equally great on the male members of our army. Sometimes, adding a touch of soft colors and roses is enough to give a simple tee some element of high-street fashion and this shirt is a perfect example to prove this claim’s truthfulness. If you are someone who loves roses and BTS boys, then investing in this tee (or maybe two in the same design) is a decision you would never regret making.



Looking for a perfect BTS army t-shirt for girl fans of Jungkook? Let me end your search right away with this perfect yellow and black tee that is more like a tribute to what legacy Jungkook has created. It is obvious that many of the BTS army members love one of the BANGTAN boys a little too much (That one star is J-hope in my case, just could resist sharing soooo….). If you are one such BTS army member, then it is perfectly fine to go about finding a shirt that caters to your inner BTS army member and fan of a specific BTS member equally well. Trust me when I say that no one will ever judge you for loving one BTS boy more than the other. This is because, at the end of the day, we are all a part of one huge family and hype up each other equally.



When I first looked at this tee, I felt like my BTS love and Harry Potter dreams have come true altogether. Not that this tee has any such inspiration drawn from the Harry Potter series in actual, but the vibes its logo gives off is somewhat similar to what Harry Potter inspired tees radiate. If you are a fan of white and simple tees like me and are looking forward to something that can make you look good while highlighting you as a member of the BTS army and fan clubs this summer season, then stop looking anywhere else and invest in this tee right away.



I sometimes feel like I love the BANGTAN boys as dearly as a mother loves her kids (no, I’m not that old, it is just an expression to show the intensity of love I have for my BTS kings). This intense love that I have for this talented band of these K-pop creators was what made me feel like I should add a BTS Army t shirt design for girls with motherly instincts like mine to this list too. And guess what, here I am with the most amazing BTS Army mom tee ever. A cool black tee with minimal printing and BTS’s logo, this shirt is the stuff of every BTS fangirl’s dreams and there is no way you should miss out on it.

Source: Amazon


Red is a color for those who love, J-hope looks like a cute little dove (Sorry, I suck at rhyming and writing poetry). Now that I have ruined your whole mood with my poetic aesthetics, here is the payback. This red bts army t shirt design for girl members of the BANGTAN boys’ army is just too good to be true. Now, we singles have finally a red valentines’ day tee shirt to wear and tell the world about who we all have been dating in our imaginations all this time. I am sure that you’d love how the brightness of red color on this tee has been balanced with the subtle printing and aesthetic captions, making it a tee no one can resist.

Source: tee right back


The other day I was thinking about how there are not many great options when it comes to finding a good BTS army t-shirt for girl fans of the band. Later, I came across this baby pink BTS army t shirt, and all my annoyance regarding girls having lesser attire options to flaunt their BTS fandom vanished. I was particularly shocked as to how someone like me, who claims to be the biggest BTS fan, did not have such a perfect tee in her closet. I don’t even know how to put the beauty of this BTS tee in words. Just look at it yourself and honestly tell if you have not started imagining yourself in it or not!

Source: Etsy


Even when BTS is a name that needs no introduction in the modern world anymore, there might be someone who comes from under the stone to meet you. Don’t let this meeting go waste and avail the chance of getting another person addicted to the BTS boys by wearing this tee in front of them. It gives a whole new definition to the concept of ‘Army’ and is also a great option to wear if you want to tell others about the extent of love you have for the BTS boys. Rising above everything else is the black color of this tee that makes it a piece you would love wearing every day of the year.

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