8 Ugliest Christmas Sweaters Ever You Might Want To Try (2021)

8 Ugliest Christmas Sweaters Ever You Might Want To Try (2021)

Christmas sweater is like the staple wear of every year. Almost everyone invests in one special sweater that they think would be best when worn on Christmas eve and hence, the Internet is filled with guides and everything on this piece of clothing.

Back in times (by which we mean no more than a decade), people would prefer wearing the prettiest and most colorful of their sweaters on this event. Thanks to social media, its viral trends, and youth’s frantic following of famed celebs, things are not the same anymore.

Over the last few years, people have started wearing ugly sweaters on this special occasion as a way to enjoy the eve with some light hearted laughs. While there is no harm in wearing these, we are not here to suggest you to take one road between picking these or simply not following the trends.

Yet, we decided it would be a great idea to share some amazing and ugliest Christmas sweater and uppers with you (sound weird, right? well, same here). No one is asking you to wear these, just take them as a suggestion if you ever feel like wearing something funny:


1.     The huge Santa Prop Sweater

Source: Pinterest

The first on the list of the ugliest Christmas sweaters is the one with the Santa face prop on it. We know that Santa is one of the most famous personalities around Christmas, and people do wear sweaters with pictures of Santa on them, but this sweater is just so strange.

As you can see, this sweater includes the prop of Santa with a very long beard, lights, some other Christmas tree decoration stuff, and even a teddy bear. We wonder how the person in the picture is wearing such a heavy and funny sweater.


2.     The Gift Bows Sweater

Source: what the outfit


It seems like the lady is trying to kill two birds with one stone. As we can see that all the stuff that is on her sweater somehow belongs to the Christmas tree. The ornaments, gift bows, Christmas candy sticks, and other such things that are supposed to be on the Christmas tree and found on her sweater.

Well, we think that the lady short on time, but wanted to look impressive so she attached whatever she found related to Christmas on her sweater. Also, we think she is happy with her final product as a big smile can be seen on her face easily.

3.     The Grogu faced sweater

Source: Etsy


Baby Yoda or Grogu is regarded as cute by many people, but to be honest this little creature looks super weird when it is on a Christmas sweater. In the sweater given below, you can see that the picture of baby Yoda is printed on the sweater.

Also, the picture is so weird that it makes the sweater look awful. The remaining design on the sweater too is unexplainable; hence the design and the funny picture of baby Yoda is making this sweater look funny and ugly.


4.     The CATMAS sweater

Source: Pinterest


We know cats are the cutest creature on the planet and that some people love cats more than they love themselves. But it is hard to believe that one will say MEOWY CATMAS instead of Merry Christmas. In this sweater two cute little cats can be seen, one of them is wearing Santa’s hat while the other is seeing wearing the reindeer’s horns.

The picture of the cats is amazing, but the thing that is making this sweater look ugly is the phrase MEOWY CATMAS. This phrase is not making any sense and is ruining the beauty of two little innocent creatures found on the sweaters. Dear cats, we feel sorry for you.

5.     The devil sloth Christmas Sweater

Source: Pinterest

Sloths have nothing to do with Christmas and making them a part of your Christmas sweater is just unexplainable. Apologies in advance, but this sweater is the weirdest Christmas sweater we have ever seen.

This sweater features a very devilish-looking sloth just at the center of the sweater. Not only the facial features of the sloth, but the old school design of the sweater with some stars, dots, and patterns too contributes to making this sweater the ugliest.

6.     The tired reindeer one

Source: Pinterest

The next sweater on the list of the ugliest Christmas sweaters is the tired reindeer one. This sweater is red in color with a brick design on it, the thing that is making this sweater weird is the stuffed reindeer face that is hanging just at the center of the sweater. The face of the reindeer suggests that the poor animal is working for the last decade and hasn’t slept in years.

We are sure, that in case a real reindeer will see this sweater, the poor creature will definitely commit suicide. The ornaments and the Christmas tree material used as the background of the reindeer’s face also makes this sweater look weird.

7.     The Sweater with beadwork

Source: What The Outfit

Turtlenecks are the most uncomfortable thing on this planet. This Christmas sweater can be regarded as uncomfortable and ugly at the same time. The strange and unplanned design that is made with the help of beads makes this sweater look awful.

To some extent, the sweater matched with the vibes of Christmas, the colors, design, and the little snowflakes make this sweater look according to the festival, but by its final look, we can say that the sweater is not impressive at all.

8.     The SpongeBob Christmas sweater

Source: ebay

We all love SpongeBob, but making this cartoon character a part of Christmas sweaters is not a good idea. As you can see this sweater includes a happy SpongeBob, with a common design, and the weird text saying “T’is the season to be spongy”.

The text is making the sweater look awful, and also SpongeBob holding the Christmas candy sticks in his hand makes this sweater look funny. In case you thinking of buying a SpongeBob Christmas sweater for yourself, make sure to reconsider the decision.



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