8 Things to Consider When Designing T-Shirts

8 Things to Consider When Designing T-Shirts

Today, Instagram is flooding with famous people who know how to upscale their game with a t-shirt that speaks volume, but have you any idea what the designers go through to create that masterpiece? Well, needless to say, that they infuse the perfect mix of epic and elegance. The key to creating a cool custom shirt lies in the ability of the designer to create a connecting piece of clothing that sets apart the standards of sizing and coloring.

People are conscious of their outlook and appearance, which has got them to pay keen attention to style. We all remember the rage about Bob Marley and Keep Calm t-shirts, but one thing is common in them, they fall in alignment with the latest fashion trends while keeping the classic and contemporary on track.  Undoubtedly, t-shirts are the prime piece of clothing; be it the engaging graphical t-shirt, cool fandom t-shirt, or the over-sized t-shirt, everyone has been sporting stylish looks with these shirts.

Simple is Sexy

Imagine yourself walking down the street and people glaring at your shirt to see what’s drawn on the shirt, well, nobody really wants that. When it comes to ace the shirt, you need to keep it simple and chic while simplifying the complex designs. The topping point is that intricate designs can be challenging to print with accuracy which can impact the overall look. So, while designing the t-shirt, you need to stick to a single message with one shirt and remove the excessive points of action. The latest trend is choosing the black and white gradients as they pose the epitome of simplicity.

Edges Are Essential

There can be two approaches; free-flow designs with nary borders or the photos that sport edges. When it comes to modern designs, borders and corners are considered downright outdated. However, many designers are opting for the invisible edges that don’t undermine the design while staying on the fashion radar.

Vibrancy of Colors

Colors make a great impact, and one needs to be mindful of the actual shirt color as they play a vital role in shaping the fashion statement. However, designers also have to think about the color imprinting options for budget development as well as design approaches. In other words, the art and color go hand in hand and if you aren’t chary about it, the overall design and its meaning can be impacted.

Fabric Fantasizing

T-shirts are the timeless fabrics, and to ensure they stay with you for life, one needs to opt for the optimal fabric. The low-quality t-shirts can result in pilling, shrinkage, and washing out, and if you want to sport them for years, the fabric needs to be top-notch. However, the fabric choice also depends on the geographic location because if you are looking one for the colder regions, fleece is an apt choice. Moreover, cuts and inking play an essential role on the fabric choice, as well.

Is It Cool Enough?

T-shirts are meant to add the factor of coolness while you hit the streets. The wow and cool factor comes from the trendy and modern designs that are easy to pull off, which means you need to stay on the bandwagon of fashion and creativity.

Graphical Glitz

If you are inculcating the graphical designs on the t-shirt, you need to choose the correct placement, and five common ones include the front center, back center, sleeve, front pocket, and top back center. However, to ensure the placement of the graphical design on the shirt, you need to keep a balance between aesthetics and quality.

Vector Artwork Is New Art

This must be inculcated in the designs without a second thought, as it tends to make the designs scalable. However, not all designers have honed the vector artwork development, but if you can create the high-resolution designs, vectors can be decided for later.

Fling of Fonts

If the shirt has bad fonts, it’s going to ditch the quality of the t-shirt while keeping the right spellings and grammar in mind. Long gone the times when wrong spellings were cool because today, correct English is the new fling. You need to experiment with the font styles that create captivating designs and make placements an engaging point of consideration.

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