6 Famous Logos With Faces That Show Us What Creativity Is!

6 Famous Logos With Faces That Show Us What Creativity Is!

Some logos always get us thinking about what must have led their designer to design them in such a way. However, when we specifically come down to logos with faces, all we can think about is who is this person? Where did the inspiration from this logo come from? And many more questions like these.

While your first guess on seeing a logo with a face is that the face represents the pioneer of the brand, the case is not always the same. The truth is, sometimes brands do come up with face logos but those faces have hardly anything to do with the brand owner.

Rather, these faces are more of a creative way to represent the brand’s missions and values. Today, we are going to reveal some of these most amazing logos with faces and the story behind them. So, without further delay, let’s get started:

1.     KFC

KFC is one of the most popular fast-food restaurants all over the world. People over the world recognize this brand because of the trust it has developed for itself in its customer’s eyes.

This one is quite an obvious catch, though. Everyone knows about the history of KFC and its logo but let us give you a brief insight on how this logo was designed and what it symbolizes.

The logo of the brand pays homage to Colonel Sanders the founder of the brand. Since 1952, the logo of the company changed about four times, but the picture of Colonel Sanders remained a part of all the logos.

The logo features a very welcoming and friendly picture of Colonel Sanders, the bright colors used in the logo too are appealing to the eyes. In short, the customers are attracted by the logo of the brand a lot.

Source: 99 designs

2.     Foot Locker

Foot Locker is among the first few brands that come to our minds when we are thinking of buying footwear or sportswear. The logo of this sportswear brand is very unique. Its logo includes a football coach’s face, but there is something important that you need to know about this fantastic logo.

At first, the logo of the company was very simple with the word Foot Locker written in an old school font with red color, which was enclosed in a green boundary. Since the logo was very minimalistic, it was not attracting a huge portion of the audience, so the company decided to include a football coach in it.

The current logo of the brand includes the football coach, standing facing his right side, and in a very confident posture. The adding of a football coach in the logo gave the logo a sports look and the people highly admired the act.

Source: Pechman Law Group

3.     Wendy’s

If you are a fast-food lover then you must be familiar with the logo of Wendy’s. This logo also features a face (obviously, that is why it’s in this list, after all).

The animated face of a little girl with red hair tied in pigtails and a beautiful smile makes this logo much more attractive. This logo also has gone through many updates but the friendly face remained the same in all the versions. The logo is pretty attractive and thus it helped Wendy’s to get identified easily.

The design of the ruffled collars of the girl’s dress contributed to making the logo famous worldwide. When observed, one can see that the design on the collar spells the word “MOM”. The owners of the brand say that the design is random, and all this is just a coincidence.

Source: Turbo Logo

4.     Goodwill

Goodwill is an American nonprofit organization, having a logo with a half smiley face. The face seems to be of a Lego man. The smiley and friendly logo indicate that the company is always willing to help others.

The logo also conveys the friendliness of the company. The oldest logo of the company designed in 1902, was very simple and kind of reflected the religious origins, so it was not welcomed by the people. Then in 1968, the logo with a half animated face and a very welcoming smile was introduced.

The logo won the heart of the people and is being used to represent the company since then.

Source: 1000 Logo


5.     Quaker Oats

The Quaker Oats Company is one of the most famous oats producing companies in the world. Almost 50% of the people start their day with the products made by this company. The logo of this company features the face of the well-known “Quaker Oats man”.

A very strange fact, which you may not know about, is that the face is not of some real person but is a combination of some positive traits that helped to make the face look friendly. The company played a smart card while designing the logo of the company.

The face is attractive and helps to make the products look distinguished and easily identifiable. Just like all the other logos this logo also has changed over time but the face and traits of the Quaker Oats Man have remained the same.

Source: Brand Channel


6.     Starbucks

We all love Starbucks, don’t we? Apart from the blissful essence and super amazing taste of the coffee, Starbucks is famous for its logo. The logo of Starbucks also has a face in it. The face on the logo of Starbucks is of a mermaid named Siren.

The brand says that Siren the mermaid is the face of the brand. Even if Siren is not a real person, the brand has given her enough fame (or maybe it’s the other way around). The logo features Siren with her long hair, a crown, a warming smile, and attractive eyes.

Some people even criticized the logo, still, the brand decided not to modify Siren at all. Even when the style and colors of the logo have gone through many updates, Siren managed to be in every logo in her best shape.

Source: Pinterest


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