4 Best Tips On How To Be Successful On Etsy

4 Best Tips On How To Be Successful On Etsy

No matter what the world says, arts and vintage items are always going to make it big when it comes to selling them. Etsy’s owners probably understood this strong fact about human nature and buying choice and came up with a platform where these elements can be traded.

Today, over 2 million artistic and vintage freaks are selling their products to an even bigger community of art-loving buyers using this platform. To be honest, almost anyone can make a great deal of money from Etsy only if they have the creative ability to do so.

If you think you are that one creative too, then setting up an account on this cool platform should be the first thing you do right after you are done reading this article. However, let us make things a little clearer here.

Etsy is a very well-grown platform and success does not come easy on it. The platform’s owners and managers know their thing well and hence have devised strict rules for anyone who would like to succeed on this platform.

Other than these rules, there are several other constraining factors that somehow make it hard for new sellers to strive on this platform and become a part of the competition. Don’t worry if you are a newcomer on Etsy or are planning to join it soon.

Given below are some amazing tips to help you grow and strive well on Etsy, that too, very easily. So let’s begin:

1-    Know the Rules That Apply To You


Yeah, we know that no one has enough time to read rules and regulations. Somehow, somewhere in our lives, we are all guilty of checking the boxes without reading the rules that we are so consciously promising to abide by.

But, things are different for sellers at Etsy. This platform has some very strict and clearly stated rules for anyone who would like to sell their stuff through this platform. While you may feel like there is no need to read those rules, there will come a time when your inability to abide by them would cause your trouble.

Sometimes, not abiding by Etsy’s rules can lead to your account’s cancellation. Other times, these rules serve as a superb guide for you in times of need, that when not known by you, often lead to your loss. Therefore, we would strongly recommend you read these rules and then start your selling business on the platform.


2-     Never Compromise On Product Photo Quality

Source: Etsy


With online shopping from stores and platforms like Etsy, all that your clients and potential customers can rely on is a picture of the product that you are offering them. Let us say that the picture you upload shows a great item but in a blurred format, would people consider it? Of course, not!

The picture that you provide for your customers is their only way to attract them. Hence, other than considering clarity and colors in your picture, you also need to capture it in a way that allows it to attract people on its own.

Etsy also provides you the basics to uploading good photos on the site that you can use for your purpose. If you can afford it, we suggest hiring someone pro to help you upload better pictures so that your chances to attract customers are stronger.

3-    Don’t Ever Underestimate the Power of SEO

Source: Medium.com


The Internet and its algorithms have paved way for SEO to become a must learn skill for online sellers. This means you need to know at least its basics, if not all of it, to become successful on Etsy and other such online stores. While there are many courses available about SEO, you can simply follow the basics to let your product and listing show more in the searches.

As a rule, try to name your products in the most generic and basic way. Using keywords to name your products to increase their chances of showing up in web searches and make it easier for your buyers to find them.

Other than the product’s name, you must try using as many keywords as possible in the products’ tags, descriptions, images, etc. Also, we would like you to know that SEO is ever-evolving and ever-changing. Hence, it’s better to keep on brushing up your knowledge on SEO to ensure better sales on Etsy.

4-    Market Your Etsy Store Through Other Channels

This is something that most Etsy sellers do not even bother doing. They think that once their store is up and working on Etsy, they do not need to market their offerings anywhere else. But, this is a mistake you would never want to commit, especially if you want to be at Etsy for long.

You should try selling your Etsy products at fairs and related events in person. Anyone who buys your products from art fairs and events should get a card that lets them know of your Etsy store. You should also tell them about your store verbally. This would lead them to shop from your online store too after they have tried your items out once.

Another way to market your Etsy store is to make social media accounts for it. Yes, using the same store’s name and logos, as well as similar product pictures, you can attract a wide range of sellers from social media accounts too.


You can even sell your products via Facebook and Instagram and can offer people a discount on the same product when they buy it from the Etsy store. This would lead more of your audience to Etsy rather than social media and, if they like your items, they might give you a huge social media following that you can use to establish another source of earning afterward.

Another marketing platform outside Etsy could be your website or blog. You can introduce people to your art on these sites and can direct them to your Etsy store to buy those offerings. This can lead to better and more sales on Etsy as compared to when you are using Etsy alone.

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