4 Best Graphic Design Apps For iPad in 2021

4 Best Graphic Design Apps For iPad in 2021

Being a mobile device or as we should say ‘portable home PC’, the iPad can be your best option for creating new logos and digital art on the go anywhere.

Many designers tend to use their heavy-weight PCs for designing, thinking that only a huge device can help them come up with detailed designs. Let’s shun this myth once and for all. We are living in advanced times and the size of anything has nothing to do with how good its working capability is.

The same applied to iPads and their designing capability. These mobile devices are currently the best investments for any graphic designer. You might not believe it but most of the biggest names in the graphic designing industry do not create their designs using heavy PCs, or even laptops.

Rather, they bring their expensive iPads to the best of their use and create exceptional designs on these tiny devices. No matter whether you are a beginner in the field or a pro artist, you can (and must, to say so) use your iPad to convert anything into a digital design or can create something entirely new.

You just need to know a bit about some of the best iPad apps for graphic designers. Trying out multiple such apps, you can easily find the one that suits your needs and working style the most. Once you pick one or two of your favorite apps for designing on iPad, nothing can stop you from acing at the graphics game.

We are here not just to motivate you but also to ease your graphic designing tasks further (so good we are!).

Hence, below we are sharing some of our favorite ones from all the best graphic design apps for iPad we have tried to date.

After you are done reading this one, we suggest you try out these all apps and then select the one that you love the most. Don’t forget to share your choice with us in the comment section too.

Now, let us begin and get to know these amazing apps:

1-    Adobe Photoshop Sketch (Free)

Source: dribble.com

This is one of the go-to apps for designers and yet, comes with some of the most amazing features that can help you create pro-level designs within minutes. While there are some advanced versions of Photoshop that you can get after paying some amount, this one is free and still has more than enough tools.

If we have to simply explain this app, we would call it a digital sketchbook where you can easily draw all your design ideas. This app has a range of brushes and other design tools that allow attention to detail. Thanks to the grid feature, you can add design elements exactly where you intended to.

The best part about this one is its user-friendliness and interactive interface. You can easily upload reference images from the web as well as from your devices for a refined design. Also, you can export the designs made in this app to your desktop-installed Photoshop.

2-    Affinity Designer

Source: dribble.com

If you have no other device to create designs and are okay with paying up a little for excellent design, then this one is for you.

One of the most professional apps for designing on iPad, Affinity Designer lets you experience a desktop-designing experience. It comes with almost all the tools that a graphic designer would ever need and its easy-to-use interface makes it the perfect choice for everyone.

With over 100 brushes and an excellent speed, this one lets you work anywhere on the go and does not, even for a minute, lets you feel like you are using a tab for designing.

3-    Procreate

Source: digital art

You must have heard of this one. Procreate is more of a drawing app rather than a designing one but is still a great option for professional as well as hobbyist graphic designers. This one is an all-rounder in so many ways and works even better on newer iPad versions.

If you need ultra-high defined canvases and want to work with Apple pencil for robust designing, this one is your call. You can harness the power of versatile brushes and tools this one comes with to draw excellent and detailed images all you want.

The app’s friendly interface and text tool are a result of the recent upgrade this one saw, making it further amazing to use. We can bet on you feeling like the world’s most amazing digital art-maker when you see great images even from a tilted angle and can add more definition to your work from tilted sides too.

The color palette coming with this one is rich and the recolor feature alongside layering and pencil filter option is just all that a designer could have ever asked for. The basic version of this app is free but it’s only when you pay up is that when you can use all the pro tools.

4-    What The Font (Free)

Source: Apple App Store

This one is pretty clear by its name. When you are a designer, colors and shapes are not the only things you need to focus on. Rather, your primary purpose is to create something that is overall great. Hence, you need to cater to almost all the fundamental units of any design – one of which is the text and its font.

If you have even the tiniest idea about graphic designing, you would know the importance and value modern-day designers give to fonts. Nowadays, any piece of art is not judged on its quality and message. Rather, the aesthetics of a visual are now the most important criterion on which any art is judged.

Hence, as a graphics designer, you need to be able to use the most amazing fonts in your design and that is what this app lets you do.

Using What The Font, you can scan any font you like and from anywhere. Once you start scanning, the app with telling you that font’s name as well as of those relating to that font too. Using this information about a font, you can easily find it and use it for your designs, hence adding to their aesthetics.

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