20 T-Shirt Designs Ideas for a Bachelor Party

20 T-Shirt Designs Ideas for a Bachelor Party

Of the many gifts life gives us – youth really is the most precious, the passion, energy and drive one has during this time is unparalleled. But there comes a time when we all decide to tie the knot and settle down and that too is an adventure in its own. So now if one of your friends has opted to go down this path well one last ‘single’ party is due don’t you think here are some styles to spice up the special day.


#1 The Boys are Back in Town Tee

As time flows our friends may move to distant parts of the country but the bond we share only deepens and there’s nothing like a good old wedding and in our case a bachelors party to have everyone on the first flight back home. One last ride for the good old days huh…

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#2 Husband Tee

Life is all about upgrades, we’re constantly chasing after the next best thing. Moving up levels through school then promotions at works, the truth is our personal life is no different. It’s all about the climb guys, getting out of the ‘Friend’-zone or ‘boyfriend’-zone to the ultimate spot.

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#3 Support Team Tee

Friends are our support system from the time we meet them they are the ones who help us deal with life and get through the hard times. Here’s a little something to acknowledge their role on your special night and well it’s going to make it easy to spot them.

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#4 Today vs Tomorrow Tee

Time flies by real quick these days, one day your single partying with the boys and the next you’re saying your vows and committing for life. It might seem scary but uncertainty is scarier, here’s a little something to symbolise that feeling.

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#5 Freedom Tee

We all know the age-old jokes about the wedding trap. Regardless of your feelings here’s a traditional tee to help commemorate the anecdotes, whether you believe it or not this one is sure to get a few laughs from the viewers and maybe some free drinks too.

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#6 Doomsday Beer Tee

Now if you are going through some cold feet pre-wedding here’s a t-shirt design just for you. I mean sure it’s too late to back down now but at least some fellow sympathiser might buy you a drink and make it a little more bearable.

Source: society6

#7 Shots Down Tee

There are sometimes in life when keeping score might be a lifesaver, personally I think everyone should have this shirt for special nights out. A great party game and reprieve from any safety hazards this shirt is sure to come in handy. Put this on and Drink away my friends!

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#8 Legends Tee

Here’s a fun t-shirt idea to get things going at your friends Bachelor party. Have the whole crew wear a customised version and use the snapchat arsenal you would generally keep for the groom’s birthday for embarrassing party pictures. This is sure to elicit some laughs ad a good way to reminisce about the old times.

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#9 Groom Squad Tee

It’s not all about the groom you know, here’s a chance to share the spotlight and take some credit for the celebrations, also its always good to be able to identify your fellow partiers by their shirts. Also why not let everyone know that you mean business, it’s a bachelor party guys might as well get some preferential treatment I say.

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#10 Stag Night Tee

I’m not a believer of labels but some labels are important specially if you will be using the for the last time. Here’s a quirky twist on the term ‘Stag Night’ with the picture of an actual stag, its cute and dorky but also send the right message out there.

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#11 Warning Tee

It’s always best to put out a warning for those who don’t want to get caught up in the wildness of your celebrations and make sure that people know you’re there for the real deal.

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#12 Apology Tee

This one’s for the loyal types, there’s nothing wrong with letting the audience know who is taken. Plus, it makes for a less messy morning after.

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#13 Team Tee Set

This one is for the whole team guys, and could the labels be any more accurate. Minimalism is the theme and well we’ve got one for everyone.

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#14 Game Over Tee

Let your friends have a laugh, it’s no big deal tomorrow will be a new beginning but for now laugh along the snarky comments and have a blast.

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#15 Unique Set Tees

This one is classy and old school, plus the distinct titles will make the whole team super happy. Live your days to the fullest it’s all about the little things, tomorrow will be a whole new day so live it up tonight.

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#16 Less is more Tee

I know youre hearing a lot of jokes and curt comments about tying the knot but trust me strength isnt always in numbers. Stick with your choices and you might surprise yourself.

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#17 Groom’s Gang Tee

Let’s put on a twist on the wild idea of a bachelorette party with a cute little bow tie. After all some matters require more finesse.

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#18 Dark Side Tee

Oh, so you aren’t a sunny side up kinda guy well don’t worry we have just the design for you. Bring out your inner geek with this super cool t-shirt which will take you back to the days of comic books and video games.

Source: rushordertees

#19 My bride vs Yours Tee

Here’s one to show a little love to your lady, flaunt your catch and make the ones who passed you on jealous, why not it is your night. Beauty truly lies in the eyes of the beholder not to be too basic but be expressive of your love even on this day and I’m sure you’ll be in for a treat the next day.

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#20 Party Tee


No matter who you support in your political endeavours we all put our differences aside and I identify as one when it comes down to celebrating the happiness of those we love. So, put on your bachelor party shirts and celebrate a night out with your closest friends.

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